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Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: thank you for your courtesy in permitting me to speak on this. i yield bk the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from michigan. mr. camp: at this time, madam to the gentleman from california. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized for four minutes. mr. royce: thank you.

Edward R. Royce

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Speech By: Edward R. Royce

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: madam speaker, here we go again. another year, another andean trade frefffrens extension, and another year of the colombian trade agreement held up. another missed opportunity. let's be clear. the colombia agreement which the majority is not moving would be a job creator for americans.

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: if we pass it, colombian tariffs, the tariff that they place on u.s. exports, would be cut. if you reduce those exports, that export tariff, it would create more jobs here in the united states. with the colombian f.t.a. we could get two-way trade between the united states and colombia.

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: right now u.s. exporters send into colombia are mainly small and medium-sized businesses. a lot of them are in my area in southern california. they are our economic eine. let's help them. it's very ironic that many who routinely attack trade

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: agreemes are giving colombia preferential treatment here today asking enough in return which is especially galling when there is a good agreement sitting on ice which would help our exporters into that market. i think it's time to stand up for the american worker. certain past time to get an agreement that's a two-way agreement here.

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: of course colombia is our closest partner in an important region. it is locked in a very deadly struggle with well financed forces. in this case terrorists and drug traffickers that are called the farc. this bill today is better than nothing.

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: but the majority is missing a good opportunity, an opportunity to help a friend in colombia and to help workers by passing the colombia f.t.a. .

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: ecuador, a beneficiary, it is far, far from living up to this program's conditions. to be a beneficiary of this agreement, there ould be certain requirements, and yet it haunt been cooperative in combating narcoterrori, and ecuador is very close to the

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: farc, which is waring against the a government. its independent media has come under attack. its government has corrupted legal systems harming u.s. companies. just to go into some of the specifics, the president of

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: ecuador, president dissolved the parliament there, the congress. 's refaced all the judges in the country. -- he's replaced all the judges of the country. he's ized control of the televisions there. the state department's 20 human rights report cites concerns with what the state

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: department calls corruption and the denial of due process within ecuador's judicial system. transparency international ranked this country as one of the worst surveyed for 2008 in terms of its corruption perceptions index. one of the

Edward R. Royce

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Edward R. Royce: and it has announced that it will withdraw from its bilateral investment treaty with the united states. this bill, frankly, would be better witho ecuador. instead, the majority rejected using these benefits as leverage. i think that's also a missed opportunity.

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