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Senate Proceeding 03-09-11 on Mar 9th, 2011 :: 0:00:50 to 0:05:49
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Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: $51 billion in frivolous or wasteful spending. the cuts are necessary to reach the $51 billion level require difficult choices. this amendment makes real cuts to real programs. tens of thousands of americans will feel the direct impact of

Daniel Inouye

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Speech By: Daniel Inouye

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: the proposed cuts. but the cuts included in this amendment are based on hearings, testimony, and a thorough analysis of the current needs of every agency and department that the committee funds. by contrast, the republicans in the house have thrown together a

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: proposal based not on budgets, not on hearings, not on the demonstrated needs of agencies and departments but, rather, based on the campaign promise to reduce spending by $100 billion. h.r. 1 shows clearly what

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: happens when you write a bill based not on analysis but on campaign speeches. therefore, today the senate finds itself responding to draconian cuts that would lead to furloughs, disrupted delivery of government agencies and services, and harm america's

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: children, our students, our working class, and our seniors. an estimated 700,000 jobs would be lost. all of this pain delivered in the name of deficit reduction and the growing economy. yet, mr. president, the facts are clear.

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: this is the wrong direction for our nation. mr. president, we face our current fiscal situation primarily because of falling revenues brought about by unpaid tax cuts especially for the wealthiest americans and because of ever-rising entitlement

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: costs. every nonpartisan report on finding a solution to our current fiscal crisis stresses the need for comprehensive solution, a solution that includes cuts in discretionary spending, both defense and non-defense, as we will as cuts

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: in entitlement spending and, yes, the need for additional revenues. just yesterday "the new york times" published a story about the efforts of the junior senator from virginia and the senior senator from georgia who honestly examine what it will take to solve our fiscal challenges.

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: according to that story, even if congress cut discretionary spending to zero, the senior senator from georgia was quoted as saying, "we still could not solve the problem." mr. president, i could not agree more. the solution to deficit reduction will not come from

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: huge cuts to a small portion of the federal government, but that is what the house is proposing. what h.r. 1 will do instead is jeopardize the economic recovery we are beginning to see. mr. president, this democratic alternative attempts to make the

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: best of a very bad situation. the topline numbers tell a story. in this amendment we are $23 billion below the president's request for nonsecurity spending spending, and we are $28 billion below his original request for spending related to our nation's

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: security. for the department of defense alone we have reduced spending by $19.4 billion, including a reduction of $2.1 billion for military construction and $17.3 billion for it the rest of the defense department. at this level, the bill is

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: nearly $3 billion below the amounts proposed by the house for these activities. the recommended amounts will cover our defense requirements in this constrained fiscal environment. however, my colleagues should all understand that with our troops still serving in iraq and

Daniel Inouye

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Daniel Inouye: afghanistan, this is not the time to be looking to defense for additional reductions. mr. president, i fear that not all members understand the depth

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