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Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: for such time as he may consume to the gentleman from the state of california, the chairman of the full energy and commerce committee, mr. waxman. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. waxman: madam speaker, i rise in support of h.r. 3570, the satellite home viewer re-authorization act of 2009. i want to commend mr. boucher,

Henry A. Waxman

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Speech By: Henry A. Waxman

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: chairman communications, technology and the internet, as well as subcommittee ranking member stearns, for their hard work on this bill. mr. boucher's been working on these issues since the first satellite tv bill in 1988, and he and his staff have been a tremendous resource for all of us as this bill has moved

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: forward. of course, i also want to thank nd recognize mr. barton and his staff for their work on this legislation. this effort from the start of the 111th congress, and i appreciate the cooperative manner in which this this bill is an important step forward for consumers.

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: the communications provisions of this bill update the communications act to take account of the transition to digital television. the bill makes changes to the existing rules on, quote, significantly viewed, end quote, signals in an effort to promote competion between satellite and cable companies. it directs the f.c. to study

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: issues that directly impact consumers, and it establishes a regime that should bring for the first time satellite delivered local television programming, so-called local into local service to communities throughout the country that currently lack such service. these can be arcane issues, but they determine the availability

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: of satellite delivered video programming to american households. it involves communications and copyright law and we need aztec nothing evolves to revisit the issues and strike the right policy balance. the task of combing separate energy and commerce and judiciary committee bills into a single product was complex

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: and time consuming, but the final product is a balanced bipartisan measure, and i'd like to commend chairman conyers, ranking member smith, and judiciary committee staff for working cooperatively with the energy and commerce committee to produce a final bill. the bill before us incorporates

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: the language of h.r. 3570 as well as h.r. 2994. h.r. 3570 was referred solely to the committee on judiciary while h.r. 2994 was referred solely to the committe energy and commerce. the members of both committees worked diligently on their respective bills to address issues within the jurisdiction of each committee, and both

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: committees filed reports on their separate bills. accordingly, the legislative history of h.r. 3570 incorporates the legislative history of h.r 2994. the judiciary committee title of this bill concerns the use of compulsary copyright licenses by cable and satellite

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: companies to retransmit broadcast tevision programming. the re-authorization and refinement of these provisions will serve to promote competion for paid television services and to ensure that consumers can continue to benefit from this competition. the judiciary committee wisely chose to address for the first

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: time the existence of the so-called multicast signals and how these signals are being treated with respect to the compulsarcopyright license. it is important to note, however, that the judiciary committee's treatment of multicast signals does not and should not have any bearing on the treatment of multicast signals and other regulatory or

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: statutory context. . it is limited in application to copyright law. it is imperative that the way multicast signals are treated underp copyright law cannot be confused with theway multicass -- multicast signals are treated under consumer law.

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: and provisions of this bill do not affect copyright law beyond what is explicitly intended by the act. to address this concern, the legislation includes savings clauses that make clear that the meldingof two complicated statutes should not lead to changes in title beyond the scope of this

Henry A. Waxman

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Henry A. Waxman: re-authorization. these clauses are important provisions designed to avod unintended consequences. some i believe we have before us -- in sum i believe we have before us a carefully crafted bill that strikes a balance among legal and policy matters. the bill is good for consumers

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