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Senate Proceeding 03-03-09 on Mar 3rd, 2009 :: 0:26:45 to 0:35:40
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Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: we don't require fiscal discipline in our that's what we need to start doing. mr. p floor. the presiding senator from new york. mr. schumer: i ask unanimous consent to address the house as if in morning business. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. schumer: thank you, mr. president. the presiding officer: so ordered. mr. schumer: i thank my colleagues for yielding. today i rise in support of

Charles Schumer

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Speech By: Charles Schumer

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: president obama's critical recognition that russia must be a major player in blocking iran's development of dangerous weapons. yesterday it was reported that the president president signaling an openness to reexamining the missile

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: defense system in eastern while urging russia to stop iran from developing nuclear warheads and long-range weapons. mr. president, this overture by president obama is reaganesque in its boldness. it has the potential to represent the most cooperative

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: our two countries since president reagan an -- since it was signed years ago. it issues a new aiferra of smart an tough thinking about foreign policy that has been desperately lacking in the white house until president obama took office. rather than alienating potential

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: allies, president obama and his team are demonstrating that they will abandon the bush unilateral approach to nuclear nonproliferation in favor of galvanizing international support to meet the challenge posed by these deadly weapons. i am not an afte after the fact

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: supporter of this. i thought defanninging iran's nuclear threat lies in russia imposing tough economic sanctions on iran. in a wall street piece posted last summer, i urged to president bush to offer russia a deal.

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: in exchange for walking back the missile defense system that russia opposes, the u.s. should get russia to back the economic sanctions on iran that are our best stick for making sure that their nuclear threat does not become a reality. i also made this suggestion in person at the white house last year to president

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: president cheney. i was told literally by vice president cheney we can't do that. well, there's new leadership in washington and president obama says, yes, we can. today there should be no lingering doubt that iran represents a profound threat to our global security.

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: latest international atomic energy agency report confirms that iran remains in hot pursuit of a nuclear program. the report told us that iranow possesses 1,010 kill grams of low enriched uranium which raises concerns that it now has

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: sufficient uranium and the means to enrich it to produce nuclear warheads. whether president ahmadinejad intends to make good on his threat remains to be seen. but what we do know is that the administration needs to use every diplomatic tool in our

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: arsenal to amoun in nuclear weapons. we made progress in ratcheting up economic sanctions by rationing four of the iran state banks. this has limited the ability to do business as foreign banks are unwilling to risk reputational harm to u.s. markets.

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: this is one of the few successes we've had with iran and more economic pressure can and must be applied. these sanctions are effective against iran for several reasons. as i wrote in the op-ed piece last summer, despite the fact that the leadership in government of iran is a theocracy, the iranian peoe

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: are largely secular and look westward for cultural bearings. it is a common sight to see satellite dishes hid in air conditioning ducts so iranians can stay abreast of the western culture. a popular tv channel among the

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: young in the country is mtv, not al-jazeera. iran is also wealthier than most neighbors in inhabitants have enjoyed a higher standard of living than most people in the middle east. however, russia is blunting the impact of the sanctns. economic self-interest motivates russia's argument that's there

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: is no evidence that iran has secret nuclear weapons program and that sanctions would undermine the international atomic agency's efforts. russia makes money with business with iran since russia supplies over 75% of iran's arms imports. russia continues to supply iran with nuclear fuel and to train

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: iran's nuclear engineers. more ominouslyprime minister putin's national designed to remake russia into a gl to the russians has led russia to tighter embrace with iran. an embrace that is to be

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: untangled if we're to truly eliminate the iranian nuclear threat. it is also not a little has raised russia's anger more than the bush administration missile shield plan. president putin argued that it would reignite the -- reignite

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: e arms race of the 1980's he has also said that the shield would prompt russia to increase its own defenses and be a gate its commitments to demilitarize under the treaty under the conventional armed forces in europe. despite russia's loud complaints, the bush

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: administration plowed ahead, securing to move forward with the implementation. let me be clear. the united to both protecting against the threat of a nuclear iran and protecting a free and prosperous eastern europe. but the bush administration's plan to do deploy the missile

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: defenseystem in poland and the czech republic has never made much sense. the technology has never been proven to work. it has not been determined to be cost effective and it will do nothing to source of this threat, stubborn refusal to abandon its nuclear program. at the same time it does very

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: little to preservehe necessary and very important independence of eastern europe. such as nato alliances do. th help eastern europe stay independent. we continue to support them. in this context it seems that the u.s. and russia each have something to gain from one another. president obama appears to

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: recognize this dynamic. in exchange for joining the west and on iran until they stop their pursuit ofuclear weapons, i encourage the administration to roll back its predecessor's plan for m it makes sense. with russia on board, economic sanctions will have much greater success and countries like china

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: will think twice before engageing with the iranian regime. russian participation will give multilateral sanctions against iran rea halt iran's nuclear program before it is too late. the president's gesture to russia is the kind of smart,

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: tart diplomacy our dangerous world needs. given that a nuclear iran is such a profound threat, this strategy makes thunited states could give up non-- a nonvital missile program in eastern europe in exchange for vitally needed russian cooperation to prevent iran from going nuclear without

Charles Schumer

0:35:30 to 0:35:41( Edit History Discussion )

Charles Schumer: endangering the independence of the eastern european states. president obama and president medvded don't need to look into each other's soul.

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