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Senate Proceeding on Feb 2nd, 2009 :: 2:30:30 to 2:37:50
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Patrick Leahy

2:30:26 to 2:30:46( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: job opportunities. mr. president, i would ask my distinguished colleague, the chairman, if nobody wants this time, if i might use five minutes of it. mr. leahy: i intend to use the rest of my time. if you want another minut two, i'll give twaou minutes of my time -- i'll give you two minutes of my time but then i

Patrick Leahy

2:30:30 to 2:37:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Patrick Leahy

Patrick Leahy

2:30:47 to 2:31:08( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: intend mr. specter: floo mr. leahy: how much time is remaining? the presiding officer: 8 minutes. mr. leahy: how much time remaing to the republican side? the presiding officer: that time is expired. would the senator like two minutes of my remaining mr. specter: mr. president, two minutes won't do me any good. if the chairman wants his time,

Patrick Leahy

2:31:09 to 2:31:33( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: he's got mr. leahy: mr. president, i have a feeling we're all going to be spending hours talking about the stimulus package. right now i'm more concerned to talk about the holder nomination. i've heard the second amendment.

Patrick Leahy

2:31:42 to 2:32:03( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: now, i hearing he was asked about the second amendment and how he would support the rights of those who are gun owners. and i looked down at some of those looked at the states that are represented on the senate

Patrick Leahy

2:32:04 to 2:32:24( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: judiciary committee: wisconsin, california, ne maryland, rhode island, oregon, minnesota, delaware, pennsylvania, utah, iowa, arizona, alabama carolina, texas, as well as the state of vermont. there is only one of those

Patrick Leahy

2:32:25 to 2:32:45( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: states t restrictive gun laws: the state of vermont. we do not have any gun laws in effect during hunting we limit the number of rounds you might have in your semiautomatic during deer season, supposedly give the deer a chance.

Patrick Leahy

2:32:46 to 2:33:07( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: anyone can carry a concealed weapon without a permit in the state of vermont. the distinguished presiding officer, anybody else could. i mention that only because from states with very

Patrick Leahy

2:33:08 to 2:33:28( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: restrictive gun laws went after eric holder on gun laws. so i asked him, "would you as attorney legislation that w vermont to change its gun laws?"

Patrick Leahy

2:33:29 to 2:33:49( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: and thus make vermont as restrictive as these senators who were giving grief in support of the second amendment. he said, "absolutely not." i asked him, is there any the rights of the second

Patrick Leahy

2:33:50 to 2:34:10( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: amendment for americans for guns? he said he would. i asked him the law, including the supreme court recent case in the district of columbia vs. heller. he said 401(k) he would follow the law -- he said of course he would follow the law.

Patrick Leahy

2:34:11 to 2:34:32( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: i mention that, mr. president, because i put into the record already 130 more organizations, every single law enforcement organization of any significance in eric holder. victim rights groups support eric holder. past prosecutors, including

Patrick Leahy

2:34:33 to 2:34:54( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: those of the bush and administration have supported eric holder. current prosecutors --he members of the immediate president bush's administration have endorsed him.

Patrick Leahy

2:34:55 to 2:35:19( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: i say this because i think we're seeing straw men straw men, who are don't want attorney general -- people who have voted

Patrick Leahy

2:35:22 to 2:35:43( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: unanimously for alberto gonzales p-rbgs -- an attorney general who left in disgrace, this man restores the department of justice. and this man will be as independent as the attorney general i talked with in his office when i was a young law student, and we were talking about what it would be like to come to the department of justice.

Patrick Leahy

2:35:44 to 2:36:05( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: and i askedhat attorney general, would he allow anybody in the white house, up to and includinghe president, interfere with any criminal prosecution, civil rights prosecution. and he said absolutely not. and i've told the president that. mr. president, general, i was there talking

Patrick Leahy

2:36:06 to 2:36:26( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: with, was robert f. kennedy. he was talki brother, john f. kennedy. and when it came time to prosecute a man who had been critical to his election as president of the united states, robert prosecuted him.

Patrick Leahy

2:36:27 to 2:36:47( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: i left as a young law student, while attempting to stay in washington, my wife went back to vernt, where we were both born and where we wanted to be. but i've never forgotten that discussion with attorney general kennedy, and that's been the touchstone for

Patrick Leahy

2:36:48 to 2:37:09( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: i don't want another attorney general who sits in the room while others in our government approve secretly wiretapping americans in violation of our law or engaging in t i want an attorney general that stands up for the rule of law and our long-cherished american values.

Patrick Leahy

2:37:10 to 2:37:30( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: that's the kind of attorney general eric holder would be. come on the right side of history. come on the right side of history. reject what we saw in the past. vote for eric holder. mr. president, i ask for the yeas and n the presiding officer: is there a sufficient second? there appears to be.

Patrick Leahy

2:37:31 to 2:37:52( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: the question is on the confirmation of the nomination of eric h. holder jr. of the district of columbia to attorney general. the yeas and nays have been ordered.

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