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Senate Proceeding on Mar 2nd, 2010 :: 1:50:10 to 1:56:10
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James Webb

1:50:08 to 1:50:29( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: quorum call: a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from virginia. a senator: i ask unanimous consent that the quorum call be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. webb: mr. president, i rise today again to speak on behalf of justice barbara m. keenan, the nominee to serve on the fourth circuit.

James Webb

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Speech By: James Webb

James Webb

1:50:30 to 1:50:50( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: i'd like to point out, this is the thirdime that i have had the pleasure of outlining her qualifications, and i also would like to express my regret that the senate is again being forced to waste valuable time that

James Webb

1:50:51 to 1:51:12( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: could be used toward solving greater problems in our country in order to go through these repeated delays on votes that are going to be, if not unanimous, certainly well above 90 of our body in favor of this

James Webb

1:51:13 to 1:51:37( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: type of a nomination. the america people are commenting about how the united states congress is not addressing the true problems of the country. i think that this is an example that perhaps all of those who are interested in our political system can comprehend rather

James Webb

1:51:38 to 1:52:00( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: quickly of obstructionism and of the unnecessary delay of the appointment of individuals who are vitally needed, as we look state of our judicial system today. justice keenan was voted out of committee in october of last

James Webb

1:52:01 to 1:52:22( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: year by unanimous voice vote. her nomination is noncontroversial. she's been a dedicated public servant, a fair and balanced jurist. her nomination as broad bipartisan support. not only in this body but also in the commonwealth of virginia. so i again believe it's critical this we move forward as quickly

James Webb

1:52:23 to 1:52:43( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: as possible to confirm this nomination. there are currently four vacancies on the fourth circuit, more than any other circuit in our country. the seat that justice keenan would fill has been vacant now for more than two years. she is an extraordinary choice to fill this vacancy. she's been a state supreme court justice since 1991.

James Webb

1:52:44 to 1:53:04( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: she's been a trailblazer for women in the law throughout her career. at the age of 29 she was the first female general district court judge in virginia. when she was sleblghted for the fairfax counsel d. when she was selected for the fairfax county bench in 1980. she became the first circuit court judge in 1982.

James Webb

1:53:05 to 1:53:26( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: in 1985 she was one of ten judges named to the first court of appeals and was the only woman on that court wn it was first created. she was selected for the state supreme court, the second female justice ever to serve there, in 1991. and she was in fact the first judge to serve on all four levels of virginia's courts.

James Webb

1:53:27 to 1:53:47( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: and ace pointed otoin my -- and as i pointed out in my previous floor remarks i think very important for the understanding of this body to point out that when governor mcdonnell was recently sworn into office, he specifically requested that justice keenan deliver him that oath of office.

James Webb

1:53:48 to 1:54:08( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: in fact, governor mcdonnell has rails released a statement where he says, "virginia's supreme court justice barbara keenan is one of the foremost legal minds in our commonwealth. her nomination by the president for the united states court of appeals for the fourth circuit is one that should be viewed favorably and acted upon expeditiously.

James Webb

1:54:09 to 1:54:29( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: justice keenan has dedicated her career to public service. i look forward to her service on the fourth circuit bench." this is from governor mcdonnell, who is from the republican party, and i think it's a clear indication of the broad respect that this individual has within the commonwealth.

James Webb

1:54:30 to 1:54:51( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: i'm mindful of the senate's constitutional role in confirming executive nominations. this is vitally important. we have a robust vetting process. debate is importantnd appropriate, and we have conducted inside the virginia delegation that kind of vetting process which resulted in justice keenan's name being

James Webb

1:54:52 to 1:55:16( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: moved forward. so, again, in the name of pragmatic bipartisanship and in the spirit of good governance and the way that we should be spending valuable time here on the senate floor with so many issues affecting this country,

James Webb

1:55:17 to 1:55:38( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: we need to move past these artificial barriers. we need to stop putting delays in front of the types of issues that we should be confronting. let's get on with the business of governing. arntiondz again, as pointed out -- and, again, as pointed out in

James Webb

1:55:39 to 1:55:59( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: my previous statement, of the 176 judgeships, there are currently 100 vacancies. these vacancies delay the administration of justice. they delay the resolution of sputes. they affect the respect of our whole governmental process.

James Webb

1:56:00 to 1:56:10( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: so in light of the fact that my prediction is that justice keenan will get, if not 100 votes in this body, i doubt that

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