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Senate Proceeding on Mar 10th, 2011 :: 2:43:30 to 2:49:05
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John Thune

2:43:26 to 2:43:31( Edit History Discussion )

John Thune: we need to streamline the process to allow america to

John Ensign

2:43:30 to 2:49:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Ensign

John Ensign

2:43:32 to 2:43:54( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: access our own resources, wallet -- without the hindrance of bureaucratic red tape. we would be one step further to streeling an affordable and environmentally safe compressed natural gas vehicles. this will not only curb our reliance on dangerous foreign oil but also create even more jobs and poted us at the

John Ensign

2:43:55 to 2:44:15( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: forefront of alternative fuel technology. by using our own natural gas reserves, we can build more power plants, improve our transportation needs through buses and trucks that run on natural gas, power our fleets, and improve our country's ability to manufacture steel, fabric, glass, and plastic that

John Ensign

2:44:16 to 2:44:37( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: we need instead of outsourcing these jobs overseas, which is what's been happening. 28 billion barrels of deep-sea oil mean that the obama administration cannot continue to hold these reserves hostage by banning deep-sea drilling. the gulf of mexico and atlantic

John Ensign

2:44:38 to 2:44:58( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: coast alone hold commercial oil reserves ever 28 billion barrels of oil and up to 140 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. these are huge reserves. despite the administration lifting its moratorium on permits late last year, only one

John Ensign

2:44:59 to 2:45:19( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: deepwater well permit has been issued in the last months. we can and we must do better than this. yesterday it was reported that the obama administration will issue another handful of deepwater drilling permits in the near future. this comes rat -- at a time when the administration is appealing a ruling from a federal court who has ordered for it, the

John Ensign

2:45:20 to 2:45:42( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: administration, to act on the permits that have been pending and that have been virtually ignored by the administration. secretary salazar yesterday, in a senate subcommittee just yesterday said that oil production in the gulf will not drop significantly as a result of the administration's delay.

John Ensign

2:45:43 to 2:46:04( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: he said we may see a blip. well, this country cannot afford to see a downward blip. as a matter of fact, we need to see an upward tick. we need to see more production coming out of the gulf of mexico. recently, senator vitter drafted his no-cost stimulus plan, as he calls it, or his three d's.

John Ensign

2:46:05 to 2:46:26( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: those three d's are domestic energy, domestic jobs, and reducing the deficit. this bill aims to increase our ability to access domestic energy sources to increase our energy independence. it would use these domestic energy resources to create thousands of real private sector, long-term jobs in areas such as my state where we have

John Ensign

2:46:27 to 2:46:47( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: the potential to lead the nation in renewable energy. in 2009, the obama administration canceled 77 oil and gas leases in utah, and in 2010, it canceled another 61 oil and gas leases in montana. this is astounding to me because now instead of acting on

John Ensign

2:46:48 to 2:47:09( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: american energy independence, we are trying to stifle the progress that we are making. so senator vitter's legislation would direct the obama administration to reinstate oil and gas lease that is were canceled and to open up anwar to oil production.

John Ensign

2:47:10 to 2:47:30( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: it would also establish an anwar alternative energy trust fund so we can pay for renewable energy development with our own money instead of borrowing money from china and saudi arabia and others to do it. the bill also restricts the e.p.a. from imposing regulations that cut off our access to oil and gas resources instead of

John Ensign

2:47:31 to 2:47:52( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: utilizing them. now, we have been talking about the debt on this floor and overspending. we need legislation to go after american energy -- and by the way, this legislation won't cost us any money. as a matter of fact, it brings in money to the united states treasury because we get royalties off of american energy.

John Ensign

2:47:53 to 2:48:13( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: that's the direction that this senate, the house and the president needs to take our country. less dependence on foreign oil, more american security from an energy independent standpoint, more economic security and more military security as well. now, republicans have solutions,

John Ensign

2:48:14 to 2:48:34( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: and we're eager to start this debate, but we need the majority to bring these bills to the floor of the united states senate. madam president, the issues are too critical for us to delay. we can't afford to let gasoline continue to go up and up and up.

John Ensign

2:48:35 to 2:48:56( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: $4, $5, who knows where it's going to stop? if we would have acted before, unfortunately president clinton vetoed the bill that would have opened up anwar back in the mid 1990's. i think we were one vote short in passing the ability to open up anwar when president bush was president. this body failed by one vote.

John Ensign

2:48:57 to 2:49:06( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: that's unfortunate because if we would have opened up anwar, we wouldn't be nearly in as bad of shape as what we are in today. but it isn't just anwar. it's many other places where we

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