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Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: making that dream a reality for so many americans. ms. snowe: mr. president? the vice president: the senator from ms. snowe: there are certain

Olympia Snowe

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Speech By: Olympia Snowe

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: occasions in the life of our institution that are so estee and steeped in history that they remain indelibly edged in our minds and in our hearts. this is one of those iconic moments as we share recognizing senator mikulski's venerable achievem colleagues, loved ones, friends, constituents, staff and indeed the nation. this is also a special day of

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: pride, most especially for those of us who are women senators for whom senator mikulski has been a role model and mentor, as well as co-leadin with senator hutchison, our senior republican woman, to foster camaraderie among all of us. having been privileged to know senator mikulski for more than

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: 30 years, beginning with our mutual service in the house of representatives, i cannot conceive of anyone i would rather witness overtaking such a sacrosanct milestone than the senior senator from maryland, a the people of her state and unquestionably the women of america.

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: indisputably, for both of my maine colleagues, senator collins and me, the landmark occasion we are commemorating is all the more personal and poignant, given we're both colleagues and dear friends of senator mikulski and also direct inheritors and beneficiary of senator margaret chase smith's ground-breaking service.

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: and it is in that light that i am deeply privileged today to stand at the very desk she once graced and having sat across from her desk when i first met her in washington years ago, to smith by wearing her pin given to me by a very good friend from maine, susan longley, one of the actual pins in which senator

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: smith would famously trademark rose the floor of this senate. indeed, there are new numerous similarities between senator margaret chase smith and senator mikulski that transcend longevity. they both lived the ideals of hard work in earning their own way in life. senator mikulski, the proud

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: descendant of polish immigrants, worked in her parents' grocery during her formative years in baltimore. years later after she graduated from college, acquired a master's degree, she pursued the noble calling of social work. senator smith was a textile worker, telephone operator, newspaper woman, a teacher and an office manager. the point is neither started at

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: the top, but they most certainly arrived there. senator smith rose from the humblest beginnings to represent maine in the u.s. house of representatives and the united states senate for more than 32 distinguished years, with unequaled courage, civility, compassion and integrity. she was a visionary of endless

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: firsts, but undoubtedly, senator smith will best be remembered for the moment during her only second year in the senate with truly uncommon courage and principled independence, she telegraphed the truth about mccarthyism during the red square of the 1950's with her renowned declaration of conscience speech here on the senate floor.

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: in 15 minutes, she had done what 94 of her colleagues, male colleagues i might add, had not dared to do, and in so doing, slayed a giant of demagoguery, prompting american financier bernard barouk to say that had a man made that speech, he would have become the next president of the united states.

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: yet, even as senator smith was a political pioneer, she never deliberately set out to establish some sort of precedent for women. rather, what her life proofed is that gender was not the key factor in public service, but that dedication and energy, confidence, ability and sheer guts were. and if those foundational qualities don't also encapsulate

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: the essence of the public service of senator barbara mikulski, then i don't know what does. it is therefore all the more appropriate and fitting that of anyone, it would be a person of senator mikulski's legislative smith's length of service in the senate. and as if the benchmark established today weren't

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: enough, on march 17, 2012, we'll all be back here on the floor of the senate because senator mikulski will become the longest serving female member in the history of the united states congress, house or senate. mo ms. snowe: she probably didn't even have a chance to think

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: about that one. moreover, like senator smith, senator barbara mikulski has always brought an unyielding tenacity, a cornerstone of her fighting spirit and character, that has time and again been reflected in her legislative fights on behalf of the people she represents. this will not be a news flash to my colleagues or even those our

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: new colleagues will soon discover, but taking no for an answer is simply not in senator mikulski's vocabulary nor her d.n.a. as she has often said, she is not caffeine fre have i focus and commitment more intensely than in senator mikulski's signature battle for

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: equity in women's health research, one that congresswoman pat schroeder and i were waging from the house side as well. and we all set aside our partisan labels at a time when incredibly women and minorities were systematically excluded from clinical medical trials at the national institutes of health, trials that often made

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: the difference between life and death. at a pivotal mikulski tackled this travesty head on and launched a key panel of stakeholders as she can do to explore the shocking discriminatory treatment which further galvanized national attention, and in the end, we produced watershed policy

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: changes that to this day are resulting in life-saving medical discoveries for america's women. ultimately, what we are celebrating here today are two legislative juggernauts who have defined the standards of principled public service. by exemplifying a special bond

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: of trust that should exist between the governing governed, they have seen problems confronting their constituencies and the nation and left no stone unturned to solve them. they recognized injustice and acted boldly to quell it. they have given a voice to the voiceless, power to the

Olympia Snowe

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Olympia Snowe: powerless, and they are always at one with those they represent because they never, ever forgot their roots. that is why, as senators from the state of maine, where senator margaret chase smith's legacy has been forever enshrined, senator collins and i are profoundly honored to share in this rarified moment as senator mikulski assumes the

Olympia Snowe

0:53:27 to 0:53:35( Edit History Discussion )

Olympia Snowe: historic mantle of longest serving woman in the united states senate. indeed, venerable institution of the senate and our great nation to

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