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Senate Proceeding 03-09-11 on Mar 9th, 2011 :: 2:10:55 to 2:15:20
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David Vitter

2:10:35 to 2:10:57( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: don't have on things we don't absolutely need. and eye y my time to the senator from louisiana. mr. vitter: thank y mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from louisiana is recognized. mr. vitter: and i thank my colleague. mr. president, as congress tries to get serious about cutting wasteful and reckless spending,

David Vitter

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Speech By: David Vitter

David Vitter

2:10:58 to 2:11:19( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: i believe taxpayer subsidies of abortion providers should be among the first things to go. now, i personally believe it's morally wrong to end an innocent human life through abortion. i also believe it's morally reprehensible to take tax dollars of millions of pro-life americans in order to fund organizations that do that.

David Vitter

2:11:20 to 2:11:40( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: and that is a view held by the great majority of americans. americans shouldn't be forced to subsidize abortions, much less fund our nation's largest abortion provider, planned parenthood. when the house passed its continuing resolution before us today, it adopted a provision that cuts funding to this

David Vitter

2:11:41 to 2:12:02( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: abortion giant and it did it with significant bipartisan support. unfortunately, that language was stripped by senate leadership behind closed doors but i believe senators should have a chance to vote directly on that measure following a full and open debate. again, i don't personally believe that abortion is a right

David Vitter

2:12:03 to 2:12:24( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: guaranteed by the constitution. i believe that it's morally wrong. but this issue is even beyond that. this isn't about abortion on demand in this country. this debate is about whether taxpayer dollars, including those billions of taxpayer

David Vitter

2:12:25 to 2:12:50( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: d pro pro-life americans should be sent to organizations like planned parenthood which perform millions of abortions in this country. according to their latest annual report, planned parenthood bothed more than $633 million in taxpayer funding $363 million. and, by the way, that's the same year it performed an

David Vitter

2:12:52 to 2:13:12( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: unprecedented 324,008 abortions. every year since 2000, the government has increased taxpayer funding of planned parenthood, on average, over $22 million a year increase. and guess what? the number of abortions planned parenthood has performed has also steadily increased, even though the overall abortion rate

David Vitter

2:13:13 to 2:13:33( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: in the u.s. has declined since 2008. planned parenthood's abortion rate massive the outpaces its adoption referrals. in 2008, a woman entering a planned parenthood clinic was 134 times more likely to have an abortion than to be referred for

David Vitter

2:13:34 to 2:13:55( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: an adoption. planned parenthood has also made a profit every year since 1987, including over $63 million return profit in 2009. now, there's no justification for subsidizing planned parenthood's profit-making venture with taxpayer dollars.

David Vitter

2:13:56 to 2:14:18( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: there's been a recent onslawd of ads that claim -- onslaught of ads that claim planned parenthood is simply a leading provider of women's health services. but abortions, not other health services -- not true health services -- abortions account for roughly one-third of the $1 billion income generated by its affiliated clinics. let me be clear.

David Vitter

2:14:19 to 2:14:39( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: this provision would not cut all title 10 funding for health services such as breast cancer screenings, h.i.v. testing, counseling, valuable family planning services. it would simply block funds, taxpayer dollars from funding

David Vitter

2:14:40 to 2:15:00( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: america's largest abortion provider. and that has the support of the american people even well beyond america's pro-life numbers. i believe that the sanctity of human life is a principle that congress should proclaim at every opportunity, but, again this goes even beyond that. the time has come to respect the

David Vitter

2:15:01 to 2:15:20( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: wishes of the great majority of americans, pro-life and many pro-choice, who say using taxpayer dollars to fund huge abortion providers, perrined parenthood is the biggest, simply is not right. so we have to cut, we have to get responsibility responsible,

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