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Charles W. Jr.Boustany

1:36:44 to 1:40:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Charles W. Jr.Boustany

Charles W. Jr.Boustany

1:39:57 to 1:40:05( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Jr.Boustany: the exceptional university in which the factuality, st aff, students continue success. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time.

Mazie Hirono

1:40:05 to 1:40:15( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: the gentlelady from hawaii. ms. hirono: mr. speaker, i thank my colleague from louisiana for his very complete an d kind remarks in support of this measure. and i yield five minutes to the

Mazie Hirono

1:40:05 to 1:47:38( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Mazie Hirono

Mazie Hirono

1:40:15 to 1:40:23( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: gentleman from american samoa, hawaii's friend and my friend, eni faleomavaega. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes . mr. faleomavaega: thank you, mr.

1:40:23 to 1:40:32( Edit History Discussion )

speaker. i want to thank my friend from the great state of hawaii. and i ask unanimous consent to ns revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without ob jection. mr. faleomavaega:

1:40:32 to 1:40:44( Edit History Discussion )

mr. speaker, again, i thank the gentlelady from hawaii, ms. hirono, and also the gentleman from hawaii, mr. abercrombie, for their sponsors hip of this legislation, which honors the 100th anniversary

1:40:44 to 1:40:58( Edit History Discussion )

of one onif our nation's great public institutions of learning, the university of hawaii, along with her 100 -- 10 campuses established all over the state e and some 620 certificate, degree and postgraduate

1:40:58 to 1:41:11( Edit History Discussion )

programs for some 50,000 students also currently attending the university. mr. speaker, i echo the sentiments expressed earlier by my colleague from hawaii. this also exemplifies the caliber

1:41:11 to 1:41:25( Edit History Discussion )

and the leadership coming from this great state of hawaii. i can think only of also of mrs. patsy mink for the 35th year now celebrating the piece of legislation that she championed w hile

1:41:25 to 1:41:40( Edit History Discussion )

a member of this great institution and that, of course, is title 9, which is giving authorization to promote and enhance our women to athletic programs, which currently is now taking place

1:41:40 to 1:41:55( Edit History Discussion )

all over the country. i also want to pay a special accommodation to the coach of the university of hawaii warriors, june jones, for doing something that is very special to our island community.

1:41:55 to 1:42:07( Edit History Discussion )

they are going to the sugar bowl. having a perfect record, i'm disappointed that -- i do want to thank coach jones for personally coming to my little tl territory, american samoa, to recruit some

1:42:07 to 1:42:23( Edit History Discussion )

of our football players who now make up, in large part, me mbers of the university of hawaii warrior team. i'm also reminded that some of the great leaders of our country are alumnis at

1:42:23 to 1:42:36( Edit History Discussion )

the university of hawaii. er as a former member of the 100th battalion reserve battalion, i can only think of senators hinoi, a graduate at the university of hawaii. i did not share with

1:42:36 to 1:42:50( Edit History Discussion )

my colleagues the prom assistance and the -- tremendous leadership that this gentleman has exemified whhaile serving the great state of hawaii. mr. speaker, over the years, the university of hawaii

1:42:50 to 1:43:03( Edit History Discussion )

has been the center of higher education for many of our pacific island leaders from oceania. namely from micronesia, from polynesia. it played a critical role in coordinating, facilitating the fa

1:43:03 to 1:43:14( Edit History Discussion )

academic programs instituted through the connolthly mandated institute currently known as as the east-west center. since the inception in 1963 is a unique institution which over the years

1:43:14 to 1:43:26( Edit History Discussion )

has brought scholars and leaders from all over the world to meet and discuss issues that are especially important to our nation's economic, political, and social and especially strategic and

1:43:26 to 1:43:46( Edit History Discussion )

military interests with countrieof the asian pacific region. and the university of hawaii, to this day, still is part of the east-west center's current ac tivities and programs. mr. speaker,

