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House Proceeding 12-15-09 on Dec 15th, 2009 :: 2:41:45 to 2:45:15
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Dennis J. Kucinich

2:41:42 to 2:42:02( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: and has other sanctions as well. mr. speaker, any serious effort to peacefully stop iran from acquiring weapons of mass destruction, which i believe they will use if they acquire them, requires the strongest political and economic pressure that we can muster. h.

Dennis J. Kucinich

2:41:45 to 2:45:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Dennis J. Kucinich

Dennis J. Kucinich

2:42:03 to 2:42:24( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: i thank the chair. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from florida reserves. the gentleman from ohio is recognized. mr. kucinich: i yield myself three minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. kucinich: this legislation obstructs the obama administration's ongoing negotiations with iran, amounts to economic warfare against the

Dennis J. Kucinich

2:42:25 to 2:42:47( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: iranian people and brings us closer to an military confrontation. i'd like to delineate point by point the objections to this bill. first of all, i agree with mr. paul that the bill is opposed to our national security.

Dennis J. Kucinich

2:42:48 to 2:43:09( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: i have a letter here as mr. blumenauer submitted for the record from the deputy secretary of state which points out the serious substantive concerns of the administration including the lack of flexibility, inefficient monetary thresholds and penalty levels and blacklisting that could cause unintended foreign

Dennis J. Kucinich

2:43:10 to 2:43:30( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: po quote-unquote, this letter from the obama administration, december 11, 2009, ask unanimous consent that it be included in the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. kucinich: second, i ask unanimous consent that an article from the national journal online dated november 2, 2009, be

Dennis J. Kucinich

2:43:31 to 2:43:52( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. kucinich: in this article it points out that a gas shortage will be created in iran, that iran subsidizes itsgasoline, that the regime wants to the program so the u.s. will be creating the gas and the regime -- and the regime -- shortage. and the regime will blame the

Dennis J. Kucinich

2:43:53 to 2:44:13( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: u.s. third, the revolutionary guard has already been able to build its coffers by being able to sell things on the black market. it's widely underinto that these sanctions -- understood that these sanctions would put the revolutionary guard in a position where they can make more money selling oil on the black market.

Dennis J. Kucinich

2:44:14 to 2:44:35( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: number four, this proposal would throw energy politics of the region into chaos and the broader geo political landscape is thrown into chaos. russia, venezuela, our european allies, all come into play in ways. number five, it undermines our diplomacy, it isolates us from our allies, it isolates us from

Dennis J. Kucinich

2:44:36 to 2:44:57( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: our trading partners. number six, it undercuts international energy companies who work in a back channel road to try to help us diplomacy. number seven, it undermines democracy in iran. all of us have seen those pictures, they've been all over the tv and the internet in the

Dennis J. Kucinich

2:44:58 to 2:45:16( Edit History Discussion )

Dennis J. Kucinich: last few months, about a growing democratic movement in iran. this sanction will force all people to close iran's leadership, it will strengthen the hardliners who undermine democracy. next, it will make the u.s. presence in iraq, afghanistan,

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