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Senate Proceeding 03-01-11 on Mar 1st, 2011 :: 0:37:55 to 0:43:10
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Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: that's what this is about. thank you, mr. president, and i yield the floor. mr. leahy: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from vermont. mr. leahy: mr. president, we have the leahy-grassley managers' amendment at the desk. i have a -- a modification to it and i ask that the amendment be so modified. the presiding officer: without

Patrick Leahy

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Speech By: Patrick Leahy

Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: objection, so ordered. mr. leahy: mr. president, we are prepared to go to a roll call vote on this right now but i do not see the ranking member and as a courtesy i'm willing to wait a few more minutes for him to get back here before calling for the vote.

Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: so i will mr. leahy: while we're waiting, i -- while we're waiting for my friend, the distinguished republican leader on this bill, i would note that what we're

Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: talking about is bipartisan legislation supported by both business and labor people ask whether congress can work together and whether, with all the problems facing america, whether republicans and

Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: democrats can come together just to face problems of america, to get work done, to make things work that can make america stronger and more competitive in the world. this is a bill that does that. that is why we have a broad spectrum of cosponsors in both

Patrick Leahy

0:40:03 to 0:40:24( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: parties across the political spectrum. it enables us to actually do something. we have a decades-old patent system which may have made sense back in the time when you had patents that might not be

Patrick Leahy

0:40:25 to 0:40:46( Edit History Discussion )

Patrick Leahy: superseded by a new invention for years. now they could be superseded the day they come in. it's why we have 750,000 patents waiting to be processed. it's also why countries like

Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: china and others are beginning to surpass us in their innovation, because we've been slow to catch up. we're in a situation where we don't -- we're unable t compete. the rest of the industrialized

Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: nation, their patent laws are ahead of ours. ours is behind them. so this is a case where we have a chance to catch up in america. we do it without adding a cent to the deficit but we also create jobs as every -- every

Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: major manufacturer in this country and inventor has said this is where we will create jobs. now, i look at it, of course, from the point of view that my little state of vermont on a per capita basis, we have no patents than any other state in the union. we actually have more patents

Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: than some states larger than ours. the distinguished presiding officer comes from a state that has spent a great deal of time and effort and innovation and is one of the leaders in the number of patents, especially in the high-tech area, in the country.

Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: but the patents don't help us compete unless we're able to -- unless we're able to move with them. so as i said, we in vermont have had a long history of innovation and invention. the first-ever patent in the united states was signed by george washington after being

Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy: cleared by thomas jefferson and granted to a vermonter. and, mr. suggest the absence of a q the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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