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Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: legislation, balance of our time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from louisiana. mr. cao: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield as much time as he may consume to the gentleman from the state of michigan, mr. rogers. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from michigan is recognized for as much time as he may consume. mr. roger: thank you, mr.

Mike Rogers

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Speech By: Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: speaker. mr. towns, mr. lynch, thank you very much for your work in a bipartisan way on this very important piece of legislation. all of the big issues we deal w attention to issues that impact lives like some circumstances like no other. . you can imagine the law enforcement community and i

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: used to serve as an f.b.i. ate g agent, that every single day somebody suits up quietly with a search warrant or to go or arrest warrant to serve somewhere in america. and we forget because they are exceptionally good at doing what they do without getting hurt or harmed, but it is

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: incredibly dangerous work. they get drug dealers and they get child pornographers d bank fraud executives, mafia dons and terrorists of the hardest sort. they bring them to justice as a part of constitution and communities of the united states of america.

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: and what this particular case exemplified ishat there wasa glitch in the law because we asked these federal law enforcement officers to move and uproot fromheir communities. they swear an oath to their country and constitution and to uphold the states. then we ask them to leave their hometowns of say baltimore or

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: new york or small towns anywhere in america and take their families with them. to these new places to crime. wherever they find it. and this pointed out one very, very significant glitch is that if an officer, federal law enforcement officer, was killed in the line of duty in the united states, their families had no means, the federal government could not assist

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: them in moving back home. the very place that they stood up and said they proudly with their loved one wherever that mission would take them. many, the f.b.i. specifically, makes it very well-known that you have no right to serve where you want. you will serve at the needs of the f.b.i. and other agencies serve in the same capacity.

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: and their families suffer the same sacrifice when we askthem to move. this is a small token, just a small token of what we can do for those families who have sacrificed so much and lost their loved one while killed in the line of duty. and it's named after a very, very brave f.b.i. agent who risked his life for his country

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: serving a narcotics warrant in pittsburgh. this is one who had a strong histry of public service. he was a teacher, baltimore police officer. his f.b.i. agent colleagues described hi as brave and courage and anchor, when ty were going through their traing at the f.b.i. academy, they said this is the guy you wanted to go in the door with.

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: he's the guy that would anchor and teach them how to safely get in and safely get out of homes in very dangerous situations. and the agents and tall were interviewed were certainly by press reports tearing up and reliving the memories of of what was a great american who was absolutely committed to the

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: ideals of the f.b.i. fidety and bravery and integrity. and in that pursuit, in his pursuit to live up to the standards of the f.b.i., he risked and ultimately gave his life for his community and his country. so what this bill does with the help of mr. lynch and mr. towns and so many others, mr. cao,

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: thank you is it says we will respect what you have given your country and we will help those families move back to where they call home. in that final rest and trip in remembrance of someone who did something so great for their country. his peers also described him, mr. speaker, as a humble and

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: giving man, an outstanding f.b.i. agent, somebody whose dream job was to wear and carry the badge of a special agent of the f.b.i. he is survived by his wife, brook, and his 3-year-old son, noah. for all that he has done, i think it's so fitting that the committee sought to name this bill after one agent.

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: in the bureau it's never anyone's particular case. he didn't own that case. he didn't own that i but he was part of a bigger team. so when you name this bill after an agent like this, it really sends great condolences to the family and respect to every officer that falls in the line of duty. his name may be on the bill, but it is a gift to every

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: family who risks theirives every day in the service of this great nation in the law enforcement community. i would again urge all of us to support this with vigor. i also want to thank the f.b.i. agents association for their work and diligence on this. the department of justice has been very, very good to work with. and the f.b.i. itself has given

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: their time and commitment. once again proving their commitment to the family of the f.b.i. and the work that they do. again i thank you al for the work that you have done. i think his famy would be humbled. i think the f.b.i. agents are humbled. i think our federal law enforcement community is

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