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Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: on china, on other foreign investors, and increasing the financial burden on our children and gr yield back. the speaker pro tem gentleman from california reserves. the gentleman from wisconsin is recognized. mr. obey: could i inquire how much time is left on both sides? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from wi controls 17 1/2 minutes.

Charles B. Rangel

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Speech By: Charles B. Rangel

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: and the gentleman from mr. obey: i yield three minutes to the the ways and means committee, mr. rangel. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york is recognized for three minutes. mr. consent to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so orde the gentleman is recognized. mr. rangel: chairman obey, let

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: me thank you for not just saying what we've got to do about jobs, but bringing this all together one of our great president's, jack kennedy, once said that sometimes your party just asks too much of you. and i know that's what my republican friends feeling today because there is

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: no question in my mind that they have just as much compassion in their heart for those jobless people as we do. they know as we do that those who have lost their homes, lost their dignity, and lost their job didn't do it by being democrats or being be republicans. and i recognize that when you go in a room and make a decision to

Charles B. Rangel

0:38:08 to 0:38:28( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: say no, you kind of stuck with it. so we are not naive enough to believe that i can change your mind about what you already decided. but i do hope that when you go back to your home districts and you recognize what is happening to people who are of whom are -- whom are

Charles B. Rangel

0:38:29 to 0:38:50( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: hopeless, many of whom have lost their skills, and many and i hope soon it will not have lost what it's like to believe that in this great country there is no limit to how far that you can go. so maybe next year will be different. maybe the guys in the street will be following you around

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: as we find people members of the congress saying, hey, my dad needs a job. congressman, congresswoman can you help? we are trying to help. it's a big crisis. and a lot of blame to go but collectively someone thought that tarwould work.

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: well, it had some successes. one thing is concern, we are not going back there. this time it's not the banks, it's not wall street in my it's now going to be main street so that once again you have an opportunity to explain what are you doing in the congress? well, i know it didn't go over

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: big to say you were bailing out bangs. it certainly didn't go over in my district. how about we are trying to bail out our people? we are trying to restore the hope and confidence they had. we are trying to keep kids in school. we are trying to put food on the table. sure, we talk about food and food pantry, but we are trying to restore that dignity that makes americans so much different from o

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: .5 in the ways and means committ jurisdiction over cobra, this is another step to -- worse still if in your family and you don't have health insurance but the federal government says, can we give you a hand wi responsibility to pay for health care?

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: and that's what we've done our committee. we've taken unemployment benefits. you know, you can get enough checks for the -- the speaker pro tempore: the time of the gentleman has expired. the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. rangel: thank you, mr. ch it's not just to make certain we have a place for our kids to learn, tbecome the leaders of

Charles B. Rangel

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Charles B. Rangel: tomorrow. but also that people can get bricks and mortar and rebuild those schools and renovate those schools and that's what we're doing. we've been ab to make certain means commtee can join in with the other committees under the leadership our great speaker and dave obey to be able to say, this is not all we

Charles B. Rangel

0:41:14 to 0:41:25( Edit History Discussion )

Charles B. Rangel: want to do, this is all we can do. maybe over the holidays you might get back to your leadership and say, we've been faithful, but we found out that many in our districts have lost

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