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House Proceeding on Nov 19th, 2009 :: 1:14:45 to 1:18:30
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Peter A. DeFazio

1:14:43 to 1:15:03( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: oregon advate for this bill. i'm sure there are more. the reality is that the local folks have determined this is the best way to create economic development, and this 420 acres that are being so grandly discussed by the other side as reasons to oppose thisill is going to cause economic devastation for both this area

Peter A. DeFazio

1:14:45 to 1:18:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Peter A. DeFazio

Peter A. DeFazio

1:15:04 to 1:15:26( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: and the country. well, the local folks don't believe it and neither does anybody else. this is a good bill, mr. ow at this time yield five minutes to my colleague from oregon, mr. defazio. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from oregon is recognized for five minutes. .

Peter A. DeFazio

1:15:27 to 1:15:47( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: . mr. defazio: i thank the gentleman for yielding. the ge about two things -- deficit and jobs. i share those concerns. but again we have a little problem with consistency. when she was covered an opportunity just in september to extend the national surface

Peter A. DeFazio

1:15:48 to 1:16:08( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: trsportation investment paid for through user fees, gas tax and other fee, fully paid for, a program that creates millions of jobs, construction jobs, kyi voted no. she voted to end all funding for investment in our national

Peter A. DeFazio

1:16:09 to 1:16:29( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: transportation infrastructure. an extraordinary vote. unbelievable for someone who cares about jobs and cares about the deficit, because it was paid for and it creates millions of jobs. on october 1 that program was going down. and tens of thousands of people across the united states of america would have been unemployed. private sector people,

Peter A. DeFazio

1:16:30 to 1:16:51( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: construction workers who are already hard hit in this recession. if the republicans and her had their way, that program would have ended on october 1. now, pretty hard to justify that jote. i don't quite understand it, but she also has the same consistency problem as the gentleman from utah. that is when there was an

Peter A. DeFazio

1:16:52 to 1:17:12( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: opportunity to help those school districts, those local communities fund critical public safety sheriffs and jail beds, she voted no along with a larg against my legislation last may. now there's this newfound interest in a ghuent

Peter A. DeFazio

1:17:13 to 1:17:35( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: that doesn't want her interest. they -- in a community that doesn'want her interest. they sup the elected representatives support this legislation. the republicans from elsewhere around the country, they know better than the people of oregon. they know better what would help the people of except, again, back to the bush administration and the republicans running congress, when the bush administration

Peter A. DeFazio

1:17:36 to 1:17:57( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: wa -- had an opportunity to continue payments to those counties, or change the forest policy, they did neither. they didn't change the clinton forest plan, which i opposed, which has devastated communities, and they allowed the legislation signed by president bill clinton to give assistance to those counties impacted by his forest policies assistance.

Peter A. DeFazio

1:17:58 to 1:18:20( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: they allowed that to expire, too. when they were in charge. and the gentlelady said nothing at that she didn't help support us in that effort. i would not yield at this moment. i'll yield in a second. she didn't support that. she didn't support it last year when i offered it. let's not have a false debate here about what's better for the people of oregon coming

Peter A. DeFazio

1:18:21 to 1:18:30( Edit History Discussion )

Peter A. DeFazio: from even a nea neighbor in our washington state or from a gentleman in utah or a woman from back east. let's respect the local will of the people. when don young chaired the

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