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Senate Proceeding 01-21-09 on Jan 21st, 2009 :: 1:18:35 to 1:24:05
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Patrick Leahy

1:18:31 to 1:18:51( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: vote of confidence so she can carry out the very important responsibilities as secretary of state. i thafrpbgt chair and yield the floo -- i thank the the floor. mr. kerry: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from massachusetts. mr kerry: i thank the senator from i yield five minutes to the senator from vermont. the presiding officer: the

Patrick Leahy

1:18:35 to 1:24:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Patrick Leahy

Patrick Leahy

1:18:52 to 1:19:14( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: senator from vermont. mr. leahy: mr. president, i thank the distinguished senator and chairman ofhe foreign relations committee, from massachusetts. it's interesting, this is the first day after the inauguration of president barack obama, the

Patrick Leahy

1:19:15 to 1:19:35( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: ninth inauguration, by far the most impressive. it is a great pleasure to speak in support of the confirmation of my friend and colleague, hillary rodham clinton, to be our next secretary of state. secretary-designee stature and influence make her

Patrick Leahy

1:19:36 to 1:19:56( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: uniquely qualified to take on this role, a role at a critical time in our history. as chairman of the committee that funds the state department, i look forward to working closely with her and president obama as they embark on the critical task of restoring america's leadership and image abroad, and i appreciate the conversations i've had with both

Patrick Leahy

1:19:57 to 1:20:18( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: of them in this regard. eight years ago, president bush inherited a balanced federal budget. we're actually paying down the national debt. we had the history. the u.s. economy is strong, and the country is at peace. now eight years later, his

Patrick Leahy

1:20:19 to 1:20:39( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: successor, president obama, has inherited the largest deficit in our nation's history, an economic crisis, unemployment rates unlike any this country has experienced since the great depression, a budget deficit greater than any nation on earth has ever had.

Patrick Leahy

1:20:40 to 1:21:01( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: osama bin laden has yet to be captured. more than 180,000 u.s. troops to fight wars in afghanistan. the middle east peace process is in shambles. the country is more dependent than ever on foreign oeufplt the country's reputation has been badly damaged as a result of policies that on the values of which this

Patrick Leahy

1:21:02 to 1:21:22( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: nation was founded. that's the good news for the new president and the secretary of state-designate. i don't envy president obama for the multitude of misguided policies and problems he's inherited, but all the more reason he needs the best men and women to work with him.

Patrick Leahy

1:21:23 to 1:21:46( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: secretary of clinton was going to serve him in the country while they take on these challenges. during the election, i rember saying to president obama that we needed him america to the rest of the world. i've had, in conversations with senator clinton, told her what

Patrick Leahy

1:21:47 to 1:22:07( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: better person to go around the world than hillar clion as secretary of state to reintroduce america and our great values and the great core values of this nation. what better person to do it than hillary in her confirmation before the foreign relations committee last week she said we need to use

Patrick Leahy

1:22:08 to 1:22:28( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: smart power and the full range of tools at our disposal. i'm glad foreign assistance reform. we need that. and we've learned over the past several years we can't take for granted the unwavering allegiance of any country in the world. we have to work at keeping those relationships.

Patrick Leahy

1:22:29 to 1:22:49( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: it's not amateur hour. and i appreciate secretary-designee clinton's recognition of value and experience to dedicated, international affairs, public service and her plans to support and enhance that capacity. she's going to become immersed in immensely difficult problems

Patrick Leahy

1:22:50 to 1:23:10( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: that were ignored and badly mishan administration. the middle east, pakistan, mexico, somalia, central africa, all these pose challenges. she's going to confront them immediately, and the sooner she's there, the better. i'd like to mention a couple of items. the federal law prohibiting u.s.

Patrick Leahy

1:23:11 to 1:23:31( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: assistance, foreign security forces that violate human rights was first enacted a dozen years ago. the state department still implementing its -- still struggling with its implementation particularly with the regard to the monitoring of military equipment provided to foreign governments. this law known as the leahy

Patrick Leahy

1:23:32 to 1:23:53( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: amendment has been applied unevenly depending upon the country. and i urge secretary-designee clinton to review the leahy amendment to and consistent implementation. ten years used stockpile production, the

Patrick Leahy

1:23:54 to 1:24:06( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: destruction came into force. there are 156 countries that have signed this treaty, the most powerful nation on-line earth -- the -- the most powerful nation on earth, the united stes, has not.

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