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Senate Proceeding on Feb 2nd, 2010 :: 1:28:50 to 1:34:10
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Tom Udall

1:28:45 to 1:29:06( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: president. mr. president, chairman schumer started this morning hrings in the rules committee on the supreme court decision, citizens united v. the f.e.c. this supreme court decision completely changes the campaign finance landscape. 50 years ago when my father,

Tom Udall

1:28:50 to 1:34:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Udall

Tom Udall

1:29:07 to 1:29:29( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: stewart udall, and my uncle mo, were in office, money had minimal imajt on the electtorial and political system. it was about connecting with people and the marketplace of ideas. right now it's just as much about the biggest checkbooks, if not more so, than it is about the best ideas. unfortunately, we are about to

Tom Udall

1:29:30 to 1:29:50( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: see a lot more big checkbooks in the election process. last month's supreme court decision in citizens new united v. f.e.c. was a victory for the special interests at the expense of the average american. we've seen firsthand the impact special interests like big oil andig banks and health

Tom Udall

1:29:51 to 1:30:11( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: insurance companies have had on the legislative process. now, with this decision, already-power corporations and labor unions, this might be off-limits, but i don't understand why we can't go after these corporations and go after

Tom Udall

1:30:12 to 1:30:33( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: all of the powerful interests that are trying to do this. members of both chambers and the administration are working on legislation to address the citizens united decision. i commend their efforts, but i believe that a comprehensive overhaul of the campaign finance system is necessary in order to

Tom Udall

1:30:34 to 1:30:54( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: restore public faith in our elections. what we're seeing here today is large special interests sup planting the voices of everyday americans in the political process. the supreme court has shown its willingness to rule broadly and ignore long-standing precedent when it is reviewing the

Tom Udall

1:30:55 to 1:31:15( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: constutionaly of campaign finance laws. the best long-term solution is a constitutional amendment that will prevent the court from overturning sensible campaign finance regulations. i would welcome the opportunity to join my colleagues in introducing such an amendment. while i believe that a

Tom Udall

1:31:16 to 1:31:37( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: constitutional amendment is the ideal solution, i also think that comprehensive reform legislation is a step in the right direction. as a member in the house for ten years, i joined representative dave obey as an original cosponsor of the "let the people decide clean campaign act," a bill that will fundamentally

Tom Udall

1:31:38 to 1:31:58( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: change how house electio are conducted. mr. obey reintroduced this bill in this congress, and i intend to introduce a companion bill in the senate in the coming weeks. the act does not attempt to fine-tune the existing congressional campaign finance system or tweak around the edges. rather, it makes fundamental

Tom Udall

1:31:59 to 1:32:19( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: wholesalehanges to fund-raising by candidates, regulations of outside groups and the role of political parties. it contains a finding that america's faith in the election system has been fundamentally corrupted by big money from outside interests. establishes a system of voluntary contributions to

Tom Udall

1:32:20 to 1:32:42( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: provide public financing of campaigns for house candidates in general elections. it provides more funds that the current system for the vast majority of challengers to mount their campaigns. and it empowers voters with the knowledge that their vote affects the outcome of the current election and also affects the amount of funds distributed to nominees in

Tom Udall

1:32:43 to 1:33:03( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: future elections. it bans all independent expenditures so that only the candidate is responsible for his or her message. it provides for expedited consideration of a constitutional amendment allowing these changes if the supreme court rejects the plan. and it provides a process by

Tom Udall

1:33:04 to 1:33:26( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: which third-party candidates can also participate in the system. money can have a corrosive effect on the political process. we've seen evidence of that in campaigns at all levels of government. we have long needed substantive campaign finance reform, and

Tom Udall

1:33:27 to 1:33:48( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: it's my hope that the high courts' disappointing decision will provide the push we need to put elections back in the hands of average americans and not the special interests who can use their unlimited bank accounts to railroad the process to their preferred conclusion. with that,

Tom Udall

1:33:49 to 1:34:02( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: yield back. i note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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