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Senate Proceeding 03-09-11 on Mar 9th, 2011 :: 1:06:45 to 1:14:45
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Orrin Hatch

1:06:42 to 1:07:02( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: by over 50%. the presiding officer: the senator from new mexico is advised his ten minutes has expired. mr. bingaman: ps, i have several -- mr. president, i have several other points to make but i understand there's a limited time so i will ask unanimous consent that my full statement be included in the record as if read. the presiding officer: without objection, mr yield the floor. th senator from utah is recognized.

Orrin Hatch

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Speech By: Orrin Hatch

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: mr. hatch: thank you, mr. president. in a few hours, this body will vote. this is a solemn responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. at gettysburg, abraham lincoln reminded americans that those who died on that battlefield fought for a government of the people, by the people and for the people. we are only here because of the

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: people, our constituents, because they sent us here. and every time we vote, we represent them. we represent their aspirations, we represent the dreams of growing families and entrepreneurs. we represent the interest of taxpayers. of course, not all votes are created equal. some are more important than others.

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: and in my view, the votes that we are taking today are transcendent. they are quite literally about the future of this country. are we going to be a country without a constitutionally limited government -- no, are we going to be a country with a constitutionally limited government? are we going to be a country that limits the burden of taxation on individuals and

Orrin Hatch

1:08:07 to 1:08:27( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: families and businesses? or are we going to becom europe? are we going to move toward a full-blown cradle-to-grave nanny government with the majority of americans on the public dole and a small group of individuals bankrolling an ever expanding leviathan state? in short, are we going to remain america, a beacon of freedom to

Orrin Hatch

1:08:28 to 1:08:48( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: the world? or do we aspire to become a second european union with high taxes, high spending and measly economic growth? again, i remind you that we represent the aspirations of our constituents. i represent the great people of utah. and i can tell you that they do not wake up in the morning and say, "you know what?

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: america would be much better if we were more like france." this is no exaggeration. right now, government spending is at 25.3% of gross domestic product. and if we do nothing, that number is just going to grow, pushing past 25% and reducing towards 28% of g.d.p. the last time we did that was

Orrin Hatch

1:09:11 to 1:09:31( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: during world war ii. the republicans and democrats have very different ideas about how to address this spike in spending. either we can step off the pedal, the brakes -- hit the brakes and bring spending back in line with historical levels, levels that respect our constitution of vimentd government and -- of limited

Orrin Hatch

1:09:32 to 1:09:57( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: government and respect taxpayer citizens, or we can keep the car on cruise control and drive the car o the cliff. the republicans want to hit the brakes. democrats want to pull a "thelma and louise" with our economy. i, for one, am not going to sit back and allow them to do this. let's be clear about what the democrats and republicans are proposing here. h.r. 1, the bill that passed the

Orrin Hatch

1:09:58 to 1:10:19( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: house, appropri $1,26,,000,000,000 in nondiscretionary spending. the alternative offered up by my democratic colleagues would appropriate $1,79,000,000,000 in total nonemergency discretionary pending. h.r. 1, the bill passed by the new republican majority in the house, a majority that most closely represents the views of millions of americans who are genuinely scared about our

Orrin Hatch

1:10:20 to 1:10:40( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: nation's fiscal trajectory, would reduce spending by $57 billion over the current continuing resolution. the democratic alternative would reduce spending by just $4.7 billion. you will hear democrats complain about the draconian cuts in the house-passed h.r. 1. this is nonsense. the fact is, when you look at

Orrin Hatch

1:10:41 to 1:11:01( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: federal nonemergency discretionary spending as a whole, which has exploded under the democrats control of congress and with president obama's acquiescence in their big-spending ways, h.r. 1 provides modest cuts. the people of utah and the people of this country understand this, so now that republicans winning the game on

Orrin Hatch

1:11:02 to 1:11:23( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: spending cuts, democrats are seeking to move the goal post. it is now being suggested that we can bridge the gap between these to bills by going after entitlements and tax expenditures. don't get me wrong, we need to address both, but i can tell the members on the other side now that we are not going to let you shift the debate. this is a debate right now about discretionary spending.

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: this is a debate about low-hanging fruit. last week, the government accountability office issued a report detailing possibly hundreds of billions of dollars in government waste and bloat. there's plenty of fat to be cut in the discretionary budget and doing so would give our constituents and members of congress the courage to go after even bigger fish.

Orrin Hatch

1:11:46 to 1:12:07( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: and yet democrats can't find it in themselves to cut an additional $50 billion when nonemergency discretionary spending is well over $1 trillion. some are now proposing that we get into tax expenditures. tax expenditures are a debate for another time. non-defense discretionary spending has grown by 24% over

Orrin Hatch

1:12:08 to 1:12:28( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: the past two years. we can cut that back significantly. we need to do so and americans understand that going back to 2008 spending levels is not the end of the world. i would also like to correct the record with respect to h.r. 1 and medicare advantage. yesterday, just yesterday,

Orrin Hatch

1:12:29 to 1:12:49( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: secr sebelius sent a letter to the finance committee, senator baucus, that h.r. 1 would have a detrimental impact on medicare advantage. this assertion is or wellian. the secretary knows well that obama-care cuts $2 billion from a medicare advantage program that currently serves nearly 12 million seniors.

Orrin Hatch

1:12:50 to 1:13:10( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: according to the administration's own chief act wea these devastating -- actuary, these devastates cuts will reduce enroll in these programs by over 50%. further month, c.b.o. has also found that these cuts would also produce important benefi for -- by 50% for seniors enrolled in the program. h.r. 1 is intended to halt the

Orrin Hatch

1:13:11 to 1:13:31( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: harmful cuts to seniors in the medicare advantage program. suggesting otherwise, as the secretary did, is both inaccurate and it risks confusing millions of seniors. h.r. 1 is a good bill. it is solid and responsible, and i will be supporting it. but it is the only -- it is only a starting point. the fact is, we are going to need many more cuts in

Orrin Hatch

1:13:32 to 1:13:52( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: discretionary spending. the american people and the people who sent us here have not signed on to the democrats' project of europeanizing the united states economy. citizens in every state want to roll back spending, reduce the tax burden on families and businesses, and restore america's promise of opportunity and economic growth.

Orrin Hatch

1:13:53 to 1:14:13( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: my colleagues on the other side of the aisle need to get with the program. we will be cutting spending and we need to cut a lot of it. it may not all happen in the next two years. the american people might need to speak again and send people to washington in 2012 who are accurate -- who will accurately represent their interest. this is a big vote today, and

Orrin Hatch

1:14:14 to 1:14:32( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: when we look back, i think americans will say it was just the beginning. mr. president, absence of a quorum. the presiding of will call the roll.

Orrin Hatch

1:14:40 to 1:14:45( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: quorum call:

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