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House Proceeding 12-15-09 on Dec 15th, 2009 :: 1:02:10 to 1:06:10
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Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: gentlen's time has expired. the gentlewoman from tennessee. mrs. blackburn: thank you, mr. speaker. at this time i yield three minutes to the gentleman from michigan, mr. rogers, who has been a leader in the health care debate on our energy and commerce committee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from michigan is recognized for three minutes. mr. rogers: thank you, madam. thank you, mr. speaker. i want to thank debbie

Mike Rogers

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Speech By: Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers

1:02:27 to 1:02:47( Edit History Discussion )

Mike Rogers: wasserman schultz to talk about her illness. i am a cancer survivor. and it's a grave process. our concern is what is the actual result of that health care reform bill that leads us to this resolution. we are scrambling around on the floor today to say that a government appointed commission, this task force,

Mike Rogers

1:02:48 to 1:03:10( Edit History Discussion )

Mike Rogers: has made a recommendation based on quality of year lives and cost, not good science, not between 40 and 49 need not get mammograms. and you say, listen, that doesn't mean rationing, it doesn't anything, it doesn't have a weight at all. but guess what, the health care

Mike Rogers

1:03:11 to 1:03:31( Edit History Discussion )

Mike Rogers: reform bill that passed this house makes those recommendations law. let me reaa couple quick things, mr. speaker, if i may. in one section -- and by the different sections, two different complete books to understand how this impacts real women in america, some 2,000 pages into it. one section. limitation on individual health insurance coverage may only be

Mike Rogers

1:03:32 to 1:03:52( Edit History Discussion )

Mike Rogers: offered on or after the first day of year one as an exchange participating health care plan. pretty fancy washington speak. let me tell you what it means. in another section of the bill about 1,000 pages later, a health plan is prohibited from offering coverage for benefits not included in the essential benefits package.

Mike Rogers

1:03:53 to 1:04:14( Edit History Discussion )

Mike Rogers: and you say, oh, that's a floor. it's not a floor. the language in the bill goes on further. you know what it does? it says the only difference between the levels of plans is the amount of cost sharing. not what it covers. here's the scary part of which i don't think you all realize that you did to about 47,000 women in america.

Mike Rogers

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Mike Rogers: all recommendations of the preventive services task force and the task force preventive services day before the date or enactment of this act and shall they must use that in the calculation of benefits. guess what? 47,000 women who are under the

Mike Rogers

1:04:38 to 1:05:00( Edit History Discussion )

Mike Rogers: age of 50 tay will be diagnosed with late-stage brea bill. it's in your bill. it's in your language. you know what that means? 80% of them mortality rate -- excuse me -- will die because of their diagnosis. do you know tha

Mike Rogers

1:05:01 to 1:05:22( Edit History Discussion )

Mike Rogers: will die because of this bill, than we lost men in the korean war? oh, you think, scare tactics. no, it's the bill. you know what, you can't read it on page 1 or 2. you have to keep going back and forth. in 2,000 pages to understand the full impact of what will happen to wom who are 40 to 49 years old. you did it in your bill.

Mike Rogers

1:05:23 to 1:05:43( Edit History Discussion )

Mike Rogers: i am going to plead with you for the lives of 37,000 women who will die and 47,000 recommendations of this task force which you make law, will be diagnosed -- additional 30 seconds, if i may. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mrs. blackburn: i yield the gentleman an additional 30 seconds.

Mike Rogers

1:05:44 to 1:06:04( Edit History Discussion )

Mike Rogers: mr. rogers: i am gog to plead with you. please, read the bill. not just 1 to 2,000. and understand its full impact. and you say it won't happen in america. guess what, this task force recommendations resulted on december 2 for california prohibiting low-income women under the age of receiving mammograms. it's happening today.

Mike Rogers

1:06:05 to 1:06:11( Edit History Discussion )

Mike Rogers: this task force is doing it today. with your bill it becomes law. they are prohibited and i illegal for them to get

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