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House Proceeding 12-10-09 on Dec 10th, 2009 :: 0:09:20 to 0:15:10
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Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: around is being built. this is a good product and i urge members to i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from iowa, for what purpose does do you rise? mr. latham: i thank speaker. to claim the time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. latham: i yield myself five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. latham: mr. speaker, i

Tom Latham

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Speech By: Tom Latham

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: first want to thank chairman olver for his kind words and his leadership this year. the gentleman from gentleman. and i appreciate very much the work that he's done. he's very artfully negotiated good conference report for the house. those of you who know john

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: olver know he puts a great deal of effort and thought into this bill and to the issues and transportation and housing worlds. in fact, sometimes you feel like he's gone a little bit too far into the weeds, but his dedication is to be admired. it is all the more fortunate

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: are here today under these circumstances. instead of presenting a transportation-h.u.d. conference report, chairman olver is forced to carry five other bills with him. bills that should be considered on their own as conference reports. the transportation-h.u.d. bill like all appropriations bills was considered under a closed

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: rule in the name of expediency. the transportation-h.u.d. bill passed the floor of the house in july. the senate even passed the bill that was on september 17. the senate apparently the body that can't get their work on time managed to do it time under an open amendment process.

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: they even actually got to offer amendments on the bill which is something we didn't get to do here in the house. realistically we could have and should have been able to the transportation-h.u.d. conference report to the floor by the end of the fiscal year. instead, here we are today three months into the fiscal

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: senate passed its bill, and an omnibus today. the transportation-h.u.d. is not alone in this sittion, the mil-con veterans bill was considered passed by both bo it should be a stand-alone conference report. commerce-justice-state actually had a conference committeing

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: noticed up but that got yanked. the c.j.s. should be a stand-alone bill, instead they also got stuck in this three other bills, the foreign operations bill, the financial services bill, and even the labor-h.h.s. bill, mr. obey's own bill, weren't considered in the senate and are buried in this package.

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: . the house voted to adopt a motion to instruct that said no extraneous matters should be added to the transportation- conference report. and instead, against the wishes of the house, we add five bills to this conference report. i regret very much that i am unable to support this bill.

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: it's my first year on this bill, and i've enjoyed obviously working with the chairman. the issues are interesting, and our subcommittee members are really engaged and bring a variety of experiences to the table. however, the price tag on this bill is simply too high. mr. lewis offered an amendment

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: to have the spending levels proposed by congress at the 2010 level nondefense, veterans spending at -- everything but defense and veterans at 2% over last year. we spent a lot of money last year. so a 2% increase over last year would really be quite generous.

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: constituents have an additional 85% to spend this year. and they sure don't have the funds to pay for the taxes, increases that will be need to pay for this or the debt that the other party is dumping on our taxpayers. another issue i think the members need to be aware of in this package despite our

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: earlier efforts, the justice department has issued an opinion that the government will still give funds to acorn. let me state that again. we will still be funding acorn under this bill and their existing contracts. federal funds will still flow. i had an amendment in language to get at this issue

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: as all of us were under the impression that acorn was cut off for good. that's what we were told. however, the justice department has another view in the agencies, at least in the h.u.d. area, will still cut checks to acorn. again, i told the rules committee yesterday this is a bittersweet time. i yield myself another 30 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the

Tom Latham

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Tom Latham: gentleman is recognized. mr. latham: i told the rules committee yesterday this is a bittersweet time. the fed conference is completed and that in itself is an accomplishment. there is a lot of good policy in the transportation-h.u.d. conference bill. but this package, with all of thsix bills piled together,

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