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Senate Proceeding on Jan 29th, 2009 :: 2:28:00 to 2:33:20
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Max Baucus

2:27:57 to 2:28:17( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: abandon him like we have nine million others? i ask my colleagues on both sides of the aisle not to turn this moral issue into an children deserve a healthy start in life regar regardless of their parents' wealt senators. mr. baucus: have a comssionate bill that provides this

Max Baucus

2:28:00 to 2:33:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Max Baucus

Max Baucus

2:28:18 to 2:28:33( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: opportunity for millions of children and that's what i wt arkansas and for the children of our nation. mr. president, i yield the floor and i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk

Max Baucus

2:28:48 to 2:29:09( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: quorum call: the presiding of senator from mr. baucus: i ask that further proceedings of the quorum call be disspenced with. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. baucus: a few the senator from mississippi, senator wicker, offered an amendment and basically it is directed at the so-called

Max Baucus

2:29:10 to 2:29:33( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: august 17th, 2007, direct oif that president bush -- directive that president bush promulgated. that guidelines to states regarding children's health insurance program enrollment focusing on potential crowd-out. it more restrictive so-called crowd-out policies.

Max Baucus

2:29:34 to 2:29:54( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: among the policies august 17th directive was a requirement that states prove at least 95% of the children below 200% of the poverty level have some coverage before they can enroll higher-income childre the amendment that the senator from mississippi offered with

Max Baucus

2:29:55 to 2:30:15( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: same vein would prohibit the same states to receive -- unless they enroll 90% of all of the children below 200%. madam president, that is an impossibly high standard it is not one that can be met. certainly the 95% on the august 1

Max Baucus

2:30:16 to 2:30:36( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: not be met and that's why that directive was never put into effect. it is just too tight. it just would not work and this body just -- jt yesterday voted against an amendment that would set the 80%. the ream before us sets requirement -- the amendment

Max Baucus

2:30:37 to 2:30:59( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: before us sets the requirement not at 80%, but at a higher rate, 90%. madam president, these are impossible standards for states it meet. it's virtually impossible for a state to meet 90%. even mandatory provisions. let's take auto insurance.

Max Baucus

2:31:00 to 2:31:20( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: the take-up rate is not even 90%. even where it's 90%, the average is like in the 80's somewhere. and this is not mandatory. and the chip program is not mandatory. it's an optional program for states. it's optional whether a person who wants to participate in the chip program or participate in private market, it's totally optional.

Max Baucus

2:31:21 to 2:31:42( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: so it's impossible for a state to achieve a 90% rate and that's -- a standard which is much, much too high. it's also another reason why it's so difficult for states to reach a 90% rate is because of the economic facing. with the downturn we're facing,

Max Baucus

2:31:43 to 2:32:04( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: you know, peopl employment, regrettably, they're being laid off, whi means they've -- they're losing health insurance. and if mor more people lose health insurance, the more difficult it is for a state to show that it's meeting, say, a 90% requirement. that's just the mechanical effect of this amendment.

Max Baucus

2:32:05 to 2:32:26( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: the affect is this is going to hurt kids. because the amendment has the effect of denying federal dollar when they c impossibly high so-called take-up rate. and so i, therefore, urge my colleagues to not vote for this amendment. it's not really a good idea.

Max Baucus

2:32:27 to 2:32:47( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: it does try to attempt to address something called crowd-out, which has been in debate here for a long time. and, frankly, i think this crowd-out debate is really missing the mark here. we're not ball. the ball really is how do we get more kids covered under children's health insurance program? for all the reasons that senators have

Max Baucus

2:32:48 to 2:33:10( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: my gosh, healthy addition we wan -- we want ourkids to be healthy. healthy kids go to school. healthy kids perform better in school. if they perform better in school, they're going to do better when they graduate. we just want healthy kids. and the more we we're going to have healthy families and more productive families and we're able to

Max Baucus

2:33:11 to 2:33:20( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: address some of the consequences of this recession is now presenting to us. so, madam president, i yield the floor -- i yield t

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