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Senate Proceeding on Feb 2nd, 2011 :: 6:39:15 to 6:44:15
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Mark Pryor

6:38:56 to 6:39:17( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: 223, the and improvement act. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. durbin: thank you, madam president, and i yield the floor. mr. kirk: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from illinois. mr. kirk: madam president, i'd like to talk about two topics today, first on this health care bill and then on the situation in egypt. i rise today in support of the amendment to repeal the health care law.

Mark Pryor

6:39:15 to 6:44:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Mark Pryor

Mark Pryor

6:39:18 to 6:39:39( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: we made a mistake last year in passing this law, and a large majority of the american people know it. in the face of the largest debt in our history, it was the height of folly to create a new spending program offering subsidized health care to 30 million americans. it's a promise that we cannot afford to keep and one that our

Mark Pryor

6:39:40 to 6:40:00( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: lenders may force us to retract. before losing our credit rating or suffering the humiliation of foreign lenders denying us new loans, we should take the decisive action now to end this entitlement. the congress should replace this mistaken law with bipartisan reforms that prohibit the

Mark Pryor

6:40:01 to 6:40:21( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: government from overriding the decisions you make with your doctor, that defend your right to buy insurance from any state in the union and to make lawsuit reforms to lower the costs of defensive medicine. the failed health care law now ruled as unconstitutional by two

Mark Pryor

6:40:22 to 6:40:43( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: federal courts uses the commerce clause of the constitution to create an unlimited government that could require americans to buy what they do not want. the very heart of the constitution was the creation of a limited government that could only accomplish its defined missions, leaving all else to

Mark Pryor

6:40:44 to 6:41:04( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: the people and to the states. these courts are right. the law is unconstitutional, and it spends over $2.6 trillion. it hurts small businesses. it cuts senior health care under medicare and levies billions in new taxes against our economy in the teeth of the great

Mark Pryor

6:41:05 to 6:41:25( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: recession. recently, i visited decatur memorial hospital in decatur, illinois. their president, ken smithmier, warned me that the medicare cuts required by the new health care law would cut $10 million annually from their hospital, resulting in the loss of over

Mark Pryor

6:41:26 to 6:41:47( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: 200 jobs, and decatur is not alone in its troubles. in nearly half of my state's counties, hospitals are among the top three employers. they are the backbone of our local economies, and their employment will be greatly harmed by this health care law.

Mark Pryor

6:41:48 to 6:42:09( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: we made a promise to seniors who depend on medicare that we would take care of them. this law cuts medicare and hurts them. we should honor instead our promises to defend the nation, to support seniors on social security and who depend on medicare before making an extravagant promise that is

Mark Pryor

6:42:10 to 6:42:32( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: irresponsible and cannot be kept under the health care law. i'd also like to take this time to speak on an entirely different subject, whic is going on in i would entitle "the muslim brotherhood, its

Mark Pryor

6:42:33 to 6:42:55( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: leaders i mr. president, will -- will egypt follow poland or georgia to foster a new democratic government or will it follow iran's revolution converting egypt into a state sponsor of terror? while u.s. policy should support human rights and democracy, we face the risk that the muslim

Mark Pryor

6:42:56 to 6:43:18( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: brotherhood, -- could seize power. who is part of the brotherhood and what are its political objectives? a detailed study shows why these questions should command the attention of the congress and the president. with so much at stake in the middle east, americans must be clear eyed about the muslim

Mark Pryor

6:43:19 to 6:43:40( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: brotherhood and its radical islamic agenda where the pledge of jihad against the west and the state of israel. the muslim brotherhood is the largest islamist movement in the middle east and is widely described as the most organized political force in egypt. its membership is estimated at over 600,000.

Mark Pryor

6:43:41 to 6:44:05( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: although it claims to be nonviolent, this conservative organization, the muslim brotherhood, was profoundly influenced islamic terrorist organizations such as al qaeda, islamic jihad and hamas. one of its disciples was the prominent islamist thee low jaj

Mark Pryor

6:44:06 to 6:44:15( Edit History Discussion )

Mark Pryor: siyaz katu who provided the underpinnings for al qaeda. as recently as 2004, the

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