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Joseph Lieberman

0:38:25 to 0:46:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Joseph Lieberman

Joseph Lieberman

0:38:26 to 0:38:46( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: i yield the mr. lieberman: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from connecticut is regnized. mr. lieberman: i thank the chair. mr. president, i rise simply to say a few a personal tribute to our dea friend, the distinguished senator from spoken to beautiful lymph we're

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: going to miss this man. he -- bliewfly. we're going to miss this man. he has been here four years, but he made -- i got to know ken salazar well during 2000 when i had the honor to be the vice presidential candidate of the democratic party. i went to colorado. i could see the first which i

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: i had an an instantaneous reaction that this is a person of strength, of warmth, of character, of purpose, and every day that i've known senator salazar since then has only deepened those feelings about him. and you could feel all of his strength and all of his purpose

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: and all his passion and all of his humility as you listened to thi final statement he's just made on the senate floor. i love the fact that one of the last items that senator salazar asked unanimous consent to put in the record was his family genealogy.

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: because it speaks not only to his extraordinary history and greatness, but t of our country. it's obviously a the hispanic population has brown and is growing sig -- has grown significantly and growing significantly in our time.

Joseph Lieberman

0:40:18 to 0:40:38( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: i have been with ken where people said, you're an mexican american, when your did your family come to this country? expecting to here 20 years ago, 50 years ago, maybe 90 years ago. and ken would say with quiet strength, that my family came in the 16th century.

Joseph Lieberman

0:40:39 to 0:41:00( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: before the pilgrims came. reminds us of a history ken said, senator salazar said, was for a long time but theispanic, the mexican-american contribution to america is long, it is deep, it is proud, it is strong and it will be continue to be grow.

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: senator salazar was raised in a tradition l where we were told by our parents that to be a good american, you don't have to assimilate, you contribute to our country by being who you are and and in the diversity of this great country we gain -- we gain more strength.

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: that has certainly been true of the mexican-american community and it is particularly true of this great american. senator salazar talked about his faith, a the love of country that he learned from his parents.

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: this man is in so many ways the quintessential american. he -- he brings this unique cultural heritage of his roots, family roots way back in mexico, but he he combines those with the -- associate with the american

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: west, the love of the land, the individuallism, a sense of honor, a sense of confidence that has become so much a part of the american character. and he added to that, which is where it all begins as he believes, and i believe, and most of us believe, with faith. that we're here for a purpose. that our -- our existence here

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: is not an accident. and that we have a series of values that come from our faith that -- that are the founding american documents and lead us forward. senator salazar has served our nation years he's been here. what a thrill now to have met

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: ken and played some small part in seeing him come here, and to have him as a colleague. and as senator reid said so well, to watch the role he has played. he is a -- he's a doer. he didn't come to make speeches. though he makes a very good speech, as w he he came to get things done

Joseph Lieberman

0:43:15 to 0:43:37( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: for the people of colorado and the people of america. and he has done that over and over again in the -- in the so-called nuclear option about the -- i always viewed it as the integrity of the supreme court selection process, senator reid referred to my own recent situation. here is ken, senator salazar,

Joseph Lieberman

0:43:38 to 0:43:58( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: excuse me, came forward, dear friend, incredible across the entire senate, in this casehe senate democratic caucus and just on my behalf and on behalf of what he thought was right, created a path forward that made me feel great. can i say that -- i can say that personally. but i hope and

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: facilitated a kind of path forward and reconciliation within the democratic caucus, obviously wouldn't have happened, without senator reid that was extremely constructive. this was a senator salazar to leave here and it is -- it's a tough one for us to because he's use "newsweek" here.

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: but he's responded to the call to serve our country. he will play an extraordinarily important role as a true american environmentalist. lover of the land. and prepreserving all that the interior department overseas --

Joseph Lieberman

0:44:41 to 0:45:01( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: oversees that gift -- natural gift from god, the land. he will also in a very thoughtful way play a central role in one of the most significant transformations american government has made in a long time, which is to turn us toward energy independence and a cleaner, more reliable source of

Joseph Lieberman

0:45:02 to 0:45:23( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: american energy. so so i wish him well. the only comfort in seeing him leave the senate is he's only going down the street a bit, and we know he'll be here to work with us. i can't think of a better way to end a tribute to a dear friend and a great american than to say that we have over the years that

Joseph Lieberman

0:45:24 to 0:45:45( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: we've come to know each both greeted each other and at moments have challenged, said a particular two words to one another, and then said goodbye to each other with twhaoes words in which we have -- with these two words in joined our respective ethnic heritages. and the two words that i say to

Joseph Lieberman

0:45:46 to 0:46:09( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: you, dear friend and fellow colleague as you leave the senate to serve our country as secretary of interior and with my confidence, that will not be the end of your service to our country but will go opinion, higher and higher. and those two words bringing our ethnic heritages together saying

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