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Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: equal jobs. i yield the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: thank you. indiana. for what purpose does the gentleman from arizona rise? without objection. mr. franks: mr. speaker, the thanksgiving thoughts that i

Trent Franks

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Speech By: Trent Franks

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: offer this evening were written by someone who sacrificed a great deal for someone that they loved. it has really nothing to do with roast turkey or pumpkin or all of the homey images that we have come to equate with this holiday. tonight, i want to speak of a day whose purpose and origins are often lost.

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: the truth is, this national holiday has much more to do with presidents than pilgrims, more to do with our precious freedoms than a feast. yet, it's wonderful to have thanksgiving dinner with precious loved ones and wonderful to have that time with those we care about, but this was meant to be a time of giving

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: thanks to god for all of his blessings, including the gift of freedom. sometimes, something gets lost in this season. forgetting it was bought by the blood of past generations of american, a sacrifice still borne by men and women in the battlefield these moments.

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: a national day of thanks giving was caled by two of our greatest presidents, george washington and abraham lincoln. first one was in 1789 after this new nation was still healing from the wounds of the american revolution. general washington, who had led those who favored resolution against the will of those who

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: did not, was now seeking to unite a new people with a new constitution as one nation under god. there wasn't another celebration for 74 years andit was during the civil war in 1863 in the midst of our greatest national tragedies that president lincoln called for all his quote, fellow

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: citizens in every part of the united states to set apart and observe the last thursday of november as a day of thanksgiving and praise to our father who dwells in the heavens, so that god could and should be solemnly and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one voiceby the

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: whole american people. . he went on to say that we'd forgotten god and to owe our dependence upon the overruling power of god. to confess their since and transgressions in humble sorrow and to recognize the sublime truth announced in the holy scriptures and proven by all

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: history that those nations are blessed whose god is the lord, unquote. those words spoken nearly 1 1/2 centuries ago came from a president who had found his own faith just a few months before. as he walked among theraves of thousands of soldiers who had fallen at the battle of gettysburg. his heart had broken over their tragic sacrifice. abraham lincoln was a president

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: who deeply valued the lives of all americans, civilians, slaves and all soldiers, including everyone who actually fought against him. f hundreds of thousands of slaves had cost hundreds of thousands of american lives. it was an unspeakable sacrifice that weighed so heavily upon him. and he believed only god could give him the strength to unite the nation again. he wrote a letter to a friend

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: and said that he had not been a true believer when he left illinois to asme the presidency. he said, i quote, -- quote, i asked the people to pray for me. i was not a christian when i buried my son but when i went to gettysburg and saw the graves of thousands of soldiers and and there cons crailted myself to christ, closed quote.

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: abraham lincoln understood the high cost of freedom but counting the cost and trusting god to hold and ultimately heal the nation, president abraham lincoln ended slavely in america forever. mr. lincoln and george washington both understood the high cost of freedom and helped to forge a new nation with unheard of liberties, mr. speaker. including the right to disagree

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: and both of them called the nation to thank god. so, mr. speaker, as we prepare to go home to you are families and loved ones -- home to our families and loved ones, let us remember when every man and woman in the armed forces can tell you that freedom is never free. and as we sit down to thanksgiving dinner, let us be thankful to all of those who have died, that we might live in freedom.

Trent Franks

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Trent Franks: from the american revolution to this current war we fight against jihadist terrorism and let us thank the god from whom all blessings come for this

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