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House Proceeding 12-08-09 on Dec 8th, 2009 :: 2:05:55 to 2:10:35
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Cliff Stearns

2:05:53 to 2:06:14( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: discretionary authority and apply to the federal government. mr. speaker, with that i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the the gentleman from florida. mr. stearns: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. stearns: i also rise in support of h.r. 1319, the

Cliff Stearns

2:05:55 to 2:10:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Cliff Stearns

Cliff Stearns

2:06:15 to 2:06:35( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: informed p2p user a for the second consecutive congress, mrs. bono mack has introduced this legislation because too many american consumers are having their personal information stolen and their lives wrecked by the careless distribution of file sharing software which more

Cliff Stearns

2:06:36 to 2:06:57( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: often than not is used to distribute copyright infringing content a these file sharing software distributors can no long behr trusted to do the right thing. the problem of inadvertent file sharing caused by peer-to-peer program has been felt by thousands of cnsumers and

Cliff Stearns

2:06:58 to 2:07:18( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: widely reported by the ess. recent high profile cases like marine one schematics found on a computer in iran, or justice breyer's financial records, or the compromising of our own

Cliff Stearns

2:07:19 to 2:07:39( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: house committee on standards of official conduct committee simply served to under dangers of file sharing software and the importance of providing american consumers with the tools and information they need to make wise decisions online. now, as a believer in the power of the free market, i'm willing to afford commercial interest

Cliff Stearns

2:07:40 to 2:08:00( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: the opportunity to simply self-regulate. however, the d file sharing software have proven they are either unable or unwilling to handle their affairs without intervention. this bill is a logical consequence. now in the house of representatives alone, inadvertent file sharing has

Cliff Stearns

2:08:01 to 2:08:22( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: been the subject of at least five congressional hearings in three separate committees. in each hearing, distribute yoffers file sharing software have come forth with a list of voluntary best practices or a commitment to correct t problem. but in each instance, they failed to deliver.

Cliff Stearns

2:08:23 to 2:08:44( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: the informed p2p user act improves upon existing law because its substantive requirements very narrowly target the problems of sharing. many users of software, including preteens and teenage users and their parents are unaware of the potential dangers of file sharing

Cliff Stearns

2:08:45 to 2:09:06( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: software. today by passing the informed p2p user act, we move that much closer to arming american consumers with the information they need to protect their personal information. now, i thought i would go into what the bill includes. one, it will create a system where users of file sharing programs are provided with

Cliff Stearns

2:09:07 to 2:09:28( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: conspicuous notice and forced to give consent prior to installation, and activation of a f and two, requires enties that develop file sharing programs to make it reasonably simple to block or remove these programs once they're installed.

Cliff Stearns

2:09:29 to 2:09:50( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: additionally, this act would require easy to understand notice and consent rule for file sharing software. it is my belief that when the consumer is provided with this information, he or she would make a more informed choice. finally, my colleagues, the informed user p2p user act ensures a narrow scope by

Cliff Stearns

2:09:51 to 2:10:12( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: exempting technologies like email, instant messaging, realtime audio or video communications and realtime voice communications. this bill has broad bipartisan support including 36 co-sponsors, written endorsement by 41 state attorneys general, and the full

Cliff Stearns

2:10:13 to 2:10:34( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: backing of child safety groups such as, quote, stop child predators, end quote. i'd like to commend congresswoman boe know mack for all the work she's done here. the ranking member on our committee, mr. barton, obviously mr. rush, for bringing it to the floor and

Cliff Stearns

2:10:35 to 2:10:36( Edit History Discussion )

Cliff Stearns: congressman dare roe for

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