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House Proceeding 11-16-09 on Nov 17th, 2009 :: 1:32:20 to 1:37:15
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Dan Burton

1:32:17 to 1:32:38( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: for killing 13 american soldiers . and with that, i would l yield to my go indiana, mr. burton. mr. burton: first of al, let me say thank you for special order tonight. you know, this should never have happened. there are 13 americans that are

Dan Burton

1:32:20 to 1:37:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

1:32:39 to 1:33:00( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: dead, their families are suffering tonight. and it need not have happened. this man i signs, it wasn't even funny. and for some reason, his superiors did not investigate this man, call him on the crpet

Dan Burton

1:33:01 to 1:33:22( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: and find out why he was talking about these acts of violence and anti--american sentiments. and because they did and decided to unload him and send him down to fort hood, and al of people are dead that you alluded to a few minutes ago. this is just not an issue about

Dan Burton

1:33:23 to 1:33:45( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: this man committing these terrible atropical storm yits, this terrorist attack. this is about people in position of the military are made aware when people start talking like he did and advocating terrorist attacks on the united states of america. now i understand that people are very concerned about the

Dan Burton

1:33:46 to 1:34:06( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: religious attitude that people have and tramling on their rights. but when you are talking about a war on terror, a terrorist attack when they killed 3,00 people, blew up embassies in

Dan Burton

1:34:07 to 1:34:27( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: africa, attacked uss cole and that's their goal to destroy america, these fanatics, when we have somebody in the military or somebody in the military that's talking like that, they need to be investigated and need to be removed from a position where they can perpetrate those terrorist attacks. and this is a tragedy, not just because those young people gave

Dan Burton

1:34:28 to 1:34:49( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: their lives down there unnecessarily because of this terrorist, but because the superiors of his did not do their duty in responding to this man and reporting on what he was tlking about prior to this thing taking place. if they had stood up and said this guy is a threat to his fellow soldiers, we might have

Dan Burton

1:34:50 to 1:35:10( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: been able to avoid this. i would like to say to my colleague once again, i'm very happy that you have taken this special order. i hope you will ad me along with our colleague from texas to this bill. i would like to be a co-sponsor and say to the leadership over at the pentagon or the people at any of our military bases, if

Dan Burton

1:35:11 to 1:35:32( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: you hear anybody talking like this man did advocating a terrorist attack on america, by gentleladyy this country and get them out thereof. not only should they be removed, they should be watched, so they can't perpetrate an attack. but they shouldn't be in a

Dan Burton

1:35:33 to 1:35:53( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: position of leadership in any branch of the service in any part of this country. we are in a war against terrorism and we need to make sure we are vigilant. thomas jefferson said the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and we need to be that way right now because this isn't something that is going to go away.

Dan Burton

1:35:54 to 1:36:16( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: we are in a war against people who want to destroy america, want to destroy our way of life and force upon the rest of the world their religious fanatic beliefs and we can't allow that to happen and go unchallenged. . we have a lot of people in a lot of religions that would cringe

Dan Burton

1:36:17 to 1:36:39( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: at thinking that that person was in their church or in their synagogue or in their mosque and shared some of their beliefs. because it casts a paul over every one of them. it makes every one of them feel like they share in this terrible tragedy that took place, this act of terrorism. and it's unfortunate because

Dan Burton

1:36:40 to 1:37:00( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: there's a lot of people that believe in the muslim faith that are just horrified that this happened and because of the way that they're looked upon in this country. and so if we're talking tonight, not just about people in the military, but if we're talking to people in mosques around this country, who love this country,

Dan Burton

1:37:01 to 1:37:15( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: they should tell the authorities if there's somebody that's acting like that that threatens the security of this country and threatens the possibility of a terrorist attack in any part of our society. and with that let me just say to my colleague once again, thank

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