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Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: majority leader is recognized. mr. reid: following any leader remarks there will be a period of morning business until 2:15 p.m. today with senators permitted to speak for up to ten minutes. at 10:30 senator jerry moran will be recognized to speak for up to 15 minutes. at 2:15 p.m. the senate will

Harry Reid

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Speech By: Harry Reid

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: proceed to executive session and consider the nomination of max oliver cogburn of north carolina to be district judge for the western district of north carolina. mr. president, i ask unanimous consent there be a total of 45 minutes for debate on the nomination with the provisions of the previous order remaining in effect with a vote being at

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: rather than 2:30 be at 3:00 p.m. today. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection, so ordered. mr. reid:. mr. reid: there will be a vote on the confirmation of the cogburn nomination at 3:00 p.m. the senate small business committee reported s. 493, the reauthorization act of 2011. they did that yesterday. we hope to begin consideration

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: of that bill early next week. mr. president, it's time once again for us to get down to business. yesterday's budget votes didn't brings pwr eu us any closer to -- didn't bring us any closer to a conclusion but it did bring one thing to our minds and it did that clearly. that lesson is this: one party

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: alone cannot reach a resolution without the other party's consent. we sroetd on a -- voted on a republican proposal and the democratic proposal. neither vote came close to passing but the exercise wasn't in vain. we demonstrated publicly and on the record that we know that the answer lies somewhere in the middle. now it's time to find that

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: answer and a budget that will reflect our values, keep the country running and create jobs. i can speak only for my caucus when i say we accept the lessons of yesterday's vote. we know we'll have to make a sacrifice to each consensus and we're willing to do that. republicans have to be willing to move their position also.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: perhaps they're willing to finally acknowledge, given our deep debt, we can't afford government giveaways to millionaires and companies making big profits. mr. president, perhaps republicans are willing to offer more reasonable cuts the democratic caucus can support.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: by reasonable cuts, i mean cuts that don't arbitrarily kick head start students out of class or rob college students of their pell grants. both cuts the senate resoundingly rejected yesterday. what i mean is that these cuts that don't pull the plug on renewable energy jobs or cuts that fire thousands of workers at community health centers

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: across the country. republicans should be willing, mr. president, to look at our country's substantial budget and find cuts more worthy than those that would weaken law enforcement, border security to keep us safe. i hope they'll join democrats in saving money by attacking waste, fraud and abuse. i hope they will join us in

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: making tough choices in avoiding the temptation to making counterproductive cuts. let's come together in a way that strengthens our economy. let's cut in a way that makes our neighborhoods, schools and borders stronger, not weaker. as the negotiation process begins anew, i remind my republican friends time is short. i also remind them that the

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: deadline we face a week from tomorrow is a deadline that they set. we didn't set it. democrats warned from the start that the process would take a month. republicans would agree only to a period half as long as that: two weeks. those two weeks are up, as i said, next friday. so my message is this: our republican colleagues, you

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: should set the deadline and the responsibility meeting it is as much yours as it is ours. both parties also share the responsibility to be reasonable. so let's get to work. we cannot negotiate this in the media. we cannot negotiate this if we're unwilling to give any ground. we cannot be stubborn and expect a solution. it's time to negotiate in good faith.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: it's time for all political posturing to end. and it's time for pragmatism, which is long overdue. mr. president, i would also say to my friends in the house, the senate has produced two very, very strong jobs bills. one is the f.a.a. reauthorization, which is long overdue.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: it is a bipartisan bill, passed overwhelmingly here in the senate and would save or create 280,000 jobs. pretty good step in the right direction. over the last 24 hours we passed the patent reform bill. that will create 300,000 jobs. these two jobs bills need to be

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: completed by the house of representatives so we can send them to the president. these two jobs bills are important. the house should focus on jobs, not these arbitrary cuts that they have been making. i repeat, i would hope that the house would right away work on

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