1:43:46 to 1:44:04( Edit History Discussion )

i'm especially proud that just a featw days ago, an alumni with the university of hawaii, mr. ken matulomo, from a small village, is now the null appointed head coach of the football team of

1:44:04 to 1:44:17( Edit History Discussion )

the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. as far as i'm aware, he is a -- is the first who is of samoan and polynearbyanne ancestry to coach a ncaa divisiona i team. also credit to the university

1:44:17 to 1:44:34( Edit History Discussion )

of hawaii for giving him a chance not only to play as a quarterback for the u.h. warriors but to enroll as a student and to obtain a good education. mr. speake aga in, my congratulations not

1:44:34 to 1:44:42( Edit History Discussion )

only to my distinguished friedind and dear colleague, ms. hirono, for introducing this ledge -- for this legislation. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman

1:44:42 to 1:44:52( Edit History Discussion )

yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from louisiana. mr. boustany: mr. speaker, coming from the great state of louisiana, i wish to issue a warm welcome to the university of hawaii as

1:44:52 to 1:45:04( Edit History Discussion )

they come to new orleans for the sugar bowl. i also want to congratulate them on a perfect regular season for their football team. mr. speaker, i have no further members on this side wishing to speak.

1:45:04 to 1:45:14( Edit History Discussion )

i'm prepared to yield back if the gentlelady is -- has any other speakers. ms. hirono: mr. speaker, i have a few more remarks to make. the speaker pro tempore: does the gentleman yield back his

1:45:14 to 1:45:24( Edit History Discussion )

time? mr. boustany: do you hboave any other speakers beside yourself? i yield back. the spea ker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his the gentlelady from hawaii.

Mazie Hirono

1:45:24 to 1:45:36( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: ms. hirono: thank you very much, mr. speaker. and i thank my colleague from louisiana for your warm, what w we call aloa -- aloha welcome to your state. expect thousands and thousands of fans to go to

Mazie Hirono

1:45:36 to 1:45:48( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: your state to spend money and also to cheer on the undefeated team, the warriors. i would like to add, mr. mr. speaker, that my colleague, mr. ue abercrombie, who is, even as we speak, on

Mazie Hirono

1:45:48 to 1:46:05( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: a plane coming to -- coming back to washington, d.c., is, of course,c. very much in support of this resolution. as i mentioned, all four members of our congressional delegation has one degree

Mazie Hirono

1:46:05 to 1:46:17( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: or another from the university of hawaii. in neil's case, it's a ph.d. and he also taught at the university of hawaii. o . i'm looking forwarded to working with mr. miller on re-authorization

Mazie Hirono

1:46:17 to 1:46:32( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: of the higher education act which has helped the university of hawaii so much over the years. it's an honor for me to be on the higher education committee because the university of hawaii,

Mazie Hirono

1:46:32 to 1:46:46( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: unlike many other states, is the institution of higher learng in hawaii. it is the public institution of higher learning in hawaii which is why literally hundreds of thousands of us have matriculated

Mazie Hirono

1:46:46 to 1:47:03( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: at the university. we have a lot of -- a lot to be thankful for the kind of quality education that the university of hawaii has offered to us and continues to do so for the 50,000 or so students.

Mazie Hirono

1:47:03 to 1:47:14( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: who are on campuses all across the state. as we are moving forward to celebrate our 100th anniversary, we are event now prepared to move forward to create further campuses on oahu and neighbor

Mazie Hirono

1:47:14 to 1:47:26( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: islands to afford more educational opportunities, particully in the rural areas of our state for students in those areas. with that, mr. speaker, thank you very much. and my colleague from

Mazie Hirono

1:47:26 to 1:47:38( Edit History Discussion )

Mazie Hirono: louisiana once again. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back her time. ms. hirono: i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the question is, will the house

Ed Pastor

1:47:38 to 1:47:55( Edit History Discussion )

Ed Pastor: suspend the rules and agree to house concurrent resolution 264. so many as are in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, 2/3 of those voting having responded in the affirmative,

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