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Senate Proceeding on Mar 10th, 2010 :: 6:29:50 to 6:38:45
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Max Baucus

6:29:48 to 6:30:08( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: maximilian updike and mina sharma. and i ask consent, mr. president, that jim kineely and roshat guthren, both detailees, be granted floor privileges throughout consideration of this bill.

Max Baucus

6:29:50 to 6:38:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Max Baucus

Max Baucus

6:30:09 to 6:30:29( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: the presiding officer: without objection. mr. rockefeller: is it the order that the senator from texas will have the floor? if not -- the presiding officer: there is no order to that effect. mr. rockefeller: business as usual. the presiding officer: correct. mr. rockefeller: i yield proudly to the senator from texas. the presiding officer: the

Max Baucus

6:30:30 to 6:30:52( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: senator from texas. mrs. hutchison: thank you, mr. president. i want to thank the distinguished chairman of the committee, and i want to say, as the ranking member of the commerce committee, that i believe this f.a.a. reauthorization bill is a very good, solid bill. its very bipartisan, and we

Max Baucus

6:30:53 to 6:31:13( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: have worked through many of the sticky issues that have held up the long-term extension of f.a.a. reauthorization, i think, in a bill that most everyone on this floor will support, if the bill stays as it has come out of

Max Baucus

6:31:14 to 6:31:35( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: the committee. i want to say also that i believe the aviation subcommittee chair and ranking member, senators dorgan and demint, deserve a lot of credit for this bipartisan bill as well, because it does provide a solid road map for the direction and future of our

Max Baucus

6:31:36 to 6:31:58( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: aviation system, and its enactment is long overdue. so, i very much appreciate -- as a matter of fact, senator rockefeller and i had been the chairman and ranking the aviation subcommittee when this bill was written, and then we both went to the full

Max Baucus

6:31:59 to 6:32:21( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: committee, chairman and ranking member slots, and so we have now two new aviation subcommittee chair and ranking members who have also done an excellent job. so i feel really strong about this bill and how much it's going to do for the stability of our system. you know, when you're looking at

Max Baucus

6:32:22 to 6:32:42( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: the reason for an f.a. reauthorization bill, you've got to have stability. we need to improve aviation saivment we neesafety. we need to modernize our air traffic control system, known as nexgen.

Max Baucus

6:32:43 to 6:33:04( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: we are behind the other nations who have major traffic control systems. if we are glg going to keep up with the air traffic, we need to have nexgen. we need to make the investments in infrastructure where there is a knowledge that this

Max Baucus

6:33:05 to 6:33:26( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: infrastructure support will be ongoing. i know the crucial mission that the f.a. has in overseeing our nation's airlines and the aviation system. aviation safety and the public

Max Baucus

6:33:27 to 6:33:47( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: trust that go along with it is the bedrock of our national aviation policy. we cannot allow for any degradation of safety to the flying public. i believe this bill goes a long way toward achieving that goal. while i continue to have great confidence in the safety our aviation system, it was made

Max Baucus

6:33:48 to 6:34:11( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: obvious that there is still need for improvement after the crash of coal began flight in buffalo new york last year. despite the remarkable record of the u.s. aviation industry, that accident reminds us that we must remain vigilant and always looking for ways to improve our

Max Baucus

6:34:12 to 6:34:32( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: safety system. while tremendous strides have been made in recent decades, little has been done to address the human factor side of of the equation in areas such as pilot fatigue, quality of pilot training, commuting, and pilot professional responsibility. over the course of a year and

Max Baucus

6:34:33 to 6:34:54( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: through six commerce committee hearings regarding the aftermath of the colgan accident, we worked in a bipartisan manner to craft proposals to address these human factors issues. during these hearings, the family members of those lost in flight 3407 were there every step of the way, and i applaud

Max Baucus

6:34:55 to 6:35:15( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: their continued activism for improving aviation safety. a few of the safety improvements that we call for in this legislation include mandating the f.a. complete a rule making on flight time limits and rest requirements for pilots; improving safety for helicopter emergency medical service

Max Baucus

6:35:16 to 6:35:38( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: operations; addressing inconsistent application of f.a. airworthiness directives by improving voluntary disclosure reporting processes to ensure adequate actions are taken in response to reports; and limiting the ability of f.a. inspectors to work for air carriers over which they had oversight; and also conducting

Max Baucus

6:35:39 to 6:36:00( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: independent reviews of safety issues identified by employees. requiring enhanced safety oversight of foreign repair stations; taking steps to ensure one level of safety exists in commercial aircraft operations, including a mandate that all carriers adopt the aviation safety action programs and

Max Baucus

6:36:01 to 6:36:22( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: flight operational quality assurance programs. mr. president, this legislation would also require air carriers to examine a pilot's history for the past ten years when considering hiring an individual and annual recording on the implementation of ntsb recommendations and the reevaluating flight crew

Max Baucus

6:36:23 to 6:36:45( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: training, testing, and certification requirements. another priority and centerpiece of this bill is focusing and expediting the f.a.a.'s air traffic control modernization program known as nextgen. the f.a.a. operates the largest and safest air traffic control system in the world. in fact, the f.a.a.'s air traffic control system handles

Max Baucus

6:36:46 to 6:37:06( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: almost half the world's air traffic activity and the united states is a leader in developing and implementing new technologies to create a safer, more efficient airspace s --effient airspace system. today's system is not much

Max Baucus

6:37:07 to 6:37:27( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: differen from that used in the 1960's. it is still fundamentally based on radar tracking. nextgen will move much of the infrastructure from ground-based to satellite-based by replacingplacing antiquated ground structure with

Max Baucus

6:37:28 to 6:37:50( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: satellites and onboardate automation. the f.a.a. will be able to make our aviation system more safe and efficient while also increasing capacity. some of the modernization modernization provisions in the bill include establishing clear guidelines -- deadlines for the adoption of existing global positioning

Max Baucus

6:37:51 to 6:38:08( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: system navigation technology. airports. finally, the bill would also increase our nation's investment in airports. as we all know, you can have the best planes and the best air traffic system, but they mean nothing without the proper

Max Baucus

6:38:30 to 6:38:45( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: airport it will be aopb are an important step toward improving our aviation system and aviation safety towards the millions of air passengers that should expect no less from this congress. mr. president, i do hope that we

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