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Senate Proceeding 03-04-09 on Mar 4th, 2009 :: 2:15:35 to 2:23:15
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Mary Landrieu

2:15:33 to 2:15:56( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: deserve to b million of the taxpayers' dollars spent. mr. president, i yield the floor. a senator: the presiding officer: the senator from louisiana is recognized. ms. landrieu: thank you, mr. president. i've come to the floor to speak against coburn amendment number 596, not the amendment that senator mccain was just referring to, and also put some personal remarks in the record for just a few minutes.

Mary Landrieu

2:15:35 to 2:23:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu

2:15:57 to 2:16:18( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: d i understand that some of my other colleagues are here to speak as well. since i'm on the floor and heard those remarks, i would like to make a comment about p.m.a. i don't know p.m.a. i don't know the organization. but the senator from arizona most certainly knows there are processes and ways to get at this process other than amending this bill which has a very tight

Mary Landrieu

2:16:19 to 2:16:40( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: deadline and very much importance to all of the agencies of this government. he raises some legitimate points. he is angry. many of us are angry about this process that has gone too far, but may i r from arizona that this democratic-led congress has reduced the number of earmarks

Mary Landrieu

2:16:41 to 2:17:02( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: by 50%, has made every single one transparent, has gone through an open and public process, and none to my knowledge on the testimony of the chairman of the committee who is on the floor now, has been put in at any time in a which was done routinely when the other side was in charge.

Mary Landrieu

2:17:03 to 2:17:23( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: so while it is not perfect, while investigations must continue to go on, people must be held accountable, the senator from arizona kws he's not the only one angry. he's not the only one helping to lead this reform effort. president obama himself has done a great deal of work on this subject, and we will continue to. and the second point i'd like to

Mary Landrieu

2:17:24 to 2:17:45( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: make as an appropriator and one who does have directed spending in this bill is since when did every authorizing committee turn out to be perfect in authorization language? since when did every bill that goes come out to a perfect end?

Mary Landrieu

2:17:46 to 2:18:07( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: we have a long list of bills and authorization programs that didn't work, that were ineffective. so since to come and say every authorization is perfect, but those things that were debated open in the appropriations committee, testimony given, evidence supported of some of these programs, we are all put

Mary Landrieu

2:18:08 to 2:18:28( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: in a, sort of a subcategory. well, i resent that. this is a balance authorizers and appropriators. it always has been, always has been, and probably always will be. what we need to do is get bk to a balance which was completely out of whack when the republicans were in charge of the budget process.

Mary Landrieu

2:18:29 to 2:18:49( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: and with some of our colleagues' support, to get a handle on this situation, i think the the public is is at least pleased that we're moving inhat direction. but we do have a wayto go. i most that. and with the leadership of senator inouye, i think that we're

Mary Landrieu

2:18:50 to 2:19:10( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: on the coburn amendment number 596, i rise in opposition to it. it's a difficultmendment to oppose because on its face it seems like it makes a great deal of sense, and many -- in fact, there was a strong vote for it on another bill. but i rise in opposition on this point alone. the amendment calls for?? everything in the bill to be

Mary Landrieu

2:19:11 to 2:19:34( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: competitively bid. on its face, it sound thing to do. most p competitive bid in the private sector. but there are any number of times that the private sector doesn't do that, and in the public there are any number of reasons, whether it's special intelligence procurement,

Mary Landrieu

2:19:35 to 2:19:55( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: whether it's in the spw eus -- small business sector, wheth it's programs that reach out that have to be bid. there are any number. the senator from oklahoma knows this very well. he's on the homeland security subcommittee and i believe the subcommittee that has jurisdiction. mr. president, you and i serve on that committee with him.

Mary Landrieu

2:19:56 to 2:20:17( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: there is a way to go about narrowing or making sure that most of the federal procurement is don not on this bill, not this day, not at this time. it's not like there aren't some good arguments, but that is the problem with these amendments. they change and reform, contrary to

Mary Landrieu

2:20:18 to 2:20:39( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: what the others talk about. they're here to stop, to delay, to derail, to cause -- to cause something to fail. they're not here in a constructive wait a minute that is why i'm urging my colleagues to oppose the coburn amendment 596, to vote down the mccain

Mary Landrieu

2:20:40 to 2:21:02( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: and other amendments that have been offered not because they don't have some kernels of truth in what we are trying to do, but this is not t time and this is not the bill. and finally, mr. president, because i know my colleague from missouri is here to speak, and others, i want to just spend a moment, if i could, a minute to

Mary Landrieu

2:21:03 to 2:21:23( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: pay tribute to a young man who worked for me for many years, actually for 12 years; was a very vital part of the landrieu staff. he is retired; left our office after 12 years of wonderful service. jason mathews started out with me as an assistant in my first

Mary Landrieu

2:21:24 to 2:21:44( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: campaign to the united states senate as literally a young kid right out of college. he worked his way up. no real political connections other than just a passion for the work, a heart for people, and a good mind. and he came to washington with me 12 years ago and startedut maybe even answering the phone

Mary Landrieu

2:21:45 to 2:22:05( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: some days and then worked his way up as military l.a and then as legislative director an then general counsel and then retired or left our office with the title kpaoef of staff. -- chief of staff. he besides serving with such great humor and a great mind for policy and, as i said, a great heart for

Mary Landrieu

2:22:06 to 2:22:27( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: great cheer through very difficult times that our office and many of my colleagues from louisiana have been through considering the storms of the past recent years and the extra work that our staffs have had to go through because of that. jason led that effort with good humor. and because of him, many wonderful accomplishments in our

Mary Landrieu

2:22:28 to 2:22:49( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: office have really been achieved. one that i will mention and share the rest for the record is louisiana's long-standing effort to achieve some balance and fairness in the distribution of oil and gas royalties and revenues which interior states have enjoyed since 1927 and coastal states have not because

Mary Landrieu

2:22:50 to 2:23:10( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: of a peculiarty in the law. jason helped us to fight a ten-year battle and finally was successful. the people of all of louisiana will be grateful for for his service. so he i-- he has led the people of louisiana to great achievements. he has served the people of our country

Mary Landrieu

2:23:11 to 2:23:16( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: and i jus to him today and to wish him the best as he goes on to future

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