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Senate Proceeding on Mar 11th, 2009 :: 5:00:50 to 5:09:05
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Amy Klobuchar

5:00:48 to 5:01:08( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: industry to have the number-two position in the justice department? with that, madam yield the floor. a senator: thank you. ms. klobuchar: madam president, i ask to seven minutes. the presiding officer: without

Amy Klobuchar

5:00:50 to 5:09:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar

5:01:09 to 5:01:29( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: objection, so ordered. ms. klobuchar: madam president, i'm here to speak in favor of david ogden to be the next deputy attorney general of the united states. i have listened to my colleague and friend from oklahoma. i'm not going to be able to respond to everything he said about every nominee, but i did want to talk today about mr. og seine, someone who i believe

Amy Klobuchar

5:01:30 to 5:01:51( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: should be our next -- ogden, someone who ielieve should be our next attorney general department of justice who is much in need of a deputy attorney general. he is someone who will hit the ground running. he will beef up the civil rights and antitrust enforcement to address white-collar crime and terrorist

Amy Klobuchar

5:01:52 to 5:02:13( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: we know that the demands on the next attorney general will be great. and part of the reason why is something i saw in my own staivment we had a gem of a united office in minnesota, and we still do. but there was a period of time where i saw the destruction rise by putting one political appointee in charge of that osms it was a huge mistake. the office was in an uproar.

Amy Klobuchar

5:02:14 to 5:02:37( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: they got away from the regular mission. luckily actually general mccasezy put in a career pros has kept the office back on track and i thank him for that, and we just suggested, recommended, a new nam attorney general and the president for the next u.s. attorney in minnesota. but i tell you

Amy Klobuchar

5:02:38 to 5:03:00( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: reason and that's just important and order is important in our criminal s we went so faraway from that from alberto gonzales was the attorney general and that's why it is so important to have david ogden in there, to work with eric holder. david ogden has demonstrated leadership and strength of character and most importantly a commitment to the department of justice.

Amy Klobuchar

5:03:01 to 5:03:21( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: he has the experience and the integrity, say to my colleagues, to serve as the next deputy attorney general. one of the most important roles of dependentty attorney general is to make sure that the day-to-day operations of the department runs smoothly and to provide an effective and competent management guided by justice. i know that david ogden can do

Amy Klobuchar

5:03:22 to 5:03:43( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: that. his experience, both as chief of staff and counselor to former attorney general reno, as as his experience as assistant attorney general for the department's civil division unde that david ogden has the experience and the integrity to do the job, and i've heard all these allegations made, including by my cleague.

Amy Klobuchar

5:03:44 to 5:04:04( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: i want to tell you some of the people who are supporting him. his nominations is supported bay number of law enforcement and community groups, including, among others, the fraternal order of police. not exactly a radical organization. he's supported by the national district attorneys association, the america and the national

Amy Klobuchar

5:04:05 to 5:04:25( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: sheriffs association. madam president, the national center for missing and exploited children is a strong supporter. in fact, they sent a letter sa their enthusiastic support. in particular, they wrote that -- quote -- "during mr. ogden's tenure as chief of staff and counsel to the attorney general, we worked closely with the attorney general in attacking

Amy Klobuchar

5:04:26 to 5:04:46( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: the growing phenomenon of child sexual exploitat pornography. as counselor to the attorney general, mr. ogden was intricately involved in helping to shape the way our group responded to child victimization challenges and delivered its services." it's seconded by the boys and girls club of america who also supports david og dens

Amy Klobuchar

5:04:47 to 5:05:08( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: nomination. in addition to these law enforcement and child protection groups, david ogden has received broad bipartisan support from a number of former department officials including larry toxsi nivment, a former attorney general under george w. bush. and george tear which will jeer who served und president

Amy Klobuchar

5:05:09 to 5:05:30( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: george h.w. bus madam president, there are so many department's plate and we need someone to be up and running. i wanted to respond specifically to some of the things we've heard there was a statement by one of the senators that mr. ogden opposed a statute that we passed in 1998. that is simply not correct. and i hope my colleagues know that.

Amy Klobuchar

5:05:31 to 5:05:52( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: in fact, as head of the civil division of the dartment of justice, he led the vigorous defense of the child online protection act of 1998 and the child pornography prevention act of 1996. there were also mischaracterizations for political reasons of mr. ogden's record. we've already talked about how

Amy Klobuchar

5:05:53 to 5:06:14( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: he is supported by the major police organization in this cufnlt in addition, he has a general business practice and before that he served in government. his work firm over the past has centered on civil litigation. he's represented corporate clients from amtrak to the firemen's fund.

Amy Klobuchar

5:06:15 to 5:06:35( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: they also said that somehow mr. ogden -- he took some position taken by mr. og dens clients whwere librarians and book sellers. the senate rejected the clinton administration's interpretation and mr. ogden made clear to the judiciary committee disagreed with that interpretation. his testimony, he made clear

Amy Klobuchar

5:06:36 to 5:06:57( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: that he is comfortable with the ruling of the court and agreed with the senate resolution. you can go on and on about some of these misstatements about mr. ogden's record, madam chair, but let's look at what's really going on here. as i mentioned before, the child protection community supports mr. ogden based on his strong record of

Amy Klobuchar

5:06:58 to 5:07:18( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: now, i tend to believe the people that deal every day with helping families with missing children more than i believe some statement that's made in a political context. i'll be honest with you. i tend to believe the fraternal order of police when they gave their e believe some statement made in a political context. and let me tell you this.

Amy Klobuchar

5:07:19 to 5:07:39( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: why is this so important? why can we not go back and forth and back and forth and all these political p we need a deputy attorney we need a deputy attorney general right now, madam president. the department of justice has more than 100,000 employees and a budget exceeding $25 billion. every single federal law

Amy Klobuchar

5:07:40 to 5:08:00( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: enforcement officer reports to the deputy attorney general, including the f.b.i., the d.e.a., the a.t.f., the bureau of prisons and all 93 u.s. attorneys' offices. the attorney generals needs the other members of his justice department leadership team in place. look at what we're dealing with -- the madoff cas the madof

Amy Klobuchar

5:08:01 to 5:08:21( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: case, billions of dollars stolen stolen. we're dealing with white-collar cases, dealing with administering this $800 billion in money and making sure people aren't ripped off. we are a zealing with murders and street crimes across this country. and people are trying to stop operating? that just can't happen. so, madam president, i just want to end by

Amy Klobuchar

5:08:22 to 5:08:45( Edit History Discussion )

Amy Klobuchar: i was a psecutor for eight years and always my guiding principle was that you put the law above politics. that's what i'm asking my colleagues to do here, that we need to get dav ogden in as the deputy attorney general. now is the time. i thank you very much, madam president. i yield the floor. i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer:

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