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Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: quorum call: the presiding officer: the senator from delaware. mr. carper: g mr. president. i would ask that the quorum call be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection. mr today -- in fact, yesterday morning about 8:00 down in, i think it was s115. there was a prayer breakfast. it happens every week.

Thomas Carper

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Speech By: Thomas Carper

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: many weeks in the last year or two our presiding officer was one of two members -- one democrat and one republican -- who brought people together for an hour they have breakfast together and sang a hymn or at least tried to sing a hymn or song of some kind and just shared their story,

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: their spiritual journey with one another. i usually don't get to go to those. i'm on a train coming down from wilmington, delaware. but there has been a time or two, and i always find it very uplifting. there is a smaller gathering that will occur today a little after noon, right here off the senate floor. and it will be a group convened

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: by our chaplain, barry who is a retired navy admiral, rear admiral, used to be chief chaplain for the navy and marine corps. all we have is a little like an adult sunday school class. there are people of different faiths who show up. sometimes we may have five, six, seven, eight or nine people who

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: are there, democrats and republicans. i always like to tell the story, a couple of y were having orientation for new senators, something that our presiding officer has been part of last session of orientation for new i think it was about 2004, right after the election.

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: the last session john breaux, leaving, don nickles, leaving the senate. they were talking about briing the partisan divide. don nickles talked -- a great sense as we know. senator nickles was about to leave the senate. he was talking to the democrats and republicans who just arrived, and their spouses. he said you ought to think about

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: going to this bible study group. it is uplifting, inspiring, refreshing. you get to know your colleagues better. doesn't take that much time. tom carper and i go. he's a democrat and i'm republican. week after week, month after month you sit together, read scripture together. you talk about your problems and what you're facing in your life,

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: pray for each other. he said after i do t hard to walk on to the senate floor and stab tom carper in the back he said it's not impossible, but it's hard. one of the other things that's hard is for u to actually figure out how our faith should guide us in the decisions that we make here. i'm speaking -- inspired.

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: i'm always inspired by the depth of conviction that the floor manager, the chief sponsor of this bill, senator lieberman, how his faith guides him in the work we do that. but barry black, the chaplain, always challenges us, democrats and republicans, not just there, but also the wednesday morning

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: prayer breakfast and throughout the week, he challenges us, how should we use our faith to guide us in the decisions we make. he reminds us of the two great commandments in the new testament. first, love the lord thy god, with all thy heart, soul and mind.

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: the second, love thy neighbor as thyself. the golden rule, treat others the way we wan barry black likes to say the cliff notes of the new testament is treat others the way we want in this country and a lot of other countries, a lot of time the really good leaders are those who internalize the golden rule, who treat others the way

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: they want to be treated. i'm please to say the two senators on the floor right now certainly embody that rule to. how does that pertain to the legislation before us? i think there is about 600,000 people who live here in the district of columbia, some of them actually work here with us. but they live in the district of columbia and they pay taxes, they pay federal taxes.

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: they don't get to vote. at least they don't have a vote here in the senate. and they don't have a representative, if you will, who can vote for them and for their interest and concerns in the house of representatives. now, delaware has about 850,000 people, so we have a few more people than the district of columbia. there's some

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: have fewer people than we do, and there's actually probably a state or two that has fewer people living in it than does th i won't call out those states this morning, but they are pretty big in geography but not so big in population. they have two senators. they have at least one u.s. representative. and if the issue is

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: foreclosures, budge package, you know, they have somebody here, two somebodies here to vote to represent them, speak on the floor, to offer legislation, amend legislation, and to vote on legislation. we saw how in the stimulus package how critical one or two votes can be. the district of columbia has nobody here, and they have nobody voting for them

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: house. they have a delegate, a very good one who can vote in committee, offer legislation, offer amendments, introduce bills but can't vote when the time comes. there's something about that that just seems unfair to me. it seems unfair to me. and i think it certainly seems unfair to me to the sponsor of the bill, senator hraoeb managers and to a lot of people

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: who cosponsored the legislation, as have i. none of us are suggesting there ought to be two u.s. senators representing folks from the district of columbia. d in adding -- in making the, allowing the del sort of a full- representative over in the

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: house, the idea would be to provide an additional republican representative, in this case from the state of utah. and that someday may become a democrat seat. i wouldn't want to bet my paycheck on it, but it might. so we're trying to come up with an equitable, a fair, a reasonable compromise. what is it? politics is compromise. and this is a compromise. there are some who suggested it is unconstitutional.

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: i'm not a constitutional expert. i know a lot of smart people that considered it. and we'll have an opportunity, if this legislation is passed, signed by the preside will be an opportunity for an expedited process to determine federal courts, the appropriate courts will determine whether or not this measure, this statute actually is constitutionally sound.

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: my hope is that it will be. a lot of thought and forethought has gone into this issue already. in closing, let me just s the minute or so that's left on our side on this, i want to thank senator lieberman for his steadfast leadership on this and for making it not just a bipartisan issue, but a tripartisan issue and making sure we have both republicans

Thomas Carper

0:48:01 to 0:48:22( Edit History Discussion )

Thomas Carper: and democrats and independents like to weigh in and support this legislation, but not just suort the bill but to stand up and call on the rest of us to do what we know in our hearts is fair and just and to put ourselves in the shoes of the folks who live here in washington, d.c., who work and

Thomas Carper

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Thomas Carper: pay their taxes and who deserve a full voice at least in the use of representatives.

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