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Senate Proceeding on Feb 2nd, 2011 :: 2:47:05 to 2:52:10
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John McCain

2:47:03 to 2:47:23( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: and i thank my colleague from arizona for permitting me courteous extension of the time that i had. i yield the floor. mr. mccain: mr. the presiding officer: the senator from arizona. i thank the senator from new jersey and i ask unanimous consent to engage in a colloquy with the senator from wyoming, senator barrasso. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mccain: thank you.

John McCain

2:47:05 to 2:52:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John McCain

John McCain

2:47:24 to 2:47:44( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: mr. president, obviously we rise in support of the amendment put forward by the republican leader for repeal of the bill -- of the health care bill. as we know, the house of representatives has already acted in overwhelming fashion.

John McCain

2:47:45 to 2:48:07( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: and neither the senator from wyoming or i intend to go through all of the arguments that we went through for nearly a year here on the floor of the senate. i -- the years that i've been here, i have never spent that much time on any single issue by far than on the health care issue on the -- on the floor of the senate. but one of the most important

John McCain

2:48:08 to 2:48:30( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: parts of this debate has been the overall cost either savings or lost if this legislation is repealed. and, of course, the highly regarded congressional budget office has determined that there

John McCain

2:48:31 to 2:48:51( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: would be an overall increase of health care in america if the bill were repealed. and i think it's very important for us to recognize the valuable work that the congressional budget office does. they are really one of the most important parts of the decisions that we make on legislation.

John McCain

2:48:52 to 2:49:12( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: but i think it's also very important to point out that the congressional budget office makes decisions directly related to the input and the parameters and the details of legislation and how they're sent. the congressional budget office most appropriately does not

John McCain

2:49:13 to 2:49:33( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: decide on policy. they are simply there as a budget office. so what i'm saying is, garbage in, garbage out. if you are given certain data base to make judgments of cost on, then, of course, you are going to come out with basically

John McCain

2:49:34 to 2:49:54( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: predetermined results and analysis. so one of the numerous aspects or parts of the legislation that was not taken into consideration by the congressional budget office because of the way the

John McCain

2:49:55 to 2:50:17( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: legislation was written is the so-called doc fix. now, the doc fix, as we all know, is in compliance with a reduction in medicare payments to doctors which was mandated several years ago. and then we found out that doctors would stop treating medicare patients if they were

John McCain

2:50:18 to 2:50:38( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: deprived of the medicare payments that they needed in order to make up for the costs of the treatment that they provided to medicare enrollees. so here we have taken out of -- and we know that every single year we have had to quote, as we

John McCain

2:50:39 to 2:51:04( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: call it the doc fix, which has not allowed the previously legislated reductions in medicaid payments to physicians. so that's an additional $208 billion over ten years that. -- that alone, $208 billion. nowhere is that put into the equation. then we have, of course, the

John McCain

2:51:06 to 2:51:28( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: so-called class act, a poorly designed federal long-term care program and it was inserted at a point in the debate that was never in the original bill which was passed through the "help" committee. and it raises taxes by over -- i'd ask my colleague, it is a

John McCain

2:51:29 to 2:51:50( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: program for long-term care that people pay into the system in order to be eligible for long-term care benefits, but over time, that money comes back out, not in the time frame that was given to the congressional budget office. now, there are a number of other provisions that i'd ask my

John McCain

2:51:51 to 2:52:11( Edit History Discussion )

John McCain: colleague from wyoming about what his assessment of the costs were taking into consideration the doc fix, the class act, the envisioned medicare cuts by $500 billion and others, which simply are not going to happen. and i would be interested in -- in your total of the costs that

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