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Senate Proceeding on Mar 10th, 2011 :: 3:53:35 to 3:59:55
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Benjamin L. Cardin

3:53:31 to 3:53:37( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: america stay in america. thank you

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:53:35 to 3:59:55( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Benjamin L. Cardin

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:54:00 to 3:54:20( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: and i yiel the presiding officer: the senator from maryland. mr. president. 12 years ago this very day the senate passed a resolution that honored harriet tubman, har yet tubman day -- harriet tubman day on march 10. that resolution was sponsored by

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:54:21 to 3:54:45( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: senator carper and then senator biden. in the house of representatives i served and i cosponsored a similar resolution. harriet tubman was a remarkable woman. she was born in dorchester county, maryland in 1822 and she was a slave for greater than 25 years of her life. at age 25 she married john tubman.

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:54:46 to 3:55:06( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: she escaped slavery in 1849, but she returned to the eastern shore of maryland not once, but 19 times that we know of within a ten-year period in order to rescue slaves and to set them free. she rescued slaves in dorchester, in caroline county in maryland and throughout the entire northeast.

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:55:07 to 3:55:28( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: she was known as the modern-day moses for the underground railroad. in the civil war, she joined union forces as a spy, as a scout and as a nurse, operating in virginia, florida and south carolina. after the civil war was over, she settled in auburn, new york,

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:55:29 to 3:55:49( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: and was very actively involved in the women's suffrage and established one of the first african-american homes for the aged. she died in 1913. harriet tubman embodies the american spirit. she was a strong-willed person who fought for the rights and freedom of those who were

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:55:50 to 3:56:11( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: oppressed in the barbaric institution of slavery. her personal freedom was not enough for her, because she recognized there was injustice in this country and shaoeptd to be involved. -- shaoeptd to be involved. as the resolution that passed the senate 12 years ago said, harriet tubman who is courage and personal pursuit of the promise of the american ideals

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: and common principles continues to serve and inspire all people who cherish freedom. a major part of learning and understanding the significance of history is being able to experience the places where that history occurred. from fort mchenry in baltimore, maryland, to the lincoln memorial here in the

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: nation's capital, we have preserved our history for future generations. millions of visitors and schoolchildren visit these iconic places in american history. harriet tubman national historic park in the harriet tubman underground railroad national historic park is legislation

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:56:55 to 3:57:18( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: that i have filed so that we can preserve the history of harriet tubman by its historic places for future generations. i'm joined in this effort by senator mikulski, senator schumer and senator gillibrand. the natural landscape on the eastern shore that existed during harriet tubman's day exists today.

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:57:19 to 3:57:40( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: her homestead, where her father was born, ben ross, exists today. the stork canal where her father worked exists today. where harriet tubman worked as a slave exists today.

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: adjoining that property is the blackwater wildlife national refuge. so we have the landscape in which the underground railroad was operating to free slaves in the 19th century exists today on the eastern shore of maryland. in auburn, new york, the home at which harriet tubman lived, still exists; the home for the

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:58:03 to 3:58:23( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: aged that she started still remains, the thompson memorial a.m.e. stkaoe i don't know episcopal church still remains, all are intact, available for preservation. the legislation that we have filed will preserve these places in american history under a

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:58:24 to 3:58:44( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: national park system for future generations. i urge my colleagues to support this legislation to honor a great american and to preserve our heritage for future generations. mr. president, i would ask unanimous consent that appearing separately in the record, i might submit a statement related

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:58:45 to 3:59:05( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: to asthma and the impact of health disparities and just make one brief comment before i make that unanimous consent request. and that is i have pointed out on the floor before that race and ethnic health disparities exist in america. i talked before on the floor about sickle cell disease. the same thing is true with the

Benjamin L. Cardin

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Benjamin L. Cardin: chronic inflammatory diseases of the body's airway that impede breathing such as asthma. i pointed out before the affordable care act includes a provision that i helped write, establishes the institute for minority health and health disparities at n.i.h. the purpose for including this information about asthma in the record is to point out that we still have challenges that need to be met.

Benjamin L. Cardin

3:59:28 to 3:59:48( Edit History Discussion )

Benjamin L. Cardin: i look forward to working with my colleagues on that issue, and i would make that request. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. cardin: mr. president, i would suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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