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Senate Proceeding on Mar 10th, 2010 :: 7:38:15 to 7:41:55
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Sam Brownback

7:38:11 to 7:38:31( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: statement, i think, of commitment to financial responsibility, and that's why i feel forward. i thank the chair and would yield the mr. brownback: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from kansas. mr. brownback: thank you very much. mr. president, i rise in support of the f.a. bill that has been

Sam Brownback

7:38:15 to 7:41:55( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Sam Brownback

Sam Brownback

7:38:32 to 7:38:52( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: put forward by senator rockefeller, senator hutchison. they have both worked hard on this. i have worked on this for a number of years as well. my general aviation industry is centered in the state of kansas, it's centered in wichita. it's an industry that has had a lot of difficulty lately with markets and the recession, the problems overall, and it needs a bit of good news, and this would be a good bit of good news, having this f.a.

Sam Brownback

7:38:53 to 7:39:14( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: re-authorization in it. this is an industry that's roughly $150 billion in size. it's located primarily in the united states. it's created and has over 1.3 million jobs. it's key. it goes across a broad array of disciplines. it is a high-tech manufacturing business that we are very good

Sam Brownback

7:39:15 to 7:39:35( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: at, and this is something that we need to have is this nextjen that's in the bill on the technology that's implementing that for navigation and for travel across the united states. also in the bill are maintaining inspection procedures that are

Sam Brownback

7:39:36 to 7:39:56( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: important for the inspection of aircraft. there is increased funding for essential air service for a state like mine that has a lot of need for essential air service in places that it's tough to get in and out of and the population pool isn't large. the travel needs that to be able to expand forward, expands passenger rights, provides increased federal support for

Sam Brownback

7:39:57 to 7:40:17( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: small airports. i think it's also important that this legislation does not include language imposing disproportionate and onerous user fees on the general aviation industry. and this is something i have been concerned about. my seatmate, senator roberts, has been concerned about for some period of time, that the general aviation industry would

Sam Brownback

7:40:18 to 7:40:38( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: get stuck wit a disproportionate share of the funding for the overall f.a. infrastructure. that is not in the bill. if it comes back to this body from the house with that in the bill, it's going to be something i'm going to fight strongly against. i think the bill is a good bipartisan bill. i think it's been worked out.

Sam Brownback

7:40:39 to 7:41:00( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: it'sertainly not perfect, no bill is, but it's one that has been worked out over a period of time, over a serious of -- a series of years, over a lot of interests, and it's the way we ought to legislate and move forward. i say as a sawtionary tale again to my colleagues that if the bill comes back with things from the house that are problems for this body, it's going to stop the bill, and it then isn't

Sam Brownback

7:41:01 to 7:41:21( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: going to happen. and my urging to my colleagues here and across in the house would be let's keep with the primary design of what this bill has and not try to load it with other things that might be special projects for individuals that are going to kill the bill. i have -- have concerns on any side, whether it's on my side or

Sam Brownback

7:41:22 to 7:41:43( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: on the other side being added to this that would kill this bill that has been a hard fought, long legislative process for us to be able to move forward with this. it is a bipartisan piece of legislation, it will create jobs, it will spur further development in our nation's aviation sector, a sector that needs some help and support now,

Sam Brownback

7:41:44 to 7:41:55( Edit History Discussion )

Sam Brownback: and this bill does that. i can see a lot of ways that this bill could get -- could get damaged and hurt along the way. i'm not opposed to putting amendments in it, that makes

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