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Senate Proceeding 01-27-11 on Jan 27th, 2011 :: 2:15:35 to 2:19:40
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Charles Schumer

2:15:32 to 2:15:53( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: soy thank the senators for this spirited debate and as far as i sew noi l. know, there are -- and as far as i know, there are no more speakers on the republican side. the presiding officer: the sno senator from new york is recognized. mr. schumer: thank you. i believe i am the lft speaker.

Charles Schumer

2:15:35 to 2:19:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Charles Schumer

Charles Schumer

2:15:54 to 2:16:15( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: preceded by months and months f serious discussion. i think every one of success better. we went through this process, we understand the senate better, we have deeper feelings about this hallowed snurks about what it has done and what it can do. and what is wrong with it as we will. and i think every one of us agree that the senate needed to be fixed and every one of us

Charles Schumer

2:16:16 to 2:16:36( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: also agreed that we did a lot last year despite the fact that it was broken, and we had different paths to fix it. but fix it we must and fix it we will. and i would just say this. obviously there are going to be some rules changes and some statutory changes.

Charles Schumer

2:16:37 to 2:16:57( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: but a lot of what will make this work is the agreement, informal but serious, between senators reid and mcconnell that senator alockbox ander and i were a part of. -- alexander and i were a part of. i would say, hopefully we are opening up a bit of a new era where bills are allowed to come

Charles Schumer

2:16:58 to 2:17:18( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: to the floor, except under administered circumstances, where amendments are allowed to be added to those bills except under extraordinary circumstances and there is vigorous debate. i would ask my colleagues to forebear -- it is very easy for any senator to stand up.

Charles Schumer

2:17:19 to 2:17:39( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: but the spirit of this new agreement says think twice, three times, even for times before you do because that was the path that lysed to the dysfunction. i, too, want to just once again salute my colleagues, senator harkin, senator udall, senator merkley for the great job they did, senator i woulddon and

Charles Schumer

2:17:40 to 2:18:00( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: senator mccaskill and senator grassley will have a descreem of theirs neablghted into the rules momentarily. this that be a fine debate. i would hope and pray -- i don't think the talking filibuster cuts against anything my colleagues on the other side of the aisle have said. and i will going to proudly vote

Charles Schumer

2:18:01 to 2:18:22( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: for that provision and maybe miracles of miracles it'll get two-thirds but at least there'll be a vote and maybe we can work towards that in the future. i also do believe that the proposal to not invoke the constitutional option for this congress and next congress gives

Charles Schumer

2:18:23 to 2:18:43( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: us some time to figure all this out without closing the door on this forever because some is on our side i know was worried about that. so let us go forward in a spirit of comity that we have seen since the lame-duck. let us go inured a bipartisan way that we've worked on these rules changes and move forward in the next few months and try

Charles Schumer

2:18:44 to 2:19:06( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: to legislate in the way many of us who have been here longer than a few years used to love and enjoy and relish. if we can bring those times bark the senate will be a better place for every one of us, no matter our party or our ideology. so i thank all of my colleagues -- my colleague from tennessee, the two leaders who stepped up

Charles Schumer

2:19:07 to 2:19:28( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: to the plate and the so-called young turks, some of whom have been here much longer than i have been to afnlgt i yield the floor. mr. reid: the presiding officer: the majority leader is recognized. mr. reid: ask unanimous consent that at remaining time be yielded back. that there be two minutes equally divided briar to each oat. that all roll call votes after the first be for 10 minutes. the presiding officer: without

Charles Schumer

2:19:29 to 2:19:41( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: objection, so ordered. mr. reid: have the yeas and nays been ordered? the presiding officer: yes, they have. the question is on the adoption

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