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Senate Proceeding 02-03-09 on Feb 3rd, 2009 :: 1:27:05 to 1:33:10
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Barbara Boxer

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Barbara Boxer: vote ten minutes in duration, and the next democratic amendment be the one offered by the senator from california, senator boxer. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection, so ordered. mrs. boxer: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from mrs. boxer: mr. president, i'm not going to speak about the amendment that i plan to offer

Barbara Boxer

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Speech By: Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer

1:27:23 to 1:27:44( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: in the next hour or so, but i really have to respond to friend, senator ensign. ironically, he and i are offering an amendment together. i've heard now several of my republican friends come to the floor with the same over and over and over again. don't rush this bill. well, if you came from my state -- and i was a little

Barbara Boxer

1:27:45 to 1:28:06( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: shocked to hear senator ensign because his state is going through a terrible time -- where we have a 9.2% unemployment rate and jobs being lost, you know, every minute, maybe you should look inside yourself and roll up your sleeves and get to with us. and i find it extraordinary,

Barbara Boxer

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Barbara Boxer: mr. president, that after eight long years around here, where we saw the debt go trillion, and not a word from the other side about fiscal responsibility, taxut after tax cut to the wealthiest few,

Barbara Boxer

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Barbara Boxer: unlimited checkbook no problem then. we didn't hear speeches about the grandchildren and the great-grandchildren. oh, no. all of a sudden when the middle class is hurting, mr. president, when the working poor are hurting, mr. president, when people are hraougs homes -- are losing their

Barbara Boxer

1:28:53 to 1:29:13( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: homes -- not the richest of the rich. they're fine. they don't have mortgages. but average families friends on the other side come out with their charts. oh, my goodness, trillion of spending. well, we had a presidential election about this issue, mr. president, and i think it's

Barbara Boxer

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Barbara Boxer: safe to say that the reason the results were as they were was because of i don't think that there is any pundit or even anyone in the senate that would argue otherwise. remember the turning point, when the republicans said fundamentals of our economy are strong.

Barbara Boxer

1:29:37 to 1:29:57( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: well, maybe way. why don't they come out and say that? they don't want to say that because it's so obviously ridiculous when we're 500,000 jobs a month. we have lost more wobs in the last two -- more jobs in the last two months than people who live in the state of delaware.

Barbara Boxer

1:29:58 to 1:30:19( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: this is where we are. so instead of working together, our friends on the other side come out, one after the other, same talking points, the democrats are irresponsible. but i ask: who's irresponsible people who want to work to ease the pain of what's happening in

Barbara Boxer

1:30:20 to 1:30:40( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: our country or people who brought us to this point giving tax cuts to the millionaires and billionaires and a never should have fought and now find their fiscal soul. mr. president, i am so we have a president who has reached out to the other side

Barbara Boxer

1:30:41 to 1:31:02( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: and all we get are talking points about why we shouldn't act now. and i will tell you if this thing gets away from us, if we can't get the votes we need -- we just need a couple of our friends on the other side of the aisle -- then this is going to be the party of herbert hoover over there all over again and

Barbara Boxer

1:31:03 to 1:31:25( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: people in the streets will come out in the streets as they did during the great depression and said things about herbert hoover that i can't repeat on this floor. people are hurting. they're two paychecks away from losing their homes. in some communities in my state, one in four homes are under

Barbara Boxer

1:31:26 to 1:31:48( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: water and being now, is this bill perfect? absolutely not in this bill i vote to take out there's a handful of things. a small percentage i vote to take out. so if you want t work with us on that, fine. but to come down t

Barbara Boxer

1:31:49 to 1:32:13( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: and suggest that we're rushing through an emergency bill and that's coming from a list of talking points that don't mesh with reality. so i hope we can change the tone of this debate. but the american people spoke

Barbara Boxer

1:32:14 to 1:32:34( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: out in my friends on the other side are becoming the party of no. no, we can't do anything. no. and what do they come up with? tax cuts to the wealthy again. that's what got us in the fiscal mess in the first place. we want to give tax cuts as we do in this bill to the mdle

Barbara Boxer

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Barbara Boxer: class, to the working poor. and i would at this point just say to my friends look into your heart, look into your look at reality. and i want to say to my friend senator mikulski, i'm proud to support her amendment. and i field the floor. ms. mikuls much. mr. president? the presiding officer: the

Barbara Boxer

1:32:56 to 1:33:12( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: senator from maryland is recognized. ms. mikulski: a parliamentary inquiry before the gentleman from kansas speaks. under the consent agreement, who's time is now being used? the presiding officer: the senator from maryland's time is

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