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Senate Proceeding on Feb 26th, 2009 :: 2:04:15 to 2:09:14
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Dianne Feinstein

2:04:11 to 2:04:31( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: and i to our distinguished colleague from california. mrs. feinstein: i thank the manager of the bill. madam president, may i speak if. the presiding officer: the senator from mrs. feinstein: thank you very much. madam president, i rise today to speak in strong opposition to

Dianne Feinstein

2:04:15 to 2:09:14( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein

2:04:32 to 2:04:52( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: amendment number 575, offered by senator ensign. this amendment is not the instant amendment that he just spoke about, it is the amendment that essentially would repeal all commonsense gun laws in the district of columbia. i believe that the amendment is reckless. i believe it's irresponsible.

Dianne Feinstein

2:04:53 to 2:05:14( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: i believe it will lead to more weapons and more violence on the streets of nation's capital. it will endanger the citizens of the district, the government employees who work here, our elected officials, and those who visit this great american capitol. and of course if successful it

Dianne Feinstein

2:05:15 to 2:05:36( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: will be the first new step in a march to remove all commonsense gu regulations all over this land. the ensign amendment repeals gun laws promoting public safety including d.c. laws that united states supreme court indicated were perssible under the second amendment in the held

Dianne Feinstein

2:05:37 to 2:06:00( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: her decision. in the heller decision. i strongly disagreed with the supreme court decision in heller, that the second amendment gives individuals rights to possess weapons for private purposes not related to state militia ands the constitution does not permit a general ban on handguns in the

Dianne Feinstein

2:06:01 to 2:06:21( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: home but that is in effect the law. it has been adjudated and gone to the highest court and i believe if we don't like the law we should change the law. however, it is important to note that heller also stands for the proposition that reasonable commonsense gun regulations are entirely permissible.

Dianne Feinstein

2:06:22 to 2:06:44( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: as the author of the original assault weapons ban that was enacted in 1994 i know that commonsense gu make our communities safer while at the same time they respect the rights -- it's possible to respect the rights of sportsman and others to keep and bear arms.

Dianne Feinstein

2:06:45 to 2:07:06( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: just yesteay, the department of justice announced the arrest of 52 people in california, minnesota and maryland. in addition to seizing 12,000 kilograms of cocaine and more than 16,000 pounds of marijuana, the d.e.a. also seized 169

Dianne Feinstein

2:07:07 to 2:07:28( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: illegal firearms from members of the car where did they get those guns? it would be interesting to find out. because this cartel is one of several that law enforcement believes is responsible for kidnappings and murders within the united states in addition to engaging in violent gun crimes.

Dianne Feinstein

2:07:29 to 2:07:50( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: in talking about the cartel yesterday, attorney general holder noted that reinstituting the assault weapons ban would benefit the united states as well as help stop the flood of weapons being sent from the united states to mexico for use by drug cartels causing violence on both sides of the border.

Dianne Feinstein

2:07:51 to 2:08:11( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: i am prepared to wage this battle again and intend to do so. i've been quiet about this because this are many pressing needs of this nation. but with the hel the presiden and the people of this great country, we do needo fight

Dianne Feinstein

2:08:12 to 2:08:33( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: back against these kinds of amendments. justice scalia wrote in the majority opinion on the held are case that a wide variety laws are -- quote -- " presumptively lawful," including

Dianne Feinstein

2:08:34 to 2:08:55( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: laws "forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive plas," and regulations governing "the conditions and qualifications of the commercial sale of arms." i can't think of any place more sensitive than the district of columbia. even bans on dangerous and unusual

Dianne Feinstein

2:08:56 to 2:09:14( Edit History Discussion )

Dianne Feinstein: appropriate under heller decision so it's interesting to me that you have this decision and then you have the senate moving even to obliterate what is allowable under the held are decision. senator ensign's amendment completely ignores this language

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