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Senate Proceeding on Feb 3rd, 2011 :: 3:33:50 to 3:42:25
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Jeff Sessions

3:33:46 to 3:34:07( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: they believe in themselves. absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from alabama. mr. sessions: i ask that the quorum call be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. sessions: and would note that i was honored to be able to

Jeff Sessions

3:33:50 to 3:42:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

3:34:08 to 3:34:29( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: hear senator mccain's comments on ronald reagan. this sunday is, indeed, the 100th anniversary of his birth. it was an opportunity for the whole -- it's an opportunity for the whole nation to honor the memory of a man who honored us with his leadership. the 1980's were a --

Jeff Sessions

3:34:30 to 3:34:50( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: in the 1980's, we were a weakened country. inflation and unemployment were in double digits, the hostage cris in iran dragged on with no end in sight, our standing abroad was waning and so, too, was our military strength. challenges at home were answered with one failed washington

Jeff Sessions

3:34:51 to 3:35:12( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: program after another. we had lost confidence in our future and, really, the principle -- and in the principles that made us exceptional. ronald reagan changed that. part of that change began with 12 simple but crucial words: government is not the solution

Jeff Sessions

3:35:13 to 3:35:35( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: to our problems. government is the problem. and it is a big part of our problem. he stirred the passions of our country, revitalizing not only our economy but our identity and confidence as free people. what some have called the reagan revolution he called the great

Jeff Sessions

3:35:36 to 3:35:57( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: rediscovery. he instilled us with a new confidence in our future and in america's role as the last, best hope of mankind. his achievements are well-known but they bear repeating. working with paul coale -- paul volcker, chairman of the federal reserve, he entaind inflation,

Jeff Sessions

3:35:58 to 3:36:18( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: which was depriving americans of their life savings. it was a tough course, a tough road, but he saw it through, he stayed on the course and we were stronger as a result and we needed to get on a tough -- we need to get on a tough road and stay the course today.?? he lowered taxes dramatically, including a reduction in the top

Jeff Sessions

3:36:19 to 3:36:39( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: rate from nearly 80%, and he reined in a runaway bureaucracy that had trapped innovation and productivity in a labyrinth of regulation and red tape. his faith in the free market was not misplaced. it rewarded us. he created 20 million new jobs,

Jeff Sessions

3:36:40 to 3:37:03( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: grew our gross national product by 26% and began the longest peacetime boom in our history. conditions improved for americans in every walk of life. the net worth of families earning between $20,000 and $50,000 rose by 27%. reagan's stunning success

Jeff Sessions

3:37:04 to 3:37:24( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: debunked every myth of those who believed a government -- a bigger government is more compassionate and can do more for more people. the growth and potential productivity of the private sector is what has made america the most prosperous nation. and this success at home was matched by his success abroad.

Jeff Sessions

3:37:25 to 3:37:45( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: he defended our principles and our way of life with clarity, confidence, and vigor. his policies brought down the soviet empire. "mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall." still resonates in our minds. and it liberated unto millions. now today, more than 20 years after reagan left office, we

Jeff Sessions

3:37:46 to 3:38:06( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: find ourselves facing many of the same challenges: a sagging economy, a growing government, and a diminished standing in the world. mr. sessions: we woul wise to remember the lessons of that era -- peace through strength,,

Jeff Sessions

3:38:07 to 3:38:29( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: prosperity through freedom. he understood that our future greatness lies in the same place it always has, through our pioneering, restless, enterprising spirit that is filled with ambition and excitement and a deep sense of honor and decency that defines who we are as a people and who

Jeff Sessions

3:38:30 to 3:38:50( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: we will be tonal. in -- who we will be tomorrow. in president reagan's farewell address, he urged a word of caution. if we forget what committee did, we -- what we did, we won't know who we are. i am warning of an eradication of that, of the american nearm memory that would result ultimately in an erosion of the american spirit, he said.

Jeff Sessions

3:38:51 to 3:39:11( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: so we face a daunting and defining challenges of our time, and as we do so, i hope we'll look back to the leadership he provided. mr. president, just on a personal note, i was tremendously honored to have been appointed united states attorney in the southern

Jeff Sessions

3:39:12 to 3:39:35( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: district of alabama by president reagan in 1981. it was an office that i had served as an assistant in a number of years before. and to be able to come back and to lead that office was such a personal thrill. and, you know, the president didn't give me any directions exactly what we were to do but i

Jeff Sessions

3:39:36 to 3:39:56( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: absolutely knew -- and i've often said it's a great example of true leadership -- i knew exactly what he wanted me to do. and i gathered the staff, many of whom i'd worked for from years before, and used these words. i said, president reagan sent me here to prosecute criminals and protect the united states

Jeff Sessions

3:39:57 to 3:40:17( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: treasury. and i believe that's what he d did. i believe that was implicit in his campaign, his consistent leadership, that he believed in law and order and efficiency and he wanted us to fight corruption and to try to help produce a more efficient government.

Jeff Sessions

3:40:18 to 3:40:38( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: i remember in those days that we went to a united states attorneys conference that i attended with my good friend, recently the deputy attorney general of the united states, larry thompson, and we would share rooms on the trips to save money because we knew and believed president reagan wanted us to save money and that we

Jeff Sessions

3:40:39 to 3:40:59( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: were -- our spending was out of control and we had a serious financial problem. our budgets were frozen but we worked harder and we produced more. that can be done today. this wining -- whining that we can't reduce spending, and many

Jeff Sessions

3:41:00 to 3:41:20( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: times they define reducing spending is a reduction of the projected rate of growth. it's not even a reduction -- a reduction of current level of spending. these kind of things happened throughout the government, increased productivity of our government. it reduced the take of the federal government from the private economy.

Jeff Sessions

3:41:21 to 3:41:42( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: the private economy grew and the governmental sector became more efficient and more productive. that's what we need to return to to. it was such a fabulous honor to have the opportunity to serve in that position, and i hope and -- that i was faithful to the values that the president who appointed me had.

Jeff Sessions

3:41:43 to 3:42:04( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: i got to tell you, i think i knew what they were and i know i gave my best effort to be worthy of the trust he placed in me. and i think that was true of many, many more people throughout the federal government. i would note the absence of a quorum the presiding officer: the clerk

Jeff Sessions

3:42:10 to 3:42:15( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Sessions: will call the roll.

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