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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: madam speaker, matt's compassion and tenacity exemplefice the best of who we are and what we aspire to be. matt's in the audience today with his applaud matt for his extraordinary effort to -- and look forward to supporting his campaign to raise awareness of p.a.h. so we can work toward a cu everyone can breathe a little

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: easier. thank you, mr. speaker, and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: we remind members not to make references to those sitting in the gallery. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from north carolina. for what purpose does the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: gentleman from indiana rise? mr. burton: north carolina is not too far from indiana. the speaker pro tempore: we had mr. jon mr. burton: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes and rese and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without obje mr. burton: mr. speaker, i get a big kick out of listening to the colloquy between the leadership people every week.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: when we come to the end of the week we start talking about the program for the following week and if i were an american citizen sitting at home watching this i'd be so confus what's going on and so i felt compelled tonight to come down here and just talk a little bit about what's going on. so my colleagues back in the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: offices and if anybody else is paying any aention, they can really find o in this last fiscal year passed we went in the hole $1.4 trillion. $1.4 trillion. so far this fiscal year in two

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: months we're ahead of last year's fiscal year. we were $1.4 trillion in the hole last year, this last fiscal year and we're already ahead of that this year. the health care bill that's pending in the senate is to cost between $1 trillion and $3 trillion. probably closer to $3 trillion if it passes. if we pass the -- we passed the

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: omnibus spending bill yesterday that cost $474 billion. now these aren't millions, we're talking about billions and trillions. the cap and trade bill that they're talking about that's going to raise everybody's elect bills and gas bills to heat their house is going to cost $894 billion.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: we are dig iting ourselves into a hole -- digging ourselves into a hole that is unbelievable and yet i hear my colleagues on the other side of the aisle say, you know, we're going to create jobs, we're going to solve these problems, everything's coming up roses and it isn't. i talked to some of the pages in the back today, young people that are out here and they're getting a chance to see how

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: congress works, and i actually feel sorry for them because we're creating an environment when they grow up and get out and get a job they're going to be faced with very high inflation and very high taxes. there's no way to pay for all the things we're doing the way we're going. ther medicare and medicaid,

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: medicare's close to being bankrupt and on the other side they're talking about lowering the people that can become a participant in medicare to 55. that's another $30 -- another 30-some-million people and it's supposed to g next four or five years. it just does not make sense and then in addition to that, and these are all facts, they want to increase taxes and they want

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: to let the tax cuts we passed in about 2001 expire which means that's a tax increase. if they expire, they're going to go up, those tax cuts. they're going to raise taxes that way as well. they talk about jobs in the economy. taking money from the taxpayer and throwing it at the economy is not working.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: they tried that with the stimulus bill, over $1 trillion when you include interest, and the jobless rate went up to 10.2% and the president said before he took office he wouldn't threat go above 8%. now they're bragging because it's back down to 10% and it's probably going to go up again. you can't create jobs with government money and throwing

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: money at it. you've got to do something to stimulate the small businessman and the private sector and the way you do that is the way ronald reagan did it. you come in and say ok to the businessman, we're going to cut your taxes. so you can keep people on the payroll and hire people and produce more product and you say to the consumer, the guy that's working, we're going to cut your taxes. you'll have more money to go out

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and buy a refrigerator or car or something else. and because of that you create a demand economy, you crting people wanting to buy things and it produces -- the producers' are going to produce things and you're going to have more people working to produce those things and that's what reagan did and we had 20 years

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: of economic growth. and they're doing just the opposite right now. right now this administration and are taking over the automobile industry. we all know that. they're trying to take over the health industry with socialized medicine which is 1 sixth of our economy -- 1/6 of our economy. they're trying to take over the energy area which is going to

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: raise everybody's cost of electricity and gasoline and gas a cap and trade bill and they're trying to control -- the financial industry, the banks and wall street and everything else. socialism simply does not work. blowing taxpayers' money like we're doing it does not work. we're creating an env

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: right now where we're going to see real economic chaos and i feels it. when i go to my town meetings and have five -- 500 or 600 people show up when we used to have 40, they feel it, they know what's going on and they want way. they want jobs created but they know that it has to be created through the private sector. government can't give unless it

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: takes. and it's taking and taking and

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