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Senate Proceeding on Feb 2nd, 2009 :: 1:22:35 to 1:27:25
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Jim Bunning

1:22:15 to 1:22:35( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: mr. leahy: point of inquiry. i don't want to interfere with anyone on the republican side. i think senator cornyn had locked in a specific amount of time for the senator from kentky. am i correct? the presiding officer: the senator is correct. five minutes. mr. leahy: senator cornyn, on

Jim Bunning

1:22:35 to 1:27:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jim Bunning

Jim Bunning

1:22:36 to 1:22:56( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: behalf of the republicans. mr. bunning: all right. i will not argue with the senator from vermont. the pres senator from kentucky is recognized. mr. bunning: i rise today to discuss the nomination of eric holder to be united states attorney general. unfortunately, i c -- unfortunately, i support his nomination to post.

Jim Bunning

1:22:57 to 1:23:17( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: while mr. holder has the credential that one would want to see as head of the department of justice, his judgment is lacking. as a deputy attorney general in the clinton administration, mr. holder app controversial pardons. first i would like to mention the case of mark at the close of the clinton

Jim Bunning

1:23:18 to 1:23:40( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: administration, a pardon was issued for this infamous fugitive mr. rich was charged in the early 1980's with 51 counts of tax fraud for evading more than 8 million in taxes. he was also indicted for conducting illegal oil deals with the iranian government at a

Jim Bunning

1:23:41 to 1:24:02( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: time that iran u.s. citizens hostage. mr. rich then fled the country and allegedly announced -- re's announced his avoid extradition. th the f.b.i.'s 10 most wanted list. mr. holder's recommendation on

Jim Bunning

1:24:03 to 1:24:23( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: this pardon of mr. rich was neutral, leaning favorable. accounts indicate that he did this without consulting the prosecutors handling case in the southern district of new york. his willingness to push this pardon ahead is troubling to say the least. the second questionable pardon

Jim Bunning

1:24:24 to 1:24:45( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: involves mr. holder concerns 16 members of the terrorist the armed forces of the national liberation, better known as faln. this radical group puerto rican independents and was labeled as a terrorist group

Jim Bunning

1:24:46 to 1:25:07( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: by the f.b.i. between 1974 and 1983. faln claimed the responsibility for the united states. these bombings killed six people and injured many more. mr. holder overturned previous denials of clemency for these terroris. the pardons were also opposed by

Jim Bunning

1:25:08 to 1:25:28( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: two u.s. attorneys who prosecuted faln cases by the f.b.i. according to the "los angeles times," mr. holder even overruled the office of the pardon attorneys at the dertment odepartment of justice. in fact, mr. holder never reached out to an

Jim Bunning

1:25:29 to 1:25:49( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: this clemency nor one family nor of the the son of a man killed by the faln it from the pardons reading the newspaper. i am also very concerned about mr. holder's views on the second amendment rights. during his confirmation hearing before theenate judiciary

Jim Bunning

1:25:50 to 1:26:10( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: committee, he was consistently vague and would not answer directly on questions regarding the second amendment. i find this to be unsatisfactory. however, past statements and actions indicate a nominee who has shown hostility towards the rights of americans to keep and bear arms.

Jim Bunning

1:26:11 to 1:26:32( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: the supreme court decisio last year in the heller case reaffirmed that the second amendment is an individual right, and mr. holder opposes this decision. he seems to hold the view that gun possession is not really a right, as the heller case confirmed, but more a privilege or hobby that needs to be strictly regulated.

Jim Bunning

1:26:33 to 1:26:54( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: mr. holder is ideas for gun control that have never proven to make people safer at the expense of taking away their rights. he has indicated that he will favor lic all gun owners, a policy that i don't think will sit well with americans. lastly, the attorney general of

Jim Bunning

1:26:55 to 1:27:17( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: the united states is the nation's top law enforcement official. he cannot pick and choose which of our rights he will d which ones he will overrun. his views on the second amendment make me very wary of his appointment position that hes now being appointed to. coupled with his handling of the clinton-era pardons -- and i

Jim Bunning

1:27:18 to 1:27:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jim Bunning: think this nominee is very worrisome. it is unfortunate, but i cannot support this nominee. i will be voting against his appointment, and i urge my

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