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Senate Proceeding on Jan 29th, 2009 :: 1:01:35 to 1:06:30
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Orrin Hatch

1:01:31 to 1:01:52( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: i view this, frankly, as a needless debate if the issue is covering pregnant women and their children we have taken care of it. if this amendment is about injecting abortion and when life begins, it succeeds in doing that. i hope the senate will speak loud and clear regardless of how

Orrin Hatch

1:01:35 to 1:06:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Orrin Hatch

Orrin Hatch

1:01:53 to 1:02:14( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: you feel about when life begins because, again, that's not a partisan issue. everyone comes to their own conclusion. this is, in my view, an attempt to inject the abortion debate into a children's health care bill. it is diversionary. it's unnecessary.

Orrin Hatch

1:02:15 to 1:02:36( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: we should be so proud this bill covers every pregnant woman and i think it's one of those moments we could walk down this aisle together saying, isn't it wonderful, because pregnant women will get health care. that will lead to healthier children. we all know that.

Orrin Hatch

1:02:37 to 1:02:57( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: thank you very mr. president. i will yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from utah. mr. hatch: mr. president, this is not an injection of abortion into the debate. this is a children's health bill. i was the original author of it that worked so well for 10 years. a raft of states have provided

Orrin Hatch

1:02:58 to 1:03:18( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: they should take care of the unborn. it bfs not an issue of -- it's not an issue of abortion. in the worldview, the radicals who support abortion, they don't believe the unborn child is in existence or lives. they don't want to give recognition to the unborn child.

Orrin Hatch

1:03:19 to 1:03:39( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: that's their right if they want to feel that w ridiculous, unspiritual, it's ignoring life itself but to make that part of this debate is the wrong thing to do. we're trying to protect children the distinguished senator from

Orrin Hatch

1:03:40 to 1:04:01( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: california said, well, all women are going to be protect this that is not true. only if a state gives an option. we want to make sure the state, if it wants to, gives an option to not just the woman but to the unborn child. anybody with brains ought to want to do that. and ought to be avoiding the whole issue of abortion which

Orrin Hatch

1:04:02 to 1:04:24( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: i'm trying to do by protecting the mother and the unborn child. in section 111 of this bill it says there's a state option to cover low-income pregnant women under chip through a state plan am a. some states have chosen to do that. but why not recognize the rights

Orrin Hatch

1:04:25 to 1:04:47( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: of the unborn child? try and make this into an abortion debate because you just don't bieve the unborn child lives is another thing. the point of my amendment is to ensure that the states continu to have the option in the future to cover unborn children.

Orrin Hatch

1:04:51 to 1:05:11( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: lane and simple. frankly, it's about time we do things like that in a children's health bill but to make this abortion argument is, i hate to say it, but i think it's

Orrin Hatch

1:05:12 to 1:05:33( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: completely wrong. mothers who i'm very concerned with, but with those unborn children who deserve the best health care we can give them. my amendment gives the states the right to do that. and i know wha probably afraid of, the abortion

Orrin Hatch

1:05:34 to 1:05:57( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: crowd, this will legitimize the fact the unborn child is alive and is a human being. that's another argument. but the fact is, and i agree that argument is probably right, that unborn child -- not probably, that unborn child is alike, it is a living human being inside the mother's womb.

Orrin Hatch

1:05:58 to 1:06:18( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: the point of enters the body is a legitimate question, i suppose, on some, but why woulde be afraid to protect the rights of that unborn child? why would we be afraid to do that? why are folks so afraid that if

Orrin Hatch

1:06:19 to 1:06:30( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: we legitimize the understanding this unborn child actually is a living being that somehow or other it will destroy their political world?

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