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Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: president pro tempore. mr. reid: madam president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: following any leader remarks there will be a period of morning business until 10:40, with senators permitted to speak for up to ten minutes. the majority will control the first half. republicans will control the final half. at 10:40 the senate will recess for the joint meeting of

Harry Reid

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Speech By: Harry Reid

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: congress with the honorable julia gillard, prime minister of australia. the senate will reconvene at 12:00 and proceed to the immediate consideration of h.r. 1, the defense appropriations bill, which is the famous c.r., h.r. 1, and the democratic alternative. at 3:00 p.m. senators should expect two roll call votes in relation to those two matters.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: under an agreement reached yesterday, each proposal will be subject to a 60-vote threshold. madam president, on the news on the way to work this morning, i heard one republican senator, part of the republican leadership, say he thought all

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: 1, this job-killing -- that is what i said. this job-killing shortsighted bill. he said they were going to do it because of the numbers involved in it. the numbers involved in it. well, madam president, i tell everyone, my friends on the republican side, the american people are not as concerned about the numbers as what's in

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: this bill with those mean-spirited riders. we're concerned about the numbers. the american people aren't concerned about the numbers. the president of the united states, the united states senate have agreed to address the numbers, and we'll do that. we've done it in our alternative here today. this is not a bill about numbers. h.r. 1 is a mean-spirited bill

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: that will cut the heart out of the recovery we have in america today. it goes after little children, poor little boys and girls who want to learn -- they don't know what they want, but we want them to learn to read, to be able to learn something. head start is a program that has been successful. we have a lot of poor people in nevada.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: i wish we didn't but we do. head start has been something that has been great for our community. national institutes of health, they're whacking of that. national science foundation. our clean energy jobs, they're going after that. national laboratories. where is the spirit of pete domenici?

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: pete domenici, longtime republican senator, he and i worked as chair and ranking member of the energy and water subcommittee on appropriations trying to fund those very important labs. the labs do lots of good things. among other things, they make our country, nuclear weapons

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: safe and reliable. what has been done with this meat ax approach that they say is only numbers is not good for our country. i've heard my friend, the assistant majority leader, talk about what has happened to one of the smaller laboratories, one of the smaller ones, argonne in illinois.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: we have big ones, livermore, sandia, los alamos and other labs around the country that are some of the places where there is pure science. one of the few places in america today that we have pure science. what this h.r. 1 has done, what they're trying to do to education in our country, not only head start but how it affects education generally,

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: what this bill would do if it would pass, h.r. 1, it's not numbers. it's not numbers only. what does it do to our port security? the presiding officer is from the state of new york. every day there are evil people trying to do damage to the people in the state of new york

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: in the ports. our airport security, we still have to look out for these bad people, shoe bombers and other people who come up with all these very bad ways to try to harm america. so for someone over here on the other side to say they're looking at h.r. 1 and they'll

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: all vote for it probably because

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