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Senate Proceeding on Jan 29th, 2009 :: 0:48:15 to 0:52:45
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Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: with whole host of others, in a bipartisan way, putting together what really, really would have made chi next certainly five years. this bill on does it for four and a half years because if they'd gone an extra half year, it would have priced the bill out of the marke but i have to say, we're going to have to go that extra half

Orrin Hatch

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Speech By: Orrin Hatch

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: year, so everybody better understand that all that's being done today by my friends o left, ignoring people who have worked so closely with them, and they have a right to do that -- i can live with that, as i vote

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: against their partisan bil but all i can say is they have a right to do it, but it's the wrong thing to do, and it's the wrong way to start off in this congress after the president himself has shown such a propensity to want to work together. i have to say, i was there when

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: our caucus last tuesday. he was impressive. he was friendly. he was making every effort to be bipartisan. but he apparently had not fully examined the stimulus bill that had been passed in only a partisan way by the house.

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: i would call people's attention to "the wall street journal" yesterday in their editorial on all investors business daily, and their he not a stimulus bill at all but just a great big potpourri of long-wanted liberal programs that aren't going to stimulate

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: the economy the way they should. i'm not saying there isn't any stimulus in the bill. but there's not much compared to the cost of the bill. when you add interest to the bill, it's only bever and of course -- it's well trillion. and of course when you add

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: interest -- it's going to have to be paid regardless. this particular bill is a bill i've taken a tremendous issue in -- a least the issue i've taken a tremendous issue in, and i should even broaden that and say "the issues involving children and children's health." and take great interest in it. i just want to caution my

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: they're making a tremendous mistake here. i think we could votes for chipra 2 or chipra 1. and that would have sent a tremendous, tremendous that hasn't been sent around here in a long, long time. now, the chip program, just so

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: everybody understands -- the chip program already covers children before birth at the state's option. now, i read off the states that including the distinguished senator from california's state -- of california. now, this is not a it is already work.

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: this a that policy by codifying the h.s. women who want their babies need this assistance. they want this assistance. women in california and other

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: states want this assistance please, don't deny this type of basic, for women and their children with a f abortion. let's have an abortion debate on another day. everybody knows i'm pro-life. i feel very strongly about that,

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: and i will stand up for the pro-life position. but it has nothing to do with what we're debating here today. let's help children and their mothers now. and let's do of states have said we ought to do, including the very important state of california. one-seventh of the whole economy

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: -- or one hfer seventh, i should say, -- or, one-seventh, should i say, of the world economy today and a state i have a lot of regard for. but they've gone along with this.

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