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House Proceeding 12-03-09 on Dec 3rd, 2009 :: 2:06:00 to 2:11:05
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Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: scalise of louisiana. glad to have you join us he today and share your comments. we may go back and forth with our colleague from ohio. mr. scalise: i want to thank my friend that are talking about this important subject because you know when i go home, people want to know you've been talking about. they want to know where the jobs -- where are the jobs. they don't want the government

Steve Scalise

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Speech By: Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise

2:06:18 to 2:06:38( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: getting involved in all these areas of our lives the government doesn't belong and more importantly they don't on these wild spending sprees, spending money we don't have. so they look at the record of this administration since president obama came in in january and they recognize that right after president obama came in, he has this great idea

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: he was going to have a stimulus bill and he said, we're going to make sure unemployment doesn't go other 8%. the chart that you show that shows the lofty goal the lofty promises, and in fact, those of us who actually want to fix the real problem, want to solve the problems in our country, we met with the president. we said, we've got some ideas of how to create jobs because

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: we agree, we should be focusg on our economy, should be focusing on creati we laid out a recovery plan the congressional budget office said would create way more jobs than ty projected to score and a whole lot less money than they were projecting to spend. of course the president discarded our ideas. went arou people we were the party of no, failed to mention that we

Steve Scalise

2:07:24 to 2:07:44( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: actually had a solid plan that is still solid today, he put his blinders on and said, we don't want republican we want to go on a wild spending spree. unfortunately, the president got his way. speaker pe he see rammed the bill through the house. harry reid rammed it through the senate. they s children and grandchildren's

Steve Scalise

2:07:45 to 2:08:05( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: money, money we don't have, claiming we need to do this be unemployment from reaching 8% and it was going to create three million job, and then he said he stood right behind you here on this house floor, right at that podium i'm lookinat right there, president obama said, we're going

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: joe biden will be in charge of tracking every dime because nobody messes with joe. that's what the president says. nobody. so, of course we decided to take president obama up on his claims months and months later after they came with budge that doubled the national debt in five years and turned around with another bill, the cap and

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: trade energy tax and national tax on energy, then they came back with this government takeover of health care they're still pursuing, all of this, running jobs out of our country at a time when americans want us to be creating jobs. exceed 10%, people are not only asking, where are the job,

Steve Scalise

2:08:50 to 2:09:10( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: they say, what did you do with the money you spent? what we found out is, as you were talking about we found out that in louisiana, there were more jobs created in louisiana's eighth congressional district, according to the white house, by the stimulus bill than were created in my first congressional district i represent. if you lived in the eighth congressional district and

Steve Scalise

2:09:11 to 2:09:33( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: you're hearing all these jobs were created with taxpayer money we don't have, you might be going, wow, i want to see what those jobs were. people in louisiana know there's no eighth congressional district because we have seven congressional district, so we dug deeper and found out there were 15 different congressional distri were claiming they created jobs

Steve Scalise

2:09:34 to 2:09:55( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: in using stimulus money. mr. lden: so do you think someone made a joke? mr. scalise: in fact, our local newspaper did digging and they called the white house and said, ok, white house, you're claiming off -- you have this transparency, how is it you can have jobs being shn that you are creating in

Steve Scalise

2:09:56 to 2:10:16( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: and the first thing the white house said is we're not certi information. so first in january they were going to be the most transparent administration ever. now, 10 months later billions and billions of dollars of borrowed money going out the door, no one knows what it was spent on in districts that don

Steve Scalise

2:10:17 to 2:10:38( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: we are not certifyinghe accuracy of the information. mr. scalise: i thought nobody was going to get -- mr. walden: i thought nobody was going to get past joe? mr. scalise: well, theyay, how is it that somebody can show a district that d exist on your website as creating jobs?

Steve Scalise

2:10:39 to 2:10:59( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: and the white house spokesperson's answer was, who knows, man, who really that's his direct quote. that's the best the white house can come up with as the american people are saying, where's the jobs and wha y'all doing with th their answer is, who knows, man, who really knows.

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: and then we go to president obama. february 24 on the house floor, his quote, because nobody messes with joe.

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