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Senate Proceeding on Jan 6th, 2009 :: 5:39:15 to 5:47:00
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Sheldon Whitehouse

5:39:11 to 5:39:31( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: jay roberts and jay howard mcgraph. it did not pell was the ultimate outsider. he was so much the underdog in that race that john f. kennedy who was running for president at the time and who new claiborne quite well because he was a dear friend of mrs. keedy, jacqueline kennedy, and was

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:39:15 to 5:47:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Sheldon Whitehouse

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:39:32 to 5:39:52( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: inliry a good deal -- and was in rhode island a good deal, he knew claiborne pell quite well and he calmed him the least el -- called him the least electable man in america. at his funeral yesterday, i saw pell buttons from that race back

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:39:53 to 5:40:14( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: in 1961 on mourners' lapels. well, the providence journal described the race that ensued as "the first modern political campaign the state had seen." senator pell invested his own money in television ads and polling and he won the democratic primary. he candidate in the history of rhode island to ever win a

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:40:15 to 5:40:36( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: democratic primary. and he went open to win the general election by the largest margin ever at the of the vote. and to his great satisfaction, more rhode islanders voted for claiborne pell in that election than voted for johf. kennedy.

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:40:37 to 5:40:59( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: so much for being the least electable man in america. the fact that john f. kennedy rode on claibne pell's coat tails was a point that claiborne pell loved to remind president kennedy of whenever the opportunity prevented itself. and, of course, rhode island in that election, got its first

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:41:00 to 5:41:21( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: look at the one of political temperament that was to define senator pell for the rest of his life: courteous, innovative, and always quietly humorous. senator pell looked back on that el the "new york times" and he said this: i rember my first campaign.

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:41:22 to 5:41:43( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: my opponent called me a cream puff. that's what he said. well, i rush out and i bakers union to endorse me. frankly, i think a little bit of humor is sorely lacking now. >> how many people being a cream puff would go out and

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:41:44 to 5:42:04( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: get a bakers' union endorsement? he believed as he told the providence journal, something that is so important, that government and the federal government, in to particular, can, should, and does make a positive impact on the lives of most americans. he lived by that observation.

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:42:05 to 5:42:26( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: and certainly senator pell's positive impact on the life of the people he served remembered for generations. two years after takin office, senator pell sponsored legislation that bake the basic -- that became the pell grant. at the time the nation's

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:42:27 to 5:42:47( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: colleges wanted federal aid for themselves. senator pell wantd the aid to go directly to students. he enlisted in the coast guard four months before pearl harbor and after that used a g.i. bill scholarship to get an advanced degree from colombia university. the g.i. bill showed him the

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:42:48 to 5:43:11( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: transformative power of a college education and claiborne pell resolved then that all americans would have the opportunity for a college education that he and millions of veterans has received after world war ii. so every year in september, a new group of students goes off to college and we see anew the

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:43:12 to 5:43:32( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: work of senator pell, enlivening millions o young americans who use pell grants dreams. in 2008, this pell grant program was nearly 5.6 million grants all from his idea.

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:43:33 to 5:43:55( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: i am delighted that the distinguished senator from colorado is presiding at this moment. because i rember in rhode island a few years ago i was at an event with a number of senators and the distinguished senator from colorado, now our interior secretary designee, present.

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:43:56 to 5:44:16( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: and senator pell came to the event. he was very disabled. he came in a wheelchair. i went over to agreement -- to greet him and senator salazar also came over to greet him and took his hand and he you will rember this, "senator, my brother and i went

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:44:17 to 5:44:38( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: to college because of the pell grant program. now, here i am standing in front of you as a united states senator," you were then in your first term as a newly elected united states the vision and foresight you showed, that every american should have the dream of higher

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:44:39 to 5:44:59( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: education at their disposal." it was an unforgettable moment, senator. it happened because senator pell understood the difference that the lives of america's young people. from toddlers across this country now

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:45:00 to 5:45:22( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: who will seize the opportunity of america in yours to come because of come because of this. senator pell knew the arts could transform lives and authored the lands mark legislation that gave rise to the national endowment for the arts and humanities which have secured a place for cuure and the arts in the

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:45:23 to 5:45:43( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: public lifer of over the years they have helped bring poetry, drama, dance, painting, sculpture, song, literature and history to millions of americans. and of course we newers are deeply indebted to senator pell for his passion for public transportation. in particular for his long to develop for the northeast

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:45:44 to 5:46:06( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: corridor a transit system that could support the cities of today and tomorrow. as we face the challenges of rising energy costs, economic recession, and urban stresses on our congested amicans will rely more than ever on public transit systems like amtrak. senator pell's foresight, again,

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:46:07 to 5:46:29( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: has served us well. here in the senate is rembered for his big ideas. in rhode island, we rember him also for his gentle, generous spirit. he'd lived all over the world. he'd been honored with medals from at least 18 different nations.

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:46:30 to 5:46:52( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: t newport, rhode island, was always home and in both his personal and political life he was a consistent model of civility and kindness to his fellow rhode islanders, always without fail, even sometimes at his peril. for example, in his final bid for reelection in 1990, senator pell reportedly insisted on

Sheldon Whitehouse

5:46:53 to 5:47:03( Edit History Discussion )

Sheldon Whitehouse: warning congressman claudine schneider, his republican opponent, every time when he was about to air a new television ad. he told his campaign staff that

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