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Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: mr. hine lynn of new mexico, ms. wool seve california, mr. defazio of oregon, mr. spratt of south carolina. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, under a previous order of the members are recognized for five minutes

Steve Scalise

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Speech By: Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: each. mr. poe of texas. the gentleman from louisiana. >> i ask u sonet to claim his time. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> thank youmr. speaker, i rise today to address the house to ask the question, that many americans are asking, that is,

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: where are the jobs? you know, over the last few months, american people have been saying very vocally that they want this congress to address the big problems that are affecting them today and there are a number of problems but the top problem, the top problem i hear from my constituents and i'm hearing from so many of my other

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: colleagues that their constituents are saying the same thing is that they want this congress to be a focus -- to be focused on creating jobs. unfortunately, we're seein just the opposite happen in terms of the policies being brought forth by the adership of this democratically controlled congress. it started back with the first bill that came out they can

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: so-called stimulus bill. this was a bill that added $787 billion of debt that our children and grandchildren have to pay, money we didn't have, but the white house sai worry, we've got to roll this thing through quickly, ram it through, don't let anybody have the opportunity to read it, it's got to go through quickly,

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: we need to stop unemployment from breaking 8%, is bill is going to do it. they said, when this bill passes, there'll be so much transparency, you'll be able to track every dime, and you'll be able to go to a website and track where that money is going. of course, after that bill passed, a bill that many of us opposed because we knew it wouldn't create jobs, in fact,

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: it would actually make our economy worse because it was all borrowed money, money ou children and grandchildren have to pay, but what was worse is, now that we're starting to try to find out where that money is, where is that money? we know when we're asking where are the job we can't find the jobs, because millions more americans have lost their jobs since that bill passed.

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: so it actually had the opposite effect that the american people were promised president stood right here on this podium but now as people across the country are trying to track down and say, where is that transparency? where are those billions and billions of dollars that have been spent going to? we just find out the other day, when you go to the white

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: house's own website, you can't actually track those jobs. you can't track where that money has gone. because there's an incredible amount of audulent information on that website. those of waking up on tuesday going through that website, maybe some people

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: would we had 15 congressional district, according to the website. they tracked districts that don't exist. of course, in louisiana, we only have seven congressional districts. so a reporter fr our local newspaper called the white house. first of all, they said, how can you possibly have all this inaccurate data on your website? you're telling the american

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: people that jobs were created in congressional districts that don't even exist? and the first response from the white house was, quote, wie not certifying the accuracy of info this is the people who said this would be the transparent administration in history.

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: now they're not certifying the accuracy. then they followed up and said, how can you have mistakes made that are this big, where you've got a state wit congressional districts and when we go to your website, there's a district 45. created in that district that doesn't exis how can you actually have a system that is set up that

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: allows that kind of inaccurate formation to be reported? and the white house's spokesperson said, quote, who knows, man, who really knows. . this is unbelievable and an insult to the american pe who are asking, where are the

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: jobs. maybe it is fitting that they are showing jobs created in districts that don't exist because their stimulus bill was exist, all money borrowed. not a dime that was paid for. and the latest that the president is talking out, just two days ago, he said, if we

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: keep adding to this debt, at some point people could lose conf economy in a way which could lead to a double-dip recession. the president of the united of this deficit spending that they are continuing down this road, is a

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: bad thing and could lead to a double-dip recession and their answer from day bill that adds $787 billion. and then another bill, his budget, which doubles the national debt. and then cap and trade, a national energy tax, a bill that adds hundreds of billions of

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: dollars. and you wonder why people are asking where are the jobs.

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