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Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: who yields mr. levin: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from michigan. mr. levin: mr. president, i understand i've been now -- will be proceeding as though in morning business minutes; is that correct? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: and he can use time

Carl Levin

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Speech By: Carl Levin

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: to be charged against the majority. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. levin: i thank the leader. president-elect obama gave a powerful and visionary speech last thursday on the federal government's role in creating short-term jobs and in making long-term investments for future jobs. to be successful, that short-

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: term and long-term investment program must include programs to revitalizehe manufacturing sector. many have implementation of a national manufacturing policy for years, without success, during the eight bush years. years of neglect of sector of our economy that saw our nation lose 3.7 million

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: manufacturing jobs. an american manufacturing initiative requires a true government partnership with the private sector, a partnership that recognizes that our compies are companies overseas, but instead are competing with countries whose governments support a prime example of that sourt is

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: in the area technology vehicles and advanced batteries. the president-elect said last thursday that we must spark the -- quote -- "creation of a clean-energy economy." he said further that -- quote -- "we will put americans to work in new jobs, including constructing fuel-efficient cars." investing i

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: technologies will provide a double benefit of job creation and reduction of co2. wind and solar are repeatedly cited as prime targets for such an development, and sherbd be. but technology that is not mentioned that should be at the top of the list, and that is batteries. the production of future green

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: vehicles in the united states will involve a significa number of green manufacturing jobs. and because transportation is one of the greatest carbon dioxide, a major shift to these vehicles will result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. such a shift from our current

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: gasoline-powered light-duty fleet of cars and saoufrbs -- and s.u.v.'s to electric vehicles will fuel consumption by 83%, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. while descriptions of

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: recovery programs so far talk tax credits for the purchase of such vehicles, what is missing to date is the commitment to fund grants for development and production of the batteries that will likely determine whether these vehicles are made in the united states.

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: because the heart of these vehicles will be their batteries. as the nation makes a serious push hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid vehicles and all electric vehicles, there will be increasing demand for the power these vehicles. we must ensure that we can meet

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: the demand for production of those batteries here in the united states. the upcoming economic recovery package needs to devote a minimum of billion to grants to support advanced battery the lithium ion battery is at thheart o that effort.

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: while most of the technology was first invented states, nearly all of those batteries currently come from pacific rim countries as a result of years financial support from their governments. now, one may ask: why do we need additional funds for grants for

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: advanced battery development and manufacturing when congress has already provided funding for loans for the retooling of facilities to produce advanced technology vehicles and provided funding for loan guarantees for advced energy technologies? the answer is that we need grant funding now to jump-start

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: development of a u.s. manufacturing base for advanced batteries before all their production goes offshore. loans and grant -- excuse me. loans and loan guarantees can be port, provided they are not just authorized -- can be important provided they are not just authorized but funded, but they cannot mch grants offered by

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: other countries. we took a step in this direction in section 641, 132 and 136 -- the presiding of senator's time has expired. mr. levin: skilled for two additional minutes -- i would ask for two additional minutes. when congress authorized grants

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: for advanced battery development, grants for conversion of domestic manufacturing capability, and grants for retooling of facilities to produced advanced technology vehicles. but we faltered because we failed to appropriate the funds for the programs that we had authorized. it is these grant programs that

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: must now be funded to spur and assure that the production of the advanced batteries that are at the heart of green cars will be in the united states. the country or region that controls and dominates the production of batteries will

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: ultimately control production. an example of this is already occurring. today in the united states, where the production of the american-made ford escape is limited because toyota controls the production of their batteries, and, therefore, the

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: number of batteries control the number of ford escapes that can be produced. mr. president, we are at a critical juncture in the commercialization of advanced battery technology, just as we are here deliberating on economic recovery, vehicle manufacturers are moving towards decisions on where to purchase

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: the next generation of batteries. battery manufactu moment are assessing the battery production options in the u.s. and in other countries. hope for a robust economic recovery in the industrial sector requires us to develop advanced batteries here in the united states.

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: we cannot development and production to other countries that are willing to offer greater financial if we offer loans while other countries offer grants, we can lose the battle for green-vehicle production to other countries not because they

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: produce more efficiently, not because they produce more cheapl or not because they produce better quality, but simply to offer attractive incentives such as grants. we have the ingenuity and we have the technology. we must have significant government support

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: other countries are i would ask, mr. president, that the balance of my statement be inserted in the record. i thank my good friend, senator bingaman, time. and i yield the floor. the presiding officer: without objection. a senator: mr. president? the presidg officer: the

Carl Levin

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Carl Levin: senator from oklahoma. mr. coburn: i appreciate t cooperation and willingness to work with me by the senator from o bg o bg. it's been a -- the senator from oklahoma.

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