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Senate Proceeding 03-15-11 on Mar 15th, 2011 :: 2:52:55 to 2:58:09
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Harry Reid

2:52:42 to 2:53:02( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: until we have some understanding about when i'll be allowed and others will be allowed to offer their amendments. ms. landrieu: the presiding officer: the

Harry Reid

2:52:55 to 2:58:09( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Harry Reid

Harry Reid

2:53:03 to 2:53:25( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: senator from texas. mrs. hutchison: mr. president, i want to speak in favor of the mcconnell amendment, which is the pending amendment, which the senator from louisiana is trying to get time for a vote. but i also do want to have the opportunity to support two of

Harry Reid

2:53:26 to 2:53:46( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: the amendments that i have offered -- at least filed -- and would like to have them pending as soon as the process allows. so let me just say that i do support the mcconnell amendment. and let me just be pretty clear and pretty simple. last -- in the last session of

Harry Reid

2:53:47 to 2:54:08( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: congress, senator lieberman and senator kerry offered climate change regulation that would have caused our -- would have caused our fuel prices to go up exponentially and senator bond and i did a study kerry-lieberman

Harry Reid

2:54:09 to 2:54:31( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: multitrillion-dollar tax bill that would have happened if congress had passed their legislation. we estimated that it would have been about $3.6 trillion in total fuels added expense to the small businesses and the families in this country. and we have documented that in this report.

Harry Reid

2:54:32 to 2:54:53( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: and, mr. president, i would like to ask unanimous consent to submit this report for the record. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. hutchison: thank you. and, mr. president, the reason is because we didn't pass that legislation because everyone realized it would have raised the cost of gasoline. now the e.p.a. is trying to do

Harry Reid

2:54:54 to 2:55:15( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: the same thing by fiat, by executive fiat they are trying to regulate greenhouse gases. now, what they're going to do is raise the cost of fuel at a time when people are suffering at the pump. i mentioned earlier that that i filled up my pickup truck last weekend, and it was almost $50.

Harry Reid

2:55:16 to 2:55:36( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: now, i know every american is having the same experience, and if they have an s.u.v., it's even more. we cannot allow the e.p.a. you -- we cannot allow the e.p.a., through greenhouse gas regulations, to increase the cost of fuel whvment they put that regulation

Harry Reid

2:55:37 to 2:55:58( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: on a refinery -- and we have very few refineries -- we haven't built a new this country since 1973 because it is so regulated that we have a shortage of refineries. it is one of the problems with the supply issue in providing gasoline at reasonable prices. we need to be stepping back, not stepping forward with more regulations.

Harry Reid

2:55:59 to 2:56:19( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: and the e.p.a. is doing something that congress wouldn't do. now, oddly, the e.p.a. is not authorized to make regulations that congress doesn't pass. they are to implement the law, not headache it. but that's -- they are to implement the law, not make tflt but that's what they are doing

Harry Reid

2:56:20 to 2:56:42( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: and we are trying to stop it with the mcconnell amendment, which would repeal the e.p.a. greenhouse gas regulations. and i hope my colleagues will support it. in addition, as a former small business person myself, i know that it is very hard for small businesses to make ends meet. and i have heard from so many of the people in texas who are now

Harry Reid

2:56:43 to 2:57:04( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: trying to make ends meet and keep people employed in small business. and this health care reform bill is causing them to not hire people because they don't know what the costs are going to be. because basically you are going to be taxed, if you are an individual or a small business

Harry Reid

2:57:05 to 2:57:26( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: that doesn't adopt the government-prescribed health care insurance for your employees or your family. now, that's the bottom line. if you don't do exactly what the government says and meet their government-required standards, even if the employees are happy with their health care coverage or certainly don't want to be

Harry Reid

2:57:27 to 2:57:48( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: left to the government health care, you will still fine, and most small businesses that i talk to are saying, hey, i'm going to pay the fine. it's easier. i don't have liability. i don't have to hire people to work with my employees, to get the best prices. that takes a lost my time, and it's -- that takes a lot of my time, and it's not helpful to

Harry Reid

2:57:49 to 2:58:10( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: the bottom line of my km, and, therefore, i'm just going to pay the fining and let the government do it. health care is not going to improve for the small businesses and families in this country. so, my amendment, number 197, that has been filed, which i hope to have pending, is colted s.o.s. act -- save our states -- meaning, while the florida case

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