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Senate Proceeding on Mar 9th, 2009 :: 1:08:10 to 1:16:10
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Joseph Lieberman

1:08:10 to 1:08:32( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: i think it's an attempt to put into this bill a kind obstacle that the sponsors of it don't think can be passed. and particularly to do it on a measure in which we're ask to

Joseph Lieberman

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Speech By: Joseph Lieberman

Joseph Lieberman

1:08:33 to 1:08:53( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: oppose all amendments is just plain impossible to accept. the average household income of the families in the program, the scholarship program in washington is less than $24,000. so how in good conscience can we tell parents in the district that they're going to be denied the resources to do what they believe is bt for their

Joseph Lieberman

1:08:54 to 1:09:15( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: children when so many of us make the very same decision regarding the education of our own children? the d.c. scholarship program comes from our nation's fundamental commitment not just to opportunity but to equal opportunity that each and every

Joseph Lieberman

1:09:16 to 1:09:37( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: american child has to develop their talents, god-given talents to the fullness of them based on their own willingness to work hard. we can't let that realization of that promise be jeopardized by the language in this bill. madam president, there was discussion on the d.c. voting rights act of this d.c.

Joseph Lieberman

1:09:38 to 1:09:58( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: opportunity scholarship program, those who were going to amend that bill two things happened. first, as chairman ofhe homeland security and governmental fares committee, i committed to holding hearings this spring hopefully after the final evaluation of this program

Joseph Lieberman

1:09:59 to 1:10:19( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: comes out, independent evaluation, that will allow us to fairly fact that any way. why our committee -- it happens in the jurisdiction of our committee, the traditional jurisdiction, historic, includes jurisdiction over the district of columbia.

Joseph Lieberman

1:10:20 to 1:10:42( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: i'm open to proposals to improve the dispanders administration of the program. probably propose some of my own. but i believe the restrictive language in this bill, this omnibus appropriations bill is so damaging to the opportunity scholarship program and to the lives of these that it should be removed. i was very encouraged that our

Joseph Lieberman

1:10:43 to 1:11:05( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: new education secretary, arnie duncan, said so much himself when he said it would be particularly unfair to stop this program for the -- and the funding of it by congress for the 1,700 students who are in it now. madam president, there was a second promise made which was from senator reid, the majority leader, which i greatly

Joseph Lieberman

1:11:06 to 1:11:26( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: appreciate, that at this spring there, would be floor time given to a debate on the merits of the opportunity scholarship program here in the district of columbia. so why jump ahead that have with this restrictive language in this underlying bill?

Joseph Lieberman

1:11:27 to 1:11:48( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: i would add this this is all about children, about the future of our children. it's not about protecting the status quo. it's not about what -- what -- teachers' rights. it's about giving kids a chance toake their way forward and ultimately improving our public schools so they're all as good as we want them to be.

Joseph Lieberman

1:11:49 to 1:12:10( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: i was raised with a quote that may seem irrelevant to this but i think it is relevant. it came from religious sources, which was, if you save one life, it is as if you saved the whole world. what did that mean? i was though

Joseph Lieberman

1:12:11 to 1:12:32( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: every individual -- i'm looking at these great pages of ours, young men and women with all sorts of promise that just radiates from them. if you save the life ofne person, all the promise, all the possibilities of what that young man or woman would do in life, will be saved and they,

Joseph Lieberman

1:12:33 to 1:12:54( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: in fact, can change the world it may seem -- of course, when i heard that years ago, when i thought of saving a life, i thought of protecting somebody from danger or -- or a doctor who saved the life of a patient. but i will tell you that a good education in our country today really makes so much of a difference between whether

Joseph Lieberman

1:12:55 to 1:13:15( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: plern have a rl life -- a person will have a real life in this country, full of opportunity and satisfaction and self-sufficiency plern always feel slightly behind the ball and always feel slightly unable to do what one has to do in

Joseph Lieberman

1:13:16 to 1:13:36( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: make so this d.c. opportunity scholarship program says that we can save lives by giving kids a choice, giving parents a choice to send their children to the school they want to send them to because they think it will be better for the child than the public school the child happens

Joseph Lieberman

1:13:37 to 1:13:58( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: to be in now. as i mentioned at the this was part of a triapartheid agreement that gave money to public schools in the district, charter schools in the district and the d.c. opportunity scholarship program. in this budget this year, those numbers are public schools here in the district, $20 million for the

Joseph Lieberman

1:13:59 to 1:14:19( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: charter schools, and $14 million to oppornity scholarships. i say to my friend who seem to have this wonderful d.c. opportunity scholarship program in the cross hairs that they -- if this is followed through on, there's a danger here which is that other members of -- of the senate and the congress will

Joseph Lieberman

1:14:20 to 1:14:41( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: rise up funding for the d.c. public schools and the charter schools. that would be a -- a tame three times over -- a shame three times over and that's why i'm so fraud stand with senator ensign and others to try to strip this language from this bill so that

Joseph Lieberman

1:14:42 to 1:15:03( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: my committee can go ahead and hold a hearing this spring and we can bring a bill out to floor this spring and have full debate based on the final evaluati group will do, is in the proce of finishing the report now. i understand there are people, colleagues like my friend and

Joseph Lieberman

1:15:04 to 1:15:25( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: colleague from california, senator feinstein, whoust spoke before, who supports the d.c. opportunity schlorship program and she has worked so hard to make this happen. i have the greatest admiration for her for doing that and so much else she's done if her public life. she won't vote for this because

Joseph Lieberman

1:15:26 to 1:15:48( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: she does not the underlying omnibus appropriations bill. i understand that and that is why probably the senator ensign and i and others have sponsored will not make it but it is an point cause we're fighting for and important that the vote on the amendment occur and that it serve as a kind of

Joseph Lieberman

1:15:49 to 1:16:09( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: preface to the full-scale debate we will have this spring on this critically important and innovative and, i think, effective program that is changing and as i took the liberty to say, saving the lives, creating a future, for

Joseph Lieberman

1:16:10 to 1:16:10( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: 1,700 children and, hopefully

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