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Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: the president will be immediately notified of the senate's actionment and the senate will resume -- senate's action. and the senate will resume legislative session. mr. brown: mr. president? mr. president? the presid senator from ohio. mr. brown: thank you, mr. president. i thank my colleagues from new mexico and rhode island too. the severity, mr. president, of this economic crisis requires the federal government to

Sherrod Brown

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Speech By: Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: respond quickly and forcefully. the economic recovery proposal we're considering has two key objectives: stimulating the economy and creating jobs. congress currently is negotiating where the funds will be spent on infrastructure projects, on health care and safety net programs,n developing alternative ergy for the 21st century economy. as we decide how to spend these

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: tax dollars, it's imperative we consider where to spend them rather, on whom. these fun must create american jobs and to do that, we must ensure that federal used to services and american products. our economy is suffering from the highest unemployment rate in more than a decade and a half.

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: in 2008, we los 2.6 million jobs, the largest job losses in one year in more than decades. our unemployment rate jumped to 7.2% but we all know that number doesn't tell the real story. the real human story. the more accur joblessness, the unemployed and the underemployed, are

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: workers -- or workers whose hours have been cut, is almost 14%, 533,000 jobs eliminated in december. yesterday, some of america's strongest, most stress steejous -- prestious companies announced more than 55,000 job cuts in one day. 55,000 jobs. among them was general motors, which announced it would cut a

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: shift at its morristown plant in m mahoney county in northeast ohio. as president obama said, these are not just numbers on a page, these are families and communities behind every job. communities like more rain chillicothe and canton understand what happens when there's a major layoff. they don't need to hear the new job nbers. they understand that when small

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: businesses close, then diners empty out. manufacturing jobs keep american communities strong, and the steepest job losses, mr. president, are occurring in, yes, m nearly 1 in 4 manufacturing jobs has simply vanished, has gone away since 2000. 40,000 factories have closed in the last ten years.

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: last year, manufacturi accounted for nearly one-third of all lost jobs in our country, while to record lose. inventories are piling up because no one's buying. this leads to production cuts and then massive job losses that we will see more of likely this year. president obama said, it's likely going to get worse in 2009 before it gets

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: our loss of man is about more than jobs, it's about, mr. president, the loss of our nation's middle class. i want to lay out just what exactly the benefits of manucturing are to this nation. many of us represent large manufacturing work forces. all of us represent some manufacturing, some i states than others.

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: we all recognize ore all should recognize of manufacturing to our national security and to our domestic security, for our families, for our neighborhoods, for our communities, for our nation. let me go through quickly, mr. president, the manufacturing. one, these jobs pay better on the average than other jobs, pure and simple. number two, manufacturing jobs

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: have a stronger multiplier effect, supporting as many as five other jobs. for instance, an auto assembly plant obviously supports -- creates other jobs of suppliers and -- and tool and dye shops and machine shops and parts manufacturers and all that --

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: that manufacturers, number three, are large taxpayers supporting vital public services and schools in communities across the nation. if you have a significantly big -- large -- rather large industrial plant in a school district, that school district gets an awful lot of help in more property tax dollars from that manufacturing plant. number four, mr. president, american manufacturers on the

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: cutting edge of new technologies in the clean energy economy of tomorrow. number five, if we're to end our need to do more manufacturing here rather than allowing it to go offshore, and especially in alternative energy. number six, our national security depends on the strong defense indus supply our troops and protect

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: our national interests. without a bold economic recovery plan -- without a bold economic recovery plan that makes a -- makes manufacturing a priority, the job losses will continue throughout this year and into next year. buy america, established in 1933 by president roosevelt, requires

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: that federal purchases prefer u.s. products. over the other words, if they're -- if the product is made in the united states at a decent price, then federal purchase -- the federal government requires the federal government to buy those products. but over the years, mr. president, waivers of those preferences have been abused create giant loopholes in buy america.

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: in other words, when we should be buying america, we're often buying chinese and we're buying some -- from some county in the european union, we're buying from mexico when, in fact, we should be buying american products. u.s. tax dollars, whenever possible, should go to create u.s. it's pretty simple. it's something people at home simply don't understand nor do i, why we as a country, why we as a government don't use our

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: tax dollars to create american jobs. i'm concerned about the lack of transparency in the process and how that can lead to lost business, lost jobs, lost work, the actual steel, iron, cement and other materials coming from overseas and not creating jobs in our country. the obama administration's stated goal is to make

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: biest investment in our nation's infrastructure since president eisenhower created the interstate highway system more than 50 years ago. so imagine all this infrastructure what it will in the united states, not

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: somewhere else. that's what we did mostly with the interstate years ago. we were building infrastructure, whether it's waters or sewers in denver or whether it's a bridge in minneapolis. it says this buy america said we should be buying american and creating jobs here. we have a responsibility to taxpayers to ensure that these

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: dollars are creating includinguy america requirements in the proposal would be the most effective way to ensure tax dollars are spent in the united states to create jobs here. we have a responsibility to give american manufacturers the opportunity to bid on the steel and the iron and the other products that will be in demand from these massive investments in our infrastructure.

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: we have buy america provisions in federal statutes that provide that preference to use domestic materials like steel and other products and components in federally funded highway and transit projects for state and local authorities. these need to be applied to the maximum extent possible as we try to revive the economy as we move the obama stimulus package through this chamber.

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: just last week, mr. president, the government accounting office reported on the benefits of buy american policies. here's what g.a.o. said: the types of potential benefits to this program include protect -- include protecting domestic employment through national infrastructure improvements that can stimulate economic activity and create jobs.

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: this recovery proposal is about creating d taxpayer dollars and then spin off jobs with taxpayer mr. president, this isn't about stopping or slowing international trade. it u.s. law consistent with our international obligations that allow for a preference under international trade thrau that a

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: allow for a preference for domestically produced goods financed by our u.s. taxpayer dollars. only if we do this will the

